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So long Sasha

Demi Harman plays Sasha Bezmel

Demi Harman first hit our screens in 2011 as Sid's rebellious teen daughter, Sasha.

Since then, Harman has had a wide-range of storylines and has grown with Sasha, but she now believes it's the "right time" to leave the show.

"The time was right, because things felt right with Sasha, my character. I really cared about her," she said.

Harman has already finished filming her final scenes which she said were incredibly hard. "I was crying leading up to filming it. It's sad saying goodbye to something after three and a half years when that's all you've done."

Harman is thought to be looking at acting opportunities in both Australia and the United States.

Sasha will remain on our screens into the new year.