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Alec Snow

Alec Snow plays Matt Page in Home and Away on TV2

Alec Snow plays bad-boy Matt Page on Home and Away.

Alec, 21 (31st July 1992) was born in Toowoomba, QLD. He completed school in 2009 and moved to Brisbane.

In 2010, Alec successfully auditioned at QUT in bachelor of fine arts and acting. At QUT, Alec discovered his love for the stage. He played play Francis in The Crucible, Edward in Edward II and Le Beau, Hymen & Touchstone in As You like It.

After three years at QUT, Alec’s first role upon graduation was as Tim in Holding the Man at La Boite Theatre in 2013.

Alec relocated to Sydney in mid-2013 where he successfully auditioned for Home and Away and landed the role as trouble maker Matt Page from Mangrove River.

On his character Alec explains, “Matt is the troubled kid from the wrong side of the tracks that doesn’t quite know where he fits in. He is a bit confused about life and definitely ruffles people’s feathers in the Bay”.

On his first day on set he recalls, “I had my first scene with Dan Ewing who plays Heath Braxton; I was nervous and didn’t want to make too many mistakes on my first day. I was also excited and ready to rise to the challenge!”

As well as acting, Alec’s other passion is his music. Alec is the front man of a band called, Interim. He lists hard rock as his favourite genre of music with his favourite bands being, The Black Keys, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.