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Home and Away

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9 - 12 February 2016

Tuesday 9 February:

Reeling from the news that Brax is alive Ricky tells Ash and Phoebe to get out. Next door Phoebe and Ash fight about having told Ricky - Ash thinks they should have continued to keep it from Ricky to protect her, Phoebe thinks Ricky deserved the truth, especially as she was getting engaged to Nate. Phoebe and Ash go back to check on Ricky but she's still angry and again, tells them to leave. Kyle is angry with Ash when he finds out that Brax is alive, and that he wasn’t in on it.

Nate leaves the house talking to Ricky on the phone, on his way to celebrate their engagement. Inside the house Irene notices a tear in her jacket, then Nate comes back in, saying that Ricky's ill so he’s not going round. Irene reassures him that there will be plenty of time to celebrate. Later on Irene stuffs her jacket into the rubbish and takes it outside, almost bumping into a frantic Olivia who tells Irene that Hunter's gone. They go and tell Zac, Alf and Leah. Zac receives a text from Hunter telling him that he's fine, but when Zac tries to call him it goes straight to voicemail. They talk about how hard it must have been for Hunter to find out that his mother is a murderer.

Charlotte's body is found in the water and Kat tells Emerson that she'll let people know. Leah talks to Evie who is still devastated about Denny. She says she's going for a walk and Zac is still leaving voice messages for Hunter. Kat appears at the door looking for Hunter. She breaks the news that Charlotte was murderered.

Phoebe goes to see Ricky who says she isn't angry with her. Ricky just sits holding Casey close as they talk, Phoebe asking Ricky whether she's going to tell Nate but she says she isn't. Phoebe goes when Nate arrives. Ricky tells Nate how much she loves him and they kiss tenderly. They take a walk on the beach, then as Nate gives Ricky a kiss goodbye and leaves for work, Ash tries to talk to Ricky. He wants to know what she's going to do about Brax and that she's okay. Ricky tells him she just wants to get on with her life.

A mystery man arrives in a smart suit. He walks into the police station where Kat and Emerson are briefing the officers on the Charlotte murder case and is introduced as Detective Dylan Carter, he'll be heading up the investigation. Once Dylan tells the gathered officers what he wants them to do he dismisses them. As he leaves the room he quietly speaks to Kat, telling her it’s good to see her again… Down by the beach pool at the murder scene Emerson tells Dylan and Kat that the divers found Kat's gun in the water. As they speculate about what Charlotte may have intended to do with Kat's gun, it becomes clear to Emerson that Kat and Dylan already know each other. When Emerson asks, Kat just says that they've worked together before, but Kat's discomfort shows that there's more to it than that.

On her way to work, Pheobe goes to see Ash and tells him they need to sort stuff. Ash apologises, knowing she was just trying to do what she thought best for Ricky. Phoebe appreciates it but is still unwilling to accept Ash lying to her and thinks they should stay away from each other.

Hannah finds Evie in the diner and tells her that she's there for her if she wants to talk about Denny. Feeling awkward about the kiss with Andy, Evie thanks her and quickly heads off. Andy himself walks in and when Hannah gives him the cold shoulder asks what her problem is. She says it's about him kissing her niece, revealing that she knows…

Nate comes to have lunch with Ricky but she puts him off. They agree to see each other later instead but after he leaves Phoebe talks to Ricky, asking whether it's fair to keep the truth about Brax from Nate. Ricky goes and finds Nate to tell him.

Kat asks whether Dylan took the case to be near her. He tells her it was coincidence and acknowledges that he wasn't good to her when they were together... He then asks whether he needs to take her off the case and Kat has to say she can work with him, for fear of losing her position in the investigation. Suddenly Dylan is back to business, vowing that they're going to find the killer…

Nate tries to get his head around the news that Brax is alive. Despite Ricky's reassurance that it changes nothing between them, he tells her that he needs time to think, leaving her worried. Nate tells Irene who's shocked, and tries to reassure Nate that he shoud have faith in his relationship with Ricky.

Ash is very concerned that Kyle is trying to find Brax. Ash tells Kyle to stop, but Kyle's angry and determined. Ash tells Ricky what Kyle is doing and Ricky tells Kyle that she doesn't want to look for Brax. Kyle just says that Brax is family and they can't pretend he isn't out there.

Dylan attempts to use working together on the murder investigation to get closer to Kat. They interview Ash, with Dylan putting pressure on Ash, asking why he would try to strangle Charlotte, giving away the fact that Kat has told Dylan about the incident. After the interview Dylan sees Kat's closeness with Ash and asks about them, she tells Dylan that her friendship with Ash won't affect her work but is there more to Dylan's concern than just professional interest?

