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Ben Hurley deals with our nosey questionnaire

Comedian Ben Hurley

Ben Hurley - Actually, I Do Mind

1)       How did you get the name of your show this year?
My show is all about the nineties so I picked the most 90s of all albums, Nevermind, and so it's a play on that.

2)       Tell us your favourite punchline.
Rectum? Damned near killed 'um. This is a REALLY old joke. Once, I saw Nick from Shortland Street do stand-up and he did this joke. It was one of the most surreal things Ive ever seen

3)       What's been your best heckle?
I don't heckle. I am 'heckled'. The heckle belongs to the person who says it.
A guy once yelled out "observational material!"I wasn't sure if he was wanting a request or whether he was stating what he was seeing

4)       What was your response?
 I said "did you ever notice how when you shout out at a comedy show you look like a dick? It's weird eh?"

5)       What's the craziest thing you've ever bought on TradeMe?
Glow-in-the-dark ice cubes. Actually my friend Terry bought them, but I was there at the time and as drunk as him.

6)       Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this year's festival - and why?
Carey Marx, from the UK, just because he's a master gag writer and Mickey D from OZ because he's a master story teller. Vaughan King and Jim Brown are 2 up and coming NZ stars that are truly unique.

7)       What was the last film you watched?
In Bruge, Ive seen in 3 times. I think it's wonderful

8)       What was the one question you were glad you weren't asked on this questionnaire?
 What's the best heckle you've ever had?  This would have made more sense than question 3. Luckily, I looked past this and figured out what was meant. Although I did look like a pedantic prick in the process.

9)       What's the one question we should have asked?
Who are your favourite test cricketers of all time and why? I could have talked about this for pages.