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Hunger for the Wild


Episode 4 - Wild Duck

Episode 4 Wild Duck - Hawke's Bay

Menu: Wild Duck, Port And Mushroom Ragout W/ Penne Pasta

Wine Match: Bilancia Estate Syrah

Logan and Brown hightail it to Hawke's Bay for a day of duck shooting.  Except Logie's the one who does most of the shooting while Brownie collects the ingredients for his duck ragout and salad.

Logie begins his day shooting with Greg Duley on Lake Oingo just inland from Hastings. He's taken out in Greg's dinghy to the family mai mai, given a quick duck-calling lesson, then it's all on as the ducks begin to circle overhead.

Brownie's day starts off collecting salad greens from Clyde Potter, a market gardener who grows over 70 varieties of salad greens and herbs, before he drops into Village Press where he is impressed by the harvesting and cold pressing methods, which produces what he considers the finest olive oil in the country.

Over lunch Logie gets the chance to sample Greg's family recipe - Ma Duley's Roast Duck with Orange Gravy.  Then he's back out shooting more mallards, this time coffin shooting in a maize field.  With guns blazing they quickly down a few ducks. In no time Logie has two plump ducks to deliver to Brownie.

Brownie, lacking confidence in Logie's shooting ability, calls in on his mate Dave Hern of Waipukurau to do a bit of pond stalking.  A short time later Brownie has his ducks.  The missing ingredient for the duck dish is a good stock.  He drops in on Clint Toomer knowing his stock ingredients and cooking methods are the freshest and best for his needs.

Brownie then heads to the shearing shed where he begins the preparations for his duck ragout while Logie visits Hawkes Bay wine maker Warren Gibson.  They decide the spicy Syrah is the perfect match to sip over a dinner of wild duck ragout served over penne pasta with a blue cheese and rocket salad.