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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

5 - 9 October 2015

Monday 5 October:

Horrified at the state of Tank's room, Evelyn moves into the lounge, where she feels even more out of her depth.

She turns down the offer of a beer from a boy called Azza, and watches football with Tank's housemates, uncomfortable.

Meanwhile at home, Oscar tells Leah that he gets a weird vibe around Tank, unsettling her.

Zac checks if Oscar knows if Tank's done anything that they should know about, but he doesn't, he just thinks they should keep an eye on him.

Azza's girlfriend Jem arrives with more beers, and warns Evelyn to be careful – Tank has many issues, including failing to commit to one girl.

When Tank comes back into the room, Evelyn asks him to drive her home.

In the car, Tank checks what the problem is, and Evelyn asks him if he's cheating on her.

Tank's annoyed, and assures her that there is no-one else, and that Jem just has it in for him.

Evelyn believes every word, and they kiss.

Tank takes Evelyn home, to find Leah and Zac waiting out the front for them.

Tank agrees to come along to her group study session tomorrow, and then drives off.

Leah asks how the night went, and Evelyn glosses over it, not wanting to get into details.


The next day, Oscar tells Evelyn he doesn't like Tank, but she tells him he should give Tank a chance, leaving Oscar worried about how invested Evelyn is getting.

At the study session, Tank arrives late, and then flirts with Maddy behind Evelyn's back.

After Tank leaves, Maddy tells Oscar and Evelyn that Tank made a move on her.

Evelyn gives him the benefit of the doubt, but Maddy is sure it happened, and it escalates into a fight, pushing Maddy to tell her she's worried – Evelyn's already had to take the morning-after pill.

Oscar's gobsmacked, and as they raise their voices, Leah and Zac enter, demanding to know what is going on.

Evelyn tells Leah that Oscar is just being over-protective.

Leah encourages her to consider if this is the best time for her to start a new relationship, with her exams only a few weeks away.

Evelyn meets Tank at the pier, and she confronts him about what Maddy said.

Tank denies the charge, and even though she believes him, Evelyn tells Tank that they should cool off a bit – they're moving too fast, and she really has to take her study seriously now.

But Tank's insulted, and reads it as her breaking up with him.

He moves off, upset, and won't stop to let Evelyn explain herself. Has Evelyn lost Tank for good?


Phoebe struggles to write her speech for the twins memorial; she doesn't want to copy and paste quotes and poems, she wants the words to come from her heart.

Feeling for her, Ash offers to help, and Phoebe's appreciative.

It's not easy for Kyle either, but Phoebe reminds him that it will hopefully give him some closure, and he may be able to do something other than make a speech.


As they head off to the memorial, Phoebe hesitates, and Ash understands – she doesn’t have go if it’s too hard. But Phoebe has to say goodbye, and steels herself for the heart-wrenching day ahead. With the group gathered on the beach, Phoebe throws out her notes, and makes a poignant speech, drawing smiles from everyone, and bringing her some comfort. Kyle surprises everyone by pouring his heart out with a touching song in memory of the twins. As the memorial ends, Phoebe tells Kyle his song was perfect, and she’s around for him to talk to anytime. He appreciates the offer of friendship.


At the memorial, Kat notices Ricky's awkwardness around Nate.

As Kyle performs his song, Ricky glances regretfully at Nate, disappointed she missed her chance to be with him.

Kat sees this look, definitely suspicious that something is going on with Ricky, but shakes it off.

After the memorial, Kat invites Ricky to have a drink with her and Nate at Angelo's, but Ricky turns it down, leaving Kat even more curious.

Kat visits Ricky at home, and tells her that she doesn't have to keep her distance from Nate – she understands that nothing else is going on, and she is always welcome around them.

But when Kat leaves, Ricky feels horrible. How is she going to make her feelings for Nate go away?


Tuesday 6 October:

Upset about her break up with Tank, Evelyn takes her hurt out on Leah, accusing her of wanting it to happen.

Leah tells her she just wants what is right for Evelyn, but Evelyn's worried now that Tank hates her, and won't talk to her again.

Evelyn runs into Tank at the diner, and is concerned when she notices his black eye, but he plays it down.

Tank escapes before Evelyn can say anything else, leaving her feeling guilty for hurting him.

On her way home, she sees Tank having an argument with Principal Snelgrove, and hurries over after Snelgrove leaves.

Tank reveals that Snelgrove is his father.

They find a private spot on the pier, and Tank opens up – Snelgrove basically disowned him after his mother died, and was violent.

He admits that Snelgrove gave him his black eye, and begs Evelyn not to tell the police.

Evelyn feels for him, and is drawn back into his orbit.

