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Leah Patterson-Baker

Ada Nicodemou plays Leah Patterson-Baker

Leah Patterson-Baker is played by Ada Nicodemou

One of Summer Bay's favourite daughters, Leah arrived in town leaving a fiancée jilted at the altar!

Coming from a traditional Greek background, Leah had her husband hand-picked for her. Her father had prepared a huge wedding for his daughter, but when it came down to it, Leah knew she wasn't in love with the man she was about to marry, so she did what any true romantic would do: she did a runner.

Leah has a confidence about her that makes her shine. She's easy going and fun loving. Shes passionate about life and will cry at the smallest injustice and boy, can she talk! But she is also a good listener and she will always provide a shoulder to lean on.

Leah sold her share of the Diner to Roman so that she could join her husband Dan, in America. Tragically he died in a climbing accident. He was trying to help one of his students and fell to his death. The father of the student gave Leah a large amount of money and she tried to create a place for the kids to hang out called The Den, which is something Dan would have loved. Sadly it was not financially viable, so now she has joined forces with Irene in the Diner. She was almost ready for a new relationship and felt some chemistry with Miles, but he chose Kirsty. She and Roman were briefly together before their car accident and he was sent to jail.

Leah fell head over heals in love with Reverend Elijah Johnson, but realised that Elijah couldn't abandon his passion and will to help those suffering in developing countries in order to commit to being apart of a family, causing the couple to split their separate ways.

Leah and Miles then had a brief relationship which ended when she miscarried their baby. 

After Charlie's death Leah developed feelings for Brax, but he wasn't interested. She then started dating Jamie Sharpe, but fled Summer Bay when he refused to leave her alone after she ended things.

After Jamie's death Leah returned to the Bay, and has taken Tamara in to live with her and VJ.