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Hunger for the Wild


Ep 10: Wild goat - Taranaki

Logan and Brown head up the Mokau River for a taste of wild goat, fresh whitebait patties and riverside tunes with The Bads.

Menu: Goat curry
Beer match: White Cliffs Mountain Lager

In this episode:

This week the boys tiki tour around Taranaki on their way to the mighty Mokau River, where they hunt down a goat for a riverside curry. Brownie's got a few ingredients to gather so Logie hitches a lift north in a milk tanker. Dairy is the gold of the 'Naki' and while the tanker driver stops to collect milk from a farm, Brownie drives round the mountain to try his hand making butter.

Sticking with dairy, Brownie delves into its history with Nigel Ogle from Tawhiti Museum while Logie continues north. Reaching the Mokau, Logie switches from the modern day tanker to an old-time cream boat that's been servicing the Mokau River for near on 100 years.

Owner Neil Coleman transports him upriver to goat country where Logie meets keen hunter Brush Reed. Staying on the river they scout the banks for the target species. There are plenty of goats around so the boys take to the bush to get in closer. 

Brownie heads into New Plymouth to pick up spices for the curry from Moshims. Then he's off to Mokau with a pit stop for fresh veges from Chris Jury's garden. The temperate climate and volcanic soils make Taranaki a gardener's paradise and Brownie's surprised to be able to pick up some bananas as well.

Meantime a little further upriver, Logie and Brush found some goats and after a great miss, Logie eventually hits a young billy that is perfect for the pot.

Brownie arrives in Mokau but is sidetracked by the lure of whitebait. While trying his luck at the river mouth he bumps into musicians Dianne Swann and Brett Adams from The Bads and convinces them to join him up river for the cook up.

The creamboat drops them at an old cowshed on the Mokau River and they settle in. Brownie starts prepping the side dishes to go with the curry and is relieved when Logie returns with his end of the bargain.

They get stuck in preparing the main dish while The Bads strum out a few tunes by the river. When their guests arrive they are treated to fresh whitebait fritters followed by a spicy goat curry, washed down with local organic beer from White Cliffs brewery.