Evelyn takes Tank back to her place, and tells him to forget what she said last night, claiming she wasn't thinking straight.

As they get passionate on the couch, Leah and VJ arrive home, prompting Tank to make an embarrassing exit.

Leah confronts Evelyn, and finds out that Snelgrove has been hitting Tank.

But when Leah asks Snelgrove about it, he reveals the truth – Tank bashed him when he was 15, not the other way round.

Leah tells Snelgrove that Evelyn is dating Tank, and he advises her to do everything in her power to keep him away from her.

Meanwhile, Tank shows Evelyn his room – he's cleaned it up for her.

Tank tells Evelyn he doesn't want to mess with her life, and she leads him to his bed, falling further under his spell…


When Ricky runs into Nate and Kat at the diner, Kat invites her to join them for lunch with her friend.

She has no choice but to accept, needing to prove things won't be awkward between them after her conversation with Kat last night.

Kyle thinks it's going to be hard for them to pretend that nothing has happened between Ricky and Nate, and she agrees, dreading the afternoon ahead.

At the diner, Ricky meets Kat's friend, Pete, and he's delighted to see Kat so content. But Ricky would rather be anywhere else.

Ricky finds it hard as she observes the affection between Nate and Kat, and Pete picks up on it.

As the lunch ends, Pete asks Ricky to make sure nothing comes between Nate and Kat, a clear warning to steer clear.

Pete leaves, and Ricky gets a call from Kyle, alerting her that there's something wrong with Casey.

Ricky, Nate and Kat go back to Ricky's, and Nate examines Casey, giving him the all clear.

Ricky's relieved, but it kills her to see Nate so natural with Casey, knowing she can't be with him.

When Ricky tells Kyle that lunch was painful, Kyle thinks it's because she still has a thing for Nate, but she denies it.

But when she gets a text from Nate, texting back gives her a little rush. Her feelings for him are as strong as ever.


With the memorial behind her, Phoebe feels like she's ready to live her life again, suggesting to Ash they make a six month plan to find their own place – starting with him moving in, and he agrees.

Phoebe asks Kat and Hannah, and they accept, as long as he follows the ground rules of the house.

Chris finds Ash moving in, and warns him it's not going to be easy as he thinks.

Ash is cocky, pointing out if he can survive in jail, he'll be able to handle some chicks.

But Ash is proven wrong straight away when he's told to take his surfboard outside, and his housewarming idea is shut down in favour of a girly afternoon.

After watching a movie, Ash claims he's open-minded, but is proven wrong when he refuses to be given a manicure.

He moves to the fridge to find his beers have been taken out. What has he gotten himself into?!?!


Wednesday 7 October:

Evelyn catches up with Maddy, who's just seen her and Tank together.

Maddy decides to let things go for the sake of their friendship and her and Evie have a reconciliation of sorts.

Meanwhile, Zac and Leah discuss Tank's story about his father, Greg, hitting him.

Leah thinks it's just a way for him to get Evie back but Zac is unsure. They decide to talk to Evie.

When they get home, they find Oscar. Oscar quickly suspects they are looking for Evie to talk about Tank.

While Leah and Zac are certain they don't want this relationship to continue, they believe Evie is a smart girl and won't do anything stupid.

Oscar scoffs, and Leah asks if there's something they should know. Oscar reveals that Evie slept with Tank without using protection.


Zac is fuming and wants to rip Tank's head off. Leah tries to talk him down as they work out what to do with Evie.

Zac wants to come down hard on her but Leah fears it will only push her further away. They decide to talk to Evie like an adult.

Meanwhile, Evie and Tank are smitten at the diner. Tank admits to Evie he's never felt like this about anyone before.

He's also planned a surprise for her. He rushes off to get things ready as Evie heads to the beach.

She then runs into Leah and Zac. They try to tell Evie that Tank is lying about his father hitting him but Evie won't accept it.

They question her about the morning after pill and she gets defensive.

Zac warns that they want her to stop seeing Tank.

Evie, angry, says it's not up to them and storms off. Leah and Zac are left exasperated.


Maddy is telling off Oscar for dropping Evie in it with Leah and Zac. She knows Oscar is worried but suggests he's blowing this out of proportion.

Oscar counters that Evie isn't herself. She would never sleep with a guy she's only just started going out with.

When Maddy points out that her and Oscar slept together quickly, Oscar puts his foot in it by saying it didn't mean as much to Maddy as it would for Evie. She's more experienced. Maddy thinks he's insinuating that she's easy and leaves, upset. Oscar can't believe what he's done.

Matt spies him at the surf club and asks what's up. Oscar explains himself and Matt smiles; Oscar's an idiot.

