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7 - 11 October 2013

Andy (TAI HARA) hits Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) over the head when he goes to visit Debbie Barrett (OLIVIA PIGEOT)

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) chases Andy

Andy (TAI HARA) confronts Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE)

Brax and Ricky

With the support of Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) reveals his big secret to his brothers Heath, (DAN EWING) Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES)

Heath (DAN EWING) comforts Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN)

Monday 7 October:

April's put her foot in it with Nate Cooper, the new doctor, but he doesn't seem to mind.

In fact, he's way too relaxed about being a mentor in April's opinion.

She's determined to win him over, as Dex dubs him 'Dr Sexy'. April's convinced that Nate has a secret in his past that makes him indifferent as a mentor.

In order to turn their working relationship around so as not to repeat her mistakes with Bradley, April investigates him.

She overhears a hushed, angry phone conversation and mistakenly believes Nate is heartbroken. In actual fact, he is trying to change hospitals, and makes that clear to Dex and April.

Casey and Ricky continue to question Brax's interest in the Barrett's. He reveals their fathers had a connection. Ricky wonders if Josh is Brax's son, but Brax denies this.

He reveals he made a mistake a long time ago and he's trying to fix it. Brax decides to leave the Bay for a couple of days, refusing to tell them where he's going.

Using the address Heath gave him, Brax heads into Mangrove River in search of Andy Barrett. When he arrives at Andy's house, he finds Debbie Barrett.

Maddy continues to hide Josh in her room. He worries about the trouble she'll be in if they're caught, but she allays his fears.

Josh reveals his home life has been terrible ever since his dad disappeared. He never contacted them for birthdays, holidays, or even their grandma's funeral.

He thinks his resemblance to his missing father is what's behind his Mum's abrasiveness toward him.

Marilyn overhears Maddy talking to Josh and is worried that Maddy is keeping Josh in her room. Marilyn catches them in the act and the young lovers beg her not to tell.


Tuesday 8 October:

Ricky is worried about where Brax is and what he's doing.

Heath is evasive about where Brax is, but tells her he's probably not in trouble they have to trust Brax.

Ricky discovers that Heath is studying for his personal trainer course. Ricky angrily tells Heath not to blow it with Bianca and to tell her the truth.

Heath doesn't want to disappoint her if he fails, but Ricky sends him on his way to tell Bianca. But his insecurities prevent him coming forward.

Brax confronts Debbie about Andy's actions. Debbie suspects Brax wants payback for her boys hurting Casey. He stops her from leaving, and Debbie reveals that the two boys were irrevocably harmed by the belief their father Johnny left them after the botched robbery he committed with Danny Braxton.

Brax is clearly impacted by her story, and while the two of them talk Andy sneaks up behind Brax and hits him, then a chase ensues, with Brax tracking Andy outside. He wants Andy to tell him why he ran Casey off the road. Andy tells Brax that the Braxtons are entitled. Andy thinks their dad would still be there if it wasn't for Danny.

Debbie defends Brax, blaming Johnny for leaving them. This seems to cut Brax deep. Debbie asks Brax if he knows where Johnny is. Brax hesitantly replies that he doesn't as Debbie tearfully reveals that she still loves Johnny, even though he left her. She warns him to never come back.

Returning to Summer Bay, Brax is in a dark place. He calls Ricky he needs her. There's something he needs to confess.

Josh and Maddy are scared Marilyn will blow the whistle on them. Marilyn's feeling the pressure of lying to Roo and Alf. She maintains the lie for as long as she can, feeling sympathy for Josh's predicament.

Marilyn seeks John's advice about what to do about Maddy, and John is confused about what they're speaking about believing Marilyn is talking about their romantic situation. When he figures out they're speaking about very different things, he advises her to reveal to Roo that Josh upstairs.

Marilyn tries to break it to Alf and Roo gently, but Alf barrels in and throws out Josh. Roo feels betrayed that Maddy lied to her. Marilyn feels terrible and hopes Maddy can forgive her when Roo announces Maddy has run away with Josh.

