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Q+A with Bonnie Sveen

We had a chat to Bonnie Sveen, about working on Home and Away, and what's coming up for her character Ricky! 


1. How did you get your role on Home & Away? 

 I just auditioned for the role of Ricky, then had a call-back with Stephen Peacocke (Brax) 


2. Do you miss working with your on-screen partner Brax? 

Yes, but it's a different chapter now and I don't dislike it. It's allowed me to regrow a lot. 


3. What's it like working with baby Casey on set? 

I love it! It keeps your performance awake and on your toes. Babies can't be controlled so they might squirm or squawk at different times in each take, and you have to roll with it.


4. What are some similarities between yourself and your character Ricky? 

Neither of us are trendy or stylish kind of girls (shopping and fashion are not our priorities). We'd rather go for a surf or steer the barbie with a backyard full of great friends and family.


5. If you could be any other Home and Away character, who would it be and why? 

I wouldn't prefer to be anyone else... But maybe Ash or Andy. They are fun, busy and always stuck in the throes of some drama!


6. Do you have a favourite scene that you've filmed?

We have some very exciting material coming to air in February which I'm very proud of. There is so much yet to come for Ricky. The H&A special An Eye For An Eye is up there too.


7. What’s the best thing about working on a soap?

It's a drama in my eyes, with hints of comedy. And the drama never stops flowing! It's a test and exercise for your acting skills every day. 


9. It’s always summer in “Summer Bay.” How do you survive when you have to film beach scenes in winter?! 

You look around you, at this beautiful office, with the best crew possible and suck it up! At least you're not required on set as long as the crew members, who barely get to be home and see their families!


8.  Have you had any crazy/exciting fan experiences?

I walked home from a house party in the Inner West in Sydney in the middle of the night, a few months after my character went to air in 2013 and a cab stopped in the middle of the road with a car full of people bailing out shouting "Ricky! We hate you! Can I get a photo with you?" I was surprised that they could recognise me in the dark! 


10. Can you tell us anything about what happens in this year’s upcoming cliffhanger?

There’s a wedding, an engagement and a death...


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