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Jackson Gallagher

Jackson Gallagher as Josh Barrett

Jackson Gallagher stars as Josh Barrett on Home and Away


Growing up in Melbourne and moving to a farm in Daylesford, Jackson had the best of both worlds. He was able to travel back to see his friends in the city and feed his passion for competitive horse riding at the 100-acre farm.  This interest in riding led to him working behind the scenes as a horse wrangler on The Saddle Club.  On his first day on set, Jackson met the producer and it wasn’t long before he was offered a small reoccurring role on the show.

Travelling to New York when he finished school, Jackson worked in a circus summer camp, and a photography assistant (sparking another passion) and studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory.  Jackson returned to Melbourne to take his spot in pre-med at Melbourne University but settled on a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Film. 

In 2012 he graduated from university and within a day he started on the feature film Patrick with Rachel Griffiths, Charles Dance and Sharni Vinson.  Playing the comatose Patrick in the remake of the 1978 horror film allowed Jackson the dual experience of acting and observing the performances and film making business from the inside. 

His interest in photography has never waned with Jackson spending the early part of 2013 as a stills photographer for the ABC.  As an observer capturing moments, Jackson finds the creative process inspiring. 

“I love watching the film making process and being a part of it and getting to watch and learn from actors, directors and DOPs.  I find the process of film making so inspiring - whether it’s in front or behind the camera, it’s really exciting to be part of group of people that have all come together to create something, I love the sense of community on set”

After his first audition for the role in Home and Away, Jackson was called back to Sydney, but the phone rang again scrapping the second audition and offering him the role of Josh Barrett.  

Josh and his brother Andy are from Mangrove River, but they aren’t River Boys so what is it that divides and may ultimately unite them with the Braxton brothers? 

On his character Josh, Jackson says: 

“What I really like about Josh‘s story is it demonstrates that your past doesn’t necessarily define your future, and you don’t have to be who people expect you to be.  I can relate to that in a sense and it’s been great to explore. “

Citing travel as shaping who he is today, Jackson lived in South Korea for three months, and his love for culture and photography has seen him travel throughout Latin America and Asia.