Josh is unhappy that Maddy's turned her back on her family he doesn't want to drag her down with him. But he admits that he would like Maddy to be with him, and she suggests they camp out at the school. After all, she's had experience running away before.


Wednesday 9 October:

Sick with guilt, Brax confesses to Ricky that as a teenager he accidently killed Johnny Barrett in a bid to protect his family.

Johnny had been threatening the Braxtons while Danny was in jail, and a young Brax had to step up.

Things went wrong resulting in Johnny's death, and Brax went to Adam for help in getting rid of the evidence. Now Brax's interest in Josh is explained it's linked to his father's death.

Brax doesn't know how to break it to his brothers, but Ricky advises him to keep it to himself. It's ancient history. Brax doesn't know if he can.

With Casey and Tamara so happy as friends, Kyle finds it hard to deal. He tells Brax he's alright with it being over with Tamara, because it was the right thing to do.

Brax makes a decision he's going to tell the boys his secret.

He asks Tamara to leave, and she's slightly miffed.

Casey, Heath and Kyle are apprehensive as Brax reveals that he killed Johnny Barrett. The whole family struggle to process.

Later, when Tamara makes light of being kicked out of the meeting, Kyle snaps at her she's not family. Before Casey, Heath and Kyle have any time to adjust the police arrive. Brax has turned himself in.

Heath feels progressively insecure about his study when Kyle finds an assignment he's working on. Kyle tells Heath that what he is doing is good.

Bianca is needed at a education crisis meeting and has to leave for a short time - Heath's old high school, Mangrove River High, has burnt down.

Oscar is bitter about Evie returning to the cult. He blames Zac and Hannah for not fighting harder to save Evie.

Kyle tells him not to lash out against the people he loves. Hannah tries to reach out to Oscar, who's defensive. He reveals he's afraid of what will happen to Evelyn at the Discovery Weekend. He thought Evelyn was free of Murray's control, and he can't understand her reasons for going back.

Oscar blames Zac for failing Evelyn. Zac asks Oscar to stop pushing him away. Hannah, concerned about Evelyn's wellbeing, contacts Ethan.

Roo is beside herself with worry since Maddy took off. Alf is concerned, but doesn't react well when Roo blames him for being so harsh. Alf tells her he's sorry about what happened before.


Thursday 10 October:

Spencer and Sasha are still avoiding each other after Spencer made it clear he wanted space.

Indi and Chris play cupid and ambush them and Sasha and Spencer work out their issues and are happy to be a couple again.

Spencer and Sasha then come over to the diner. Roo is still upset by Maddy's disappearance. Spencer counsels that Maddy's pretty tough.

Roo offers Spencer Maddy's room while she's away, and pressures Spencer causing him to snap.

On their walk home, Spencer suggests Sasha and him go skinny dipping. Sasha's suspicious at first, but he explains that he's being spontaneous and finally convinces her to go skinny dipping.

While Sasha enjoyed last night's fun, she's exhausted today. Seeing Spencer still energised causes her worries to rise. When Roo further pressures Spencer to exploding point, both Roo and Sasha realise something is seriously wrong with Spencer.

For Robyn, it's war when she sees Indi canoodling with Chris. She's gunning hard for his affections, and Indi lays it on the line Chris and she are a couple. Robyn is devastated, but she's not giving up yet.

Hannah organises to meet with Ethan at the diner, but is shocked to see Murray there instead.

Murray and Evelyn come to an agreement, promising he will bring Evie to visit Oscar, Zac and Hannah in the Bay. Zac is suspicious but Hannah and Oscar are hopeful.

Murray arrives at the diner with Evelyn, who reveals she has not been allowed to see her father or attend the Discovery Weekend.

When Zac expresses concern that Evie has no one looking out for her, she tells them not to pressure her to leave Sanctuary Lodge. Murray's sure that Oscar will eventually return to the fold.

Murray baits Zac into becoming violent, then Irene breaks them up. Hannah warns Murray not to get too comfortable. When Hannah gets her life together she'll come for Evelyn.

