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Snow White & the Huntsman
We see a much darker, adult & gritty film in the Rupert Sanders' version of the Snow White fairy tale. Tween favourite Kirsten Stewart plays Snow White in a very timid, helpless portrayal in search of the truth (much similar to another character she played in that other teen flick) & revenge. Aside from his wayward accent heart throb Chris Hemsworth is bearable as the Huntsman, but it is the wicked Queen Charlize Theron who is the star of the show along with the cleverly shrunken dwarves & beautiful fairy kingdom. A 2.5 poi ladies

Ebony Society
Written & directed by Tammy Davis
Actor turned Director Tammy Davis has Ridley Scott in his sights with his short film 'Ebony Society'. The film has been selected in the first international film festival where viewers can vote for the finalists & win the chance to work with Ridley Scott.  The film is about two boys who, while out one night stealing break into a house and find themselves confronted with an unexpected situation that will test their friendship and force the boys to consider another way.

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