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Hotel Babylon

Wednesdays at 11pm | TV ONE

Emma Pierson (as Anna Thornton-Wilton)

Emma's acting career started at the age of 17. She successfully auditioned for the part of Becky Radcliffe in everlasting school soap Grange Hill, whilst in the middle of studying for her own A levels. She went straight on to star as Jackie Burget in Days Like These, a UK remake of US sitcom That 70's Show.

Emma plays foxy and ambitious Anna in Hotel Babylon. When she applies for the sought-after job of Deputy Manager at Hotel Bablyon, she finds herself in competition with Head Receptionist Charlie. Has she got what it takes to win over concierge Tony and manager Rebecca?

Emma has often worked with one or both of the comedy duo Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. She played various roles in their self-named Channel 4 sketch show, which is probably best remembered for surreal naturist vet sketches Nude Practice. 

Her weightiest role to date has been that of Justine Hopkins in two part drama Bloodlines. Starring alongside Hotel Babylon co-star Max Beesley, she played a young PC whose investigations into the murder of her father throw up some very disturbing discoveries.