Oscar begs Matt to talk to Maddy for him. Matt tries to get out of it, not wanting to perpetuate his own feelings, but Oscar pleads until he relents.

Matt goes to talk to Maddy and helps smooth things over.

Maddy's hurt that Oscar sees her like that. Matt tells her honestly that all he sees is a strong minded chick who isn't afraid to be herself.

Maddy is cheered up but Matt is left with his feelings of longing for Maddy renewed.


Evie is debriefing with Tank, still furious with Leah and Zac.

Tank comments that they're just like his dad, always trying to control everything.

Then Tank distracts Evie by showing her the surprise. Tank has gotten a tattoo of the letter ‘E’ on his arm – for Evelyn.

She's taken aback; it's so permenant. Tank counters that he'd do anything for Evie.

Evie can't help but fall a little more for him.

Then he tells her he's got a plan for getting Leah and Zac off their backs.


Charlotte is checking Denny's Facecloud page where Evie has left a message.

She's becoming overwhelmed at having to continue the charade, so pours herself a drink to calm her nerves.

As Charlotte stares at her reflection in the mirror, contemplating what she's done, she sees something. It's Denny – staring at her.

Charlotte turns but there's no one behind her. She sees Denny again in the mirror. A ghost… taunting her.

Charlotte screams to leave her alone and throws her glass at the mirror, smashing it. Clearly Charlotte is beginning to unravel.


Evie comes home and calmly apologises to Leah and Zac about before.

She explains that she's realised Tank did lie about his dad hurting him, and she's decided on her own to stop seeing Tank.

She thanks them for looking out for her and then says she's heading off to the library. Leah and Zac don't believe it for a second.

Leah suggests they just keep an eye on her.

Evie runs straight to Tank. She shares that she thinks its went ok, but she hates having to lie to Leah and Zac. Tank convinces her it's the only way.

Then Tank says he loves her. Evie's surprised and happy, saying it back.


Oscar finally gets Maddy to meet him. She's still upset.

Oscar apologises and explains that he never meant to hurt her. Maddy points out that only girls are ever pulled up for their sexual promiscuity, called things like 'easy', never boys. It's not fair. Oscar agrees.

He tells her he loves her and Maddy melts a little. They make up with a kiss just as Matt walks in, torn to see them reunited.


Andy turns up at Charlotte's to see if she wants to grab some dinner.

Charlotte is distant and Andy notices the smashed mirror so he asks what's up. 

Charlotte says she's struggling with all the bad things she's done.

Andy asks if it’s about covering for Hunter with the fire? Charlotte, not wanting to revealing too much, drops it.

Instead Charlotte throws herself at Andy, hoping for a distraction. But Andy rebuffs her so she throws him out.

Later, Charlotte finds Matt and quickly seduces him instead.


Thursday 8 October

Matt wakes at Charlotte's place and quickly gathers his clothes.

He insists to Charlotte that last night only happened because they were both having bad days. It was a one off.

Charlotte says it doesn't have to be, but Matt is adamant that he doesn't want anything more.

Matt goes to grab a shower before he leaves as Charlotte sneakily hides his car keys.

When Matt comes out, there's a knock at the door. Matt rushes to hide just as Andy comes in. He came to check how Charlotte is – she hasn't been answering her phone.

Charlotte is short, dismissing his concern.

Andy sees Matt's skateboard leaning against the wall and calls out to him – busted. Matt grabs his board as he quickly leaves.

Andy then scolds Charlotte for her behaviour. She tries to fob him off but Andy is really worried about her.

Charlotte admits she's tired of always trying to do the right thing and failing. She ends up hurting someone everytime she tries to help. Maybe she's just a bad person.

Andy tries to bouy her out of it, but it seems Charlotte just wants to stop pretending.


Marilyn is talking to Irene about all the memories that are flooding back, but that she still can't remember John or Jett. \

Then Alf walks in and Marilyn is reunited with a familiar face, which lifts her spirits.

After Alf departs, Irene reminds Marilyn that they're due to drop in on John this morning. Marilyn is anxious at all the expectation.


Alf is welcomed at home by Roo and Maddy waiting.

They're excited to see him and Roo reveals that James will be returning this afternoon, and he's bringing his parents.

Alf suggests he come round to this new house of Roo's and meet them at the same time. Roo thinks it's a great idea, clearly in a great mood.

At the diner, James returns and finds Roo and Maddy.

Roo's excited to meet his parents but James says he sent her a message last night – they weren't up to the trip.

Roo tries to hide her disappointment as James apologises that she didn't get the message.

Maddy is a little suspicious about the sudden change of plans.

Back at James' place, James gets a call and says he needs to run out for a bit to see a patient.

