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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

9 - 13 September 2013

Home and Away

Home and Away

Maddy (KASSANDRA CLEMENTI) tells Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) she knows who ran Casey off the road

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) confronts Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) and Andy (TAI HARA) after Casey’s accident

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) confronts Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) and Andy (TAI HARA) after Casey’s accident

Home and Away

Zac (CHARLIE CLAUSEN) visits his brother Ethan (MATT MINTO) at the lodge

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) goes to visit the twins at the lodge but is stopped by Murray (CHRISTOPHER STOLLERY)


Monday 9 September:

It's been a few days since the accident and Casey still doesn't have any feeling in his legs. Brax is trying to stay positive for his brother, but under the stress of the situation he snaps at Ricky and then yells at Indi.

Ricky tries to reach out to Brax, and as he tries to shut her down, she ignores him and insists on going to the hospital with him.

Dr Bradley assesses Casey as Brax, Ricky, April and Dex look on, but Casey's injury hasn't changed and his chance of a full recovery is dwindling.

As Dr Bradley has no new information for Brax, he follows her out of Casey's room and demands more answers, however Dr Bradley doesn't have any, Brax just needs to be patient.

Whilst April tries to help Brax cope, Dex explains to an optimistic Casey that he should also be prepared for all possibilities but Casey insists that he'll be able to walk again.

When left alone, Casey tries to stand up but immediately comes crashing to the ground, has he just done more damage?

Chris has moved into Irene's house and she decides to set a few ground rules, mainly, no drinking in the house and she'd like a heads up before guests come over.

Chris insists that won't be a problem but when Indi shows up with a bottle of champagne as a housewarming gift, it doesn't take long before Chris is breaking all the rules.

Irene arrives home from work to find the half-empty bottle on the table and storms straight into Chris' room, only to find him in bed with Indi.

Hannah's sudden arrival in the bay has Zac worried, but he's unsure what to believe. It doesn't sound like Ethan to let himself become involved in a brainwashing self-help group.

Leah does some research online and finds the Sanctuary Lodge website. Everything seems ok on the surface but Hannah's claims are still niggling at them. Zac decides there's only one thing to do and heads out to the Lodge to talk to Ethan.

Tuesday 10 September:

Dex finds Casey on the floor after he fell, trying to walk.

Whilst trying to get him up, Tamara and Kyle arrive to visit but Casey is too angry and embarrassed with everyone watching and tells them to leave.

Casey's fall has also enraged Brax further as he struggles to find some way to help. Tamara admits to Kyle that she feels like she needs to be there for Casey and Kyle concedes that it would probably be good for Casey to have a friend.

Tamara arrives at the hospital just as Casey is telling Brax that he thinks the accident was deliberate and feeling bad for him, she stays and ends up falling asleep, leaving Kyle to wonder if her feelings for Casey are returning.

Brax, however, has finally found somewhere to put his rage and tells Ricky that he's going to find the person that ran Casey off the road. With no other options, Ricky calls Heath and interrupts his honeymoon.

On a tour of the lodge, Ethan tells Zac that Hannah is lying because she has never fully dealt with her sister's death.

Ethan invites Zac to see the twins and decide for himself. As Oscar and Evelyn prepare dinner, Zac notices that they seem a little hesitant and guarded, something that continues through dinner until Evelyn erupts at the mention of Hannah, saying that she has no right to spread lies about their family.

She storms out demanding Oscar go with her, but he waits to ask Zac if Hannah is alright. As Zac is leaving, he manages to slip Oscar his phone number and tells him to call if he ever needs anything.

After finding Chris and Indi in bed and alcohol in the house, Irene gives them both a serve about respect in her house and Chris is hit hard by her disappointment in him.

After Irene tells Chris that Indi can not stay over until he learns some respect, Chris and Indi head to the closed gym for some intimate time. They promptly get sprung, however, by John who is working late at the surf club.

With nowhere else to go, the happy couple go their separate ways, but after some inspiration from April, Indi returns to Irene's house and attempts to crawl in Chris' bedroom window.

Whilst definitely tempted, Chris decides that it is not a good idea and sends Indi home, upset. Chris is finally respecting Irene's rules, but has he stuffed up with Indi?

Wednesday 11 September:

After receiving news of Casey's accident, Heath and Bianca arrive home early from their honeymoon. Heath immediately goes to the hospital where Casey admits his fear of never being able to walk again.

Brax goes to see Maddy and demands more answers about who ran them off the road, but she's not sure so doesn't want to give anything away. When Brax tries to push her, Alf and Roo step in and try to convince Brax to let the police handle it.

Out for a walk, Maddy runs into Josh who seems relieved that she is ok and asks about Casey.

Maddy then overhears Andy telling Josh that they have to lay low and wait till this blows over. Maddy tells Brax about the conversation and Brax immediately goes in search of Josh and Andy.

