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Don't miss Judy Bailey on I Was There, weeknights at 7pm

Judy Bailey, one of New Zealand’s most recognisable news broadcasters is hosting the 1990s episodes of I Was There , airing on TVNZ Heartland, weeknights at 7pm from Monday 24 – Friday 28 March.

Judy joined Rawdon and Ali on the Breakfast sofa to discuss the latest season of I Was There and some of the stories she considers the most memorable from the 1990s.

She also offered her opinion on how news coverage has changed, particularly with the rise of social media.

“It’s history”

The second season of I Was There has covered more historic moments from the 1960s – 1990s. For Judy, reliving these stories with the people who were there is a fascinating journey.

“It’s part of us,” explains Judy.

“I think the joy of it, is that news – we don’t realise it at the time – it’s history, and it’s part of the fabric of our lives.

“To be able to relive those moments in history is a real privilege.”

Watch Judy’s interview below, and don’t miss I Was There on TVNZ Heartland, weekdays at 7pm. You can also watch episodes on TVNZ Ondemand.