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Indian Summers


Bringing Indian Summers to Life

The scenic island of Penang, off the west coast of Malaysia, was where the majority of filming took place. This may seem an unlikely home for a series set in colonial India, but the experience of empire is shared and ever-present, from the architecture to the history. The British used to retreat up Penang Hill at the height of summer, just as they did in India. 


The Royal Simla Club 

The social hub for British society in Simla, the club is presided over by Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters). With a sign on the door proclaiming "No Dogs, No Indians", it's where the British go to dance and to forget.



Recently bought by Ralph (Henry Lloyd Hughes), Chotipool is his and Alice's (Jemima West) childhood home. Ralph sees it as their place to retreat and feel at home among happy memories.


The Indian Quarter

The Indian Quarter is where the majority of Indian residents of Simla live. It is also where the Delal family set up home during the summer months while Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) works for the Civil Service. The streets of the Indian Quarter are home to Anglophiles and conflicting activists, fighting for freedom.


The Viceregal Lodge

Home to Lord Willingdon, Viceroy of India, the Viceregal Lodge is an opulent building and a sign of British power in Simla.


The Carmarthen Mission School

A Christian mission school for marginalised mixed-race children. Missionary Dougie (Craig Parkinson) looks after the children with the help of Leena (Amber Rose Revah). Here, bonded by mutual kindness and love for the children, their relationship blossoms. 


Ivy Cottage 

Home to Dougie, Sarah (Fiona Glascott) and their son, Ivy Cottage, with its white picket fence and a pretty English garden, is Sarah's little piece of England in Simla.


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