Andy tries to explain to Hannah why he and Evie kissed but just ends up making her more angry. Evie's trying to check for university offers when Andy tells her that Hannah knows they kissed. Evie goes to talk to Hannah and sets her straight, Evie wasn't a victim, she initiated the kiss, and both she and Andy were in a bad place so it was a momentary lapse of judgement. Evie then asks Hannah not to tell anyone, especially Josh. Hannah reluctantly agrees but warns Evie that lying will come back to bite her. Hannah finds Andy and apologises for blaming him. They talk about what's going on between them and say they can’t ignore their feelings for each other.

Andy is ecstatic to find that Josh is starting to get his sight back and Kyle encourages him to tell Evie even though Josh is worried that she won't want to hear from him. Evie is so happy that Josh can see again that she hugs him without thinking. For a moment things are awkward then Josh apologises, telling her that it wasn't her fault and he shouldn't have taken his fear out on her. They agree to be friends again and talk about the possibilities for the future now that Josh's sight is coming back. As Josh and Evie relax and start getting back to being comfortable together Josh picks up Evie's phone, intending to hand it to her but sees the text that Andy has sent 'Hannah won’t tell Josh that we kissed.' Josh goes cold, asking Evie if she kissed his brother…

Nate breaks off his engagement with Ricky, saying that she's the only woman he's loved this much but that until things are really sorted out with Brax he needs to protect himself from getting hurt again. A tearful Ricky sits on the beach, mind churning with memories of Brax and what she went through with him over the years. Ricky goes to Kyle and lets him know that she wants to find Brax with him – not because she's yearning for him, but because she's so angry that he's going to wish he'd died by the time she's through with him…


Wednesday 10 February:

Josh storms away, as Evie protests that kissing Andy meant nothing. Evie finds Andy who goes to look for Josh.

Hunter still isn't answering Zac's calls when Kat comes to take Zac in for an interview.

Dylan pushes the point that Zac was out all night when Charlotte was murdered, and no-one saw him. When Dylan asks about Hunter's reaction to Charlotte interrupting Zac and Leah's wedding Zac recalls Hunter's threatening conversation with her, but just tells Dylan that no teenager has a smooth relationship with their parents.

Back at home Alf, Leah and VJ await Zac, VJ frustrated, Alf trying to reassure Leah. Then Hunter appears in the doorway… He's back. When Zac gets home he hugs Hunter, telling him how worried he was, wanting to know where he's been. Hunter just says he stayed with a friend, then Zac and Leah gently tell Hunter that his mother is dead. After a moment Hunter just gets up, thanking them for letting him know and walks outside. When Zac goes to check on him, Hunter is still stoic and says he's fine to go to the station and talk to the police straight away. Zac and Leah talk alone for a moment, Zac expressing his worry for Hunter after seeing him seem to threaten Charlotte at the wedding. Leah is concerned to hear that Zac didn’t tell the police. Zac accompanies Hunter during the interview with Dylan and Kat. Hunter tells them he was out of town and doesn't hold back in expressing how bad his relationship with his mother had become.

Later on Dylan tries to ask Kat to go for dinner and she pushes him away, recalling how he used to hit her. Dylan tries to tell her that he's sorry, that he's changed but Kat just walks away from him.

Josh bumps into Hannah and wants to know about her keeping Andy and Evie kissing a secret. Hannah tells him that it meant nothing to either of them and that everyone makes mistakes. She takes him home where he confronts Andy about it, accusing him of always screwing everything up before storming off. Leah finds Evie crying and Evie tells her about kissing Andy and the trouble it's caused between her and Josh. Leah encourages her not to dwell on it. Leah and Zac talk about how worried they are about Hunter. Leah wonders if Hunter could have killed Charlotte but Zac is adamant that he couldn't have.

Hannah goes into the diner and is given the cold shoulder by Chris who's still hurting.

Olivia overhears Alf and VJ talking about Hunter and asks if he's back and whether he knows about his mum. Hunter goes to see Olivia who's both angry and relieved to see him. She asks how he's feeling but he shrugs off her offer to talk saying he wants to forget about all that. Hunter tells Olivia that he was picked up by an old guy but she doesn't see the text that he receives from someone called Lindsay: ‘Best weekend of my life xxx’.

Evie goes to see Josh who's drawing again. She tells him how sorry she is, that she wishes she could take it back. Andy walks in and before he can leave them to it Josh says he wants to talk to them both. Josh tells them that he's leaving the bay – for good.


Thursday 11 February

Matt and Maddy wake up in each others arms, happy to hide from the Bay together in his caravan. Later, Maddy tries to sneak inside the house but runs into Oscar, the tension between them thicker than ever. When she tells Matt about the encounter, he offers to let her move into his caravan, and tells her he loves her for the first time. Maddy's excited and accepts, and tells him she loves him too. Maddy soon updates Roo, who worries that Maddy's taking things too fast. Roo warns Maddy about living in a caravan, but Maddy's determined to make it work. Alf worries that Maddy's rushing too, but Roo assures him that if it doesn't work out, she'll be happy to take Maddy in when she gets a new place. Packed and ready to go, Maddy shares a bittersweet goodbye hug with Oscar, still friends despite everything. Matt welcomes Maddy into his van and even though it's not ideal, they love each other and that's all that counts.

