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Hunger for the Wild


Episode 8 - Trout

Episode 8: Trout - Taupo

Menu: Smoked Trout and Bacon Butties
Wine match: Esk Valley Verdelho

Logan and Brown are off to Taupo, the capital of trout fishing in New Zealand.  Their first stop is the Hatepe Rip where Brownie, a passionate fly fisherman, gives Logie, a willing apprentice, an introduction to the art of fly-fishing.

Leaving Logie to hone his skills, Brownie hightails it for the peace and quiet of the Tauranga-Taupo River. Here he enjoys the thrill and challenge of tracking and catching the wily trout, as they hide in pools and hug riverbanks.

Logie decides this type of fishing isn't really for him, so gives his mates Bruce Grant and Tony Orr a call. Invited onto the launch Victory Logie tries down-rigging and catches a couple of rainbow trout which Tony turns into a tasty pan-fried dish of lemon trout.

Back at the river Brownie is still walking knee-deep in water chasing the elusive trout.  After leaving one good-looking pool for another, and changing his fly, he eventually lures a rainbow trout onto the hook.  While it's a good one Brownie reckons it's better left to fight another day, so releases it back into the river.

On his way to meet up with Brownie Logie calls into the Tongariro National Trout Centre, where he meets Department of Conservation ranger Dave Conley at the trout hatchery. Being a keen trout fisherman, Dave is keen to show Logie his Indian inspired trout recipe. Logie happily indulges, before heading off the Taupo Fishery, where Glenn Maclean observes the trout as they travel up the river to spawn.  Knowing trout is in good hands Logie's off to Huka Prawn Park where he furthers his fishing skills by catching enough prawns for a treat later on.

With his fish list now complete Logie heads back to Taupo to catch up with mate Bruce Grant again, affectionately known as the Merchant of Taupo.  Here he checks off the rest of his shopping list. Fully loaded he drives through the Kaimanawa Forest Park to find Brownie still happily fly-fishing in the river.

After impressing Brownie with his beautiful big trout, Logie sets up a riverside kitchen where he serves Brownie an entrée of delicious garlic prawns.  Brownie fillets Logie's trout, then lightly smokes it over manuka wood chips, and serves it with bacon and salad between thick slices of fresh white bread.