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Hunger for the Wild


Series 2 Episode 8 - Smoked Trout And Bacon Butties


Serves... 8 - 10  ( depends how big your trout is ??? )

Step 1. Smoking Your Trout.


- 1 x Trout
- Salt (Sea salt if possible)
- Brown Sugar


Firstly set up a chopping board securely on a bench. For the trout, remove the head and guts and rinse any blood away inside the cavity and out. Now take a sharp knife and running it along the inside of the back bone, and being careful not to slice through the skin, butterfly the trout open so it will lay flat on the board.

Sprinkle liberally with both the salt and the brown sugar. You make smoke it immediately however its best to refrigerate for a couple of hours to let the salt and sugar develop flavor on the  flesh of the fish.

To smoke the trout , set up your smoker on a surface that won't catch alight. Line the tray with tin foil , then sprinkle your wood chips over the foil. ( less for a light smoke , more for a heavy smoke ) Now take your rack and lightly brush with oil and place the trout skin side down on it. Place the rack in the smoker and put on the lid.

Light the heat source under the smoker and place the smoker on top. Check after 10 -15 minutes , then at 5 minute intervals. Remove the rack from the smoker once the trout is smoked and cooked through.

Step 2 . Making the Butties


- Bacon  ( Enough for a  rasher in each sandwich )
- Loaf  or two of  Bread.
- Butter
- Mayonnaise
- Mustard  ( Dijon if available )
- Rocket or Lettuce Leaves
- Smoked Trout
- 2 or 3 Lemons
- Salt and Pepper


In the oven or in a skillet/pan cook off your bacon rashers and keep warm.

Butter your bread , then dress it with plenty of mayonnaise and mustard.

Now add the rocket or lettuce leaves to half the slices of bread.

Carefully remove all the bones from the warm smoked trout and discard. Now with tongs or your hands, pull away pieces of the smoked trout and layer on top of the rocket or lettuce leaves.

To finish , give each sandwich a healthy squeeze of  lemon juice with a pinch of salt and a grind of pepper. Top with the lid of bread and consume with abandon, preferably with a cold beer!