Jett tells everyone at the diner that Brax has been arrested, leaving Tamara and Kyle in shock.

John is displeased that Jett ran his mouth off without considering the consequences.

Kyle tells Tamara that Brax killed someone. Tamara wants to offer her help, but Kyle pushes her away.

Robyn's drowning her sorrows over Chris and hits on Kyle. Both lonely, the pair leave together for some casual sex.

John takes Jett around to Kyle's house to apologise for blabbing when Kyle opens the door half-dressed. They barely get an apology out when Robyn comes sauntering behind Kyle dressed only in Kyle's T-shirt. Kyle's embarrassed, leaving Jett and John amused.

Robyn shows up at the gym to brag about her night with Kyle to Chris, and Chris is pleased she's seemingly moving on. Robyn's miffed her plan has backfired.


Friday 11 October:

Nate's still fighting to get a transfer to a city hospital, much to April's disappointment.

When his transfer is refused Dex tries to get him to see the positive side. He inadvertently reveals that April made a formal complaint about her previous mentor so Nate tries to get April to make one about him so he can be transferred.

April's unhappy that he doesn't want to stay in town. April tells Nate that asking her to report him was out of line, but she hopes he gets whatever it is he wants.

Nate receives thank you flowers from a recently discharged patient Nate starts to see that small towns do bring out the best in people.

On a crusade to make 'Dr Sexy' love the Bay, Dex organises a surprise dinner for Nate at Angelo's. Nate is surprised, but secretly touched, by the effort.

Spencer angrily admits that he's off his meds. Sasha insists she likes Spencer better when he's level headed, but Spencer doesn't believe her.

Roo blames herself for Spencer and Maddy's issues. Alf confronts Spencer on his behaviour, not knowing that Spencer has Bipolar Disorder.

Meanwhile, Indi grills Chris on whether he's a little jealous Robyn hooked up with Kyle. Chris makes an offhand comment about exes, sparking Indi to think about Romeo. Sasha sadly tells them that Spencer's off his medication again.

Spencer takes up Roo and Alf's offer to stay at their house and apologises for his behaviour. Roo receives a text message from Maddy saying that she's okay. Roo wants to call her, but Spencer advises her to give Maddy space.

Chris confronts Spencer about being off his medication, and Spencer asks to be left alone. Chris understands what Sasha is going through with Spencer's Bipolar Disorder.

Chris is concerned Spencer's pushing everyone away, but he also tells Sasha that if she chooses not to take on Spencer's problems no one will hold it against her. Spencer feels more and more isolated, but when Alf tells Spencer he can be open with him, Spencer reveals he has Bipolar.

Alf makes a deal the next time he thinks he's going to blurt out something stupid, Spencer should come to him. Sasha goes to break things off with Spencer, but he stops her. He wants to find another way to control his mood swings without medication. He needs her by his side. Sasha reluctantly agrees to stand by him.

Indi is interrupted during a passionate session with Chris when she receives a call from Liam. He has bad news... and Indi's face falls. Romeo has died.

Hannah decides to get her life together to try and win back Evie. Step one, finding a place to live. They can't crash at Leah's forever.

Zac offers to get a house together with Hannah. Leah's concerned that Hannah is in a volatile position. Zac's hurt Leah would think that he'd take advantage of that.

When Zac and Hannah come to Angelo's for a night out, they're enlisted to help Nate feel welcome by joining the surprise party. After all, meeting the new doctor might help Hannah fast track her return to nursing.

Jett is grossed out by seeing Kyle and Robyn together. She's just some random.

John explains that when you lose someone you start looking for someone to fill the void to keep loneliness at bay. Jett, sensing that John can relate to Kyle, makes it clear that he's okay if John wants to be with Marilyn.

Jett invites Marilyn to dinner, and Jett tries to engage Marilyn in conversations about one-night-stands. Totally awkward.

When the conversation turns to loneliness, Jett goes to the desert bar. Marilyn tells John she knows he's lonely, but that it will take him a while to heal. The two come to an understanding that one day John will be ready to move on, and when he does she'll be there.