In denial about Charlotte's death, Hunter meets up with Olivia, frustrated that he feels like everyone's just waiting for him to fall apart. He gets a call from Lindsay, but rejects it and covers in front of Olivia. Olivia's worried that he's not coping with his loss, but Hunter tells her he just doesn't care and walks out. Olivia finds Hunter at Charlotte's murder scene, and he finally lets his guard down, admitting that he misses his mother. Grateful for Olivia's support, Hunter tells her that he's glad to have her. He receives another call from Lindsay, and is forced to decline it again. When Olivia leaves Hunter's phone rings again and he picks it up this time, firmly telling Lindsay he's got a girlfriend, and she needs to leave him alone.

Safely away from her mother, Carol, Skye's starting to feel comfortable at John's place. They learn that Carol has been released by the police, and John assures her he'll protect her. She sees Oscar at the diner, and noticing he's down, tries to help cheer him up, leaving him intrigued. She introduces herself and as they bond, Skye encourages Oscar to let go of his anger over losing Maddy. He passes Matt's caravan on the way home and finds out Maddy's moving in. Remembering Skye's advice, Oscar congratulates Matt, and offers to help Matt get the van ready for Maddy's arrival, leaving Matt confused. Later, as Skye sets the table for dinner she hears someone outside, assuming it's John, but she finds that Carol has let herself in. Carol tells her she's taking her away to punish her, leaving Skye terrified – what's her mother planning to do?


Friday 12 February

Skye tries to explain to Carol why she escaped from home, but it's no use as Carol orders her to get organised so they can leave before John returns. Oscar arrives to thank Skye for her advice and hears shouting, but can't see what's happening and moves off. Skye's helpless as Carol forces her off to pack her bags. Almost ready to leave, Carol tells Skye to write John a note, but when she disagrees, Carol loses it, and blames her for the car accident that killed her sister. Skye defends herself, pointing out that the accident was Carol's fault – she was speeding and lost control of the car. Carol can't take any more and pushes her into a wall, when suddenly Oscar bursts in and puts himself between Skye and Carol. Carol wants Skye to take her accusation back, but when she doesn't, Carol breaks down, admitting that Skye is all she has left, and begs her not to leave. Oscar calls the police as Skye watches her mother, horrified.

As Carol is taken away by the police, John arrives, and is shocked to learn what happened. Skye hugs Oscar before moving inside with John. John receives a call and learns that Carol has been put into psychiatric care. As Skye tries to absorb the news, John offers her a room at his place. Overwhelmed, Skye accepts, happy to finally have a home. The next morning Skye sees Oscar at the diner, and he gives her a piece of cake to welcome her to the Bay. Skye beams – things are looking up for her for the first time in ages. 

Maddy screams when she finds a possum on the bed, and runs out of Matt's caravan. Matt's amused, and Maddy realises she overreacted, but knows it'll be tough to stay positive about moving in. They see Roo at the diner, who reveals she's moving out of James' place, about to begin a new chapter in her life too. At work, Maddy struggles to concentrate as she scratches her mosquito bites from last night. Maddy tells Roo that she's freaking out, and Roo advises her to be honest with him. Back at the caravan, Maddy admits that she doesn't think she'll be able to handle living there, but Matt convinces her to give it a proper go so they can be together. That night more mosquitoes and the noise from other caravan park residents keep Maddy awake, but after Matt takes care of it, the possum returns, pushing Maddy's patience as far as it can go. In the morning Maddy fills Roo in about her dilemma, and she suggests Maddy move in with her when she finds a place, giving Maddy an idea. At Angelo's, Maddy suggests they find a proper house together. Matt looks at her numbers and worries it'll be too expensive, but Maddy's firm – if he wants to live with her, this is how it's got to happen. But is Matt ready to play house for real? 

Ash tries to help Billie keep calm ahead of her trial tomorrow, but the pressure has clearly started to get the better of her. When Ash calls Billie's lawyer, he learns the situation is worse than he thought. Ash tells Phoebe the lawyer wants Billie to plead guilty so she gets a lighter sentence. But Ash doesn't want Billie to go down for something she didn't do, and is worried he won't be able to get Billie to fight the charges. Phoebe visits Billie and tells her about Ash. Billie considers running away, and Phoebe tries to talk her down. The next morning Billie tells Ash to meet her at the diner before court. But when Billie's late, Phoebe tells Ash about her plans to do a runner. They find Billie on the side of the road, and Ash tries desperately to get her to stay and face her charges. What will Billie do?