When he finds them, Brax lets his fists do the talking, but Bianca steps in when she sees that Josh is just a kid.

Later that night, Brax tells Heath that he's planning a proper payback but Bianca warns Heath that Brax isn't thinking straight. Will they go too far?

Kyle confides in Bianca that he is worried about Tamara's feelings for Casey coming back.

Taking Bianca's advice, Kyle decides to confront Tamara and she is forced to admit that she does have feelings for him but that she doesn't know what that means or what she wants. Kyle realises that he can't live like that and he breaks up with her.

Sally has managed to raise all the money she needs for Pippa's treatment and now is anxiously waiting to hear that the clinic in America has a place for Pippa.

Alf's reassurance is well founded when the clinic calls with a place for Pippa. After everything finally falling into place, Sally is now forced to admit that she's scared of going to the clinic as she doesn't know if the treatment will work and she's scared of leaving all the people who are her safety net.

Alf tells her that he is only a phone call away and that they will always be there for her.

Thursday 12 September:

Since seeing Marilyn with Winston last week, Jett decides to take charge and he forces John to admit his feelings for Marilyn.

Jett encourages him to ask her out on a date however, John insists there's no hurry. But when they come across Winston and Marilyn on a romantic date Jett decides to become John's wingman and forces him to crash the date.

John and Winston immediately engage in a game of one-upmanship, but when it turns ugly Marilyn leaves.

Later, Winston drops by the Surf Club to ask John to back off and let him pursue Marilyn, but John isn't going to stand aside. In that case, Winston claims there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy. The games begin.

As Sasha is happily marvelling at her wonderful boyfriend, she and Spencer come across Maddy who is getting more intrigued by Josh's situation.

Maddy admits Josh's role in the accident to Sasha who advises her to stay away because Josh is obviously bad news. Spencer tells Sasha that he doesn't understand the fascination with bad boys, and Sasha explains it's because he's such a good guy.

Maddy keeps trying to talk to Josh but he continually shuts her down until Maddy admits she saw Andy threaten him. Josh relents and tells Maddy that he tried to stop Andy from hitting her car, and that he's sorry.

Maddy gets the impression that Josh would do anything for Andy further increasing her worry for him.

It's all systems go for Sally and Pippa's departure as Roo tries to organise a surprise farewell party.

Alf is thrown when Pippa asks him to witness her last will and testament, just in case. Alf tries to reassure her but it's clear that their leaving is hitting him hard.

Alf admits to Sally that 'goodbyes' are too hard for him, especially when he's saying goodbye to her.

He tells her that he doesn't trust himself to stay strong so he'll be fishing when they leave for the airport. Sally is upset to hear this but tries to respect his wishes.

Friday 13 September:

When Jett sees that Winston has trumped John's simple flower delivery with 2 bunches of roses he goes to John and tries to convince him to up the ante.

When John tells Jett that he doesn't want to buy Marilyn's affections, Jett takes matters into his own hands and steals John's credit card.

When a pair of expensive earrings gets delivered to Marilyn she immediately seeks John out to return them.

John has no idea where the earrings came from until Heath arrives with a pizza delivery that Jett ordered on John's credit card. Marilyn insists that both men stop buying her flowers, but does avoids making a decision about who she would like to spend time with.

When John and Winston start fighting over a bottle of wine that Winston has bought, Marilyn realises that the situation has gotten way out of hand and tells both men she doesn't want to spend time with either of them.

On the morning of Pippa's farewell party, Alf rises early and collecting his fishing gear he prepares to leave for the day.

He pauses to write a letter to Sally, but not knowing what to say, he scrunches up the paper and leaves. With Pippa's party in full swing Sally is truly touched by how wonderful the people of Summer Bay are, but both Pippa and Sally can't help but notice that Alf is not there.

When Alf returns late that night, Roo is waiting up for him. Alf admits that he's scared that it really is goodbye, if the treatment doesn't work it could be that last time he sees Pippa. Roo tries to convince Alf that he needs to see them off.

The next morning, as Sally takes one last stroll along the beach before their flight, Alf arrives and manages to say goodbye.

Frustrated at the apparent inaction from Zac, Hannah decides to go to the lodge by herself. When she arrives, a man stops her from seeing the twins and threatens to call the police if she doesn't leave.

Hannah returns to Leah's house and tells Zac what happened, and that the man who stopped her was Murray, the Lodge's spiritual leader.

Zac feels that his hands are tied, they have no legal claim over the kids and unless there's proof that they're being mistreated there's nothing they can do.

Back at the lodge, Oscar calls Zac on a mobile phone he had hidden. When Zac answers, Oscar tells him that he needs help, but before Zac can get any more information the call is disconnected.

What is happening to the twins at the lodge?