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How To Get Away With Murder


Can't place the face?

How To Get Away With Murder is chock full of familiar faces, and here's where you might recognise them from:


Viola Davis

Viola Davis was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Doubt.

However, her big breakout movie was in The Help which she she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. 


Alfie Enoch

Recognise Alfie, but not sure where from?

Alfie played wizard Dean Thomas in all eight Harry Potter movies. 



Billy Brown

Prior to HTGAWM, Billy played hardcore crime boss August Marks in Sons of Anarchy.

You might also recognise him from TV One show The Following, as well as Dexter.


Liza Weil

Liza spent seven years playing Paris Geller on Gilmore  Girls.

She has also starred on other TV2 shows Scandal, and Bunheads.


 Matt McGorry

Matt's currently on another massive TV2 hit as well as on HTGAWM!

He also plays prison guard John Bennett on Orange is the New Black.


 Jack Falahee

Prior to HTGAWM, jack was on TV2 drama Twisted, alongside Denise Richards.


Katie Findlay

Katie had her first big break as Rosie in The Killing, followed by a lead role in The Carrie Diaries.