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About Home Free

Home Free is no longer screening on TV2, but you can watch the whole first season now on TVNZ OnDemand.

Nine couples take part in a competition to win a brand new dream home.

Host Mike Holmes tasks the 18 contestants with a mission: renovate eight homes in eight days for eight deserving families. 

The couples will live and work on the job site 24/7 while battling the elements, including intense heat and powerful thunderstorms. 

Each week the couples are split into two teams, Green and Gold, and given just five days to complete a project list of specific renovations. At the end of the week, building experts help Mike evaluate each team's "quality, creativity and teamwork." 

Mike then determines which team made it right, and keeps that team safe for another week, while one couple from the losing team is eliminated.

But just when they think they have lost it all comes the surprise of a lifetime!