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Hunger for the Wild


Ep five: Tahr - Mackenzie Country

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Logan and Brown head high into the Mackenzie Country for the autumn muster, and track down tahr with local linesman Barry Green.

Menu: Tahr burgers with roasted portabello mushrooms, caramelised onion and blue cheese
Wine Match: Pegasus Bay merlot cabernet

In this episode:

The boys climb into Mackenzie Country to hunt down tahr for some woolshed burgers. They drive through the Mackenzie Pass, named after the infamous sheep rustler James Mackenzie, looking for another local legend, hunter and linesman Barry Green.

They find Barry up a pole and since Brownie's always fancied himself a tahr hunter, Logie leaves him with Barry and heads to Streamland Stations to check out the insurance - merino sheep. Streamlands are in the midst of an autumn muster and owner Anne McKay takes Logie out the back to lend a hand.

They arrive at the musterers' hut with perfect timing, the work's finished for the day and there's a merino roast in the oven. Logie just has time to whip up some mint sauce and shares the evening meal with Anne, her husband Phil and the musterers. Washed down with a dram of Milford whisky and a bagpipe recital, it's a true high country experience!

The next morning Brownie, Barry and his hunting mate Gabe Zigliani head high into the main divide at the head of Lake Tekapo in search of tahr. The formidable hills give Brownie a few nervous butterflies and test his fitness.

Logie's also climbing high, helping the musterers and their dogs bring down the merino mob before the first winter snow. It's a hard slog to the top gate but an impressive sight seeing a couple of thousand sheep passing through.

Meantime Brownie and the boys have climbed above a group of tahr and are biding their time to get within shooting range. Their patience pays off and they secure a young nanny for the cook up. The main ingredient sorted, the boys reunite down at the yards and head down country to for a few extra ingredients.

Logie calls into Gerarldine for Talbot Forest blue cheese and Barker's chutney, while Brownie stops off in Pleasant Point to check out a family run taxidermy business.

Then it's back to the woolshed to feed the hungry musterers and hunters with high country burgers of tahr, roasted portabello mushrooms, caramelised onion and blue cheese.