When he's gone, Maddy fishes to see how Roo's feeling about not meeting the parents yet again. Roo says it’ll happen eventually.

Alf arrives, and as Roo goes to the door, Maddy is eyeing a phone that James has left behind. She decides to snoop as Roo is distracted.


John is fussing at home, clearly nervous, just as Irene and Marilyn arrive to visit.

Marilyn is tentative, acting like a visitor, but Irene encourages her to have a look around the house. As she does, John quietly expresses his concern that it's been two weeks and Marilyn still hasn't remembered him or Jett.

If she doesn't remember soon they may lose her forever.

But as the morning progresses. John and Marilyn chat freely over tea.

She admits she still doesn't remember John, feeling guilty, but he assures her its fine; it's just nice to have her around.

This makes Marilyn a little uncomfortable and she quickly leaves. Irene follows, giving John a sympathetic shrug.


Andy runs into Matt and calls him an idiot.

Matt asks Andy not to say anything. Andy says he won't but warns Matt that Charlotte isn't in a good way and he should stay away for his own sake.

Meanwhile Charlotte is sitting at home, having another daytime scotch, when she sees Denny again. She’s sitting across from her, staring.

Charlotte remains calm and tells her to stop turning up here, there's no point, she's going to get away with it.

Denny's ghost disappears and Charlotte is smug – maybe accepting her dark side is exactly what she needs to do.


Maddy finds James at the diner and confronts him. She knows what's going on – she hands him his phone.

James holds his breath, not sure what she's found.

Then Maddy asks, is he going to propose to Roo? James sighs; yes he is.

Maddy excitedly hugs him and James is glad she approves.

She apologises for snooping but knew something was up and then saw photos of rings and venues on his phone.

James dismisses it but asks that she keeps it a secret for now.


At the diner Irene apologises to John that this morning didn't go as he had hoped. But John counters he made Marilyn laugh and she told him off when he jokingly berated Irene. It was like old times.

Irene's not so sure but John says he can still feel a spark.

He's decided it may not matter if Marilyn doesn't remember. She fell in love with him once so all he has to do is create enough new memories and make her fall for him again.

Irene thinks it's the sweetest thing she's ever heard.

John then goes to Irene's place to see Marliyn, and nervously asks her out, to which Marilyn says yes.


Matt returns to Charlotte's to collect his missing keys but Charlotte playfully refuses to give them to him.

Matt insists he's only there for the keys, but Charlotte pulls all the right strings and soon Matt can't resist. They surrender to their lust.


Maddy is with Alf, deciding to give Roo and James some alone time.

Alf decides to ask why Maddy was so quiet earlier. Maddy admits it was because James was acting a bit weird, but it's nothing.

Alf is curious and asks why she was suspicious so Maddy tells him about James' two phones, the way he sometimes rushes off, and the business of his parents never making it to visit.

This leaves Alf thinking…

Meanwhile at James' place, Roo has just arrived home and James hands her a glass of wine as she settles on the couch with him.

She comments how perfect this is and James agrees, he could be here with her for the rest of his life.

Then James fishes out a box from the couch and gives it to Roo. She's stunned but opens it – it's an engagement ring.

James asks Roo if she will marry him. What will Roo say?


Friday 9 October

As Matt leaves Charlotte's after another mind-blowing night, she tries to seduce him to get him to stay, but he doesn't want them to get busted together again. He escapes, watched by an unknown person from a nearby car.

Matt visits Josh, and confides in him about his night with Charlotte, and his plan to keep seeing her.

Josh warns him that he will be expelled if Principal Snelgrove finds out, but Matt's not worried, he just has to hide it until the HSC is over.

Josh tells him to do himself a favour and end it now, but Matt thinks it's all under control.


Josh arrives at Charlotte's apartment, as she continues to cover up the murder by responding to Denny's Facecloud messages.

Josh tells Charlotte he's worried about Matt stuffing up his HSC again, but Charlotte attacks him – if Josh ruins this for her, she'll ruin him.

Josh tells Matt that Charlotte threatened him, but Matt refuses to take him seriously.

Josh gives up, telling him that it's not going to end well.

That night, Charlotte hears banging on her front door. She's scared, but no-one’s there when she answers the door.

She finds a note, which reads, 'I'm watching you'. But who is it? And what do they want?


Alf visits Irene's to check on Marilyn, but when he gets talking about Roo, he reveals he still a doesn't trust James, and is worried they're taking things too quick.  

Meanwhile, the newly engaged Roo and James agree they have to tell Alf the good news. But Alf can't give them his blessing – he thinks they're out of their minds!

Roo argues that she knows in her heart that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Alf doesn't see the harm in waiting – she's always jumped into things too fast, and look where it's landed her! Roo storms out, upset.


