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Hunger for the Wild


Episode 4 - Wild Rabbit

Wild Rabbit - Central Otago

Menu: Wild Rabbit and Thyme Stew with Kumara Fondant

Suggested Wine Match: Mount Edward Pinot Noir

Logan and Brown are in Central Otago chasing down the ingredients for a wild rabbit and thyme stew to cook for four rugged Central Otago rabbiters. 

Brownie hooks up with retired rabbiter, Bun Scott who's been chasing rabbits around the hills of Central Otago for over 67 years. There's nothing Bun hates more than missing one, so when they head home empty-handed, Bun's wife Eileen treats Brownie to her legendary crumbed rabbit. Then, with nothing in the bag, and feeling a bit of pressure, Brownie joins up with full-time rabbiter, the sharp shooting Billy Linwood.

Meanwhile Logie looks for ingredients to give the meal a distinct Central flavour. First, he calls into Goldfields to dig up a recipe for the gold-miner's staple, damper bread. Then in Cromwell he drops in to Provisions to pick up some beautiful Central cherries, poached in pinot noir. At Clyde he harvests wild thyme and to top it all off, collects a bottle of Pinot Noir from Mount Edward winery.

The boys meet up at a musterers' hut on Earnscleugh Station, where they cook a wild rabbit & thyme stew over an open fire for four hungry rabbiters. The meal begins with an entrée of seared rabbit back straps served with damper and thyme mustard, followed by a stew served with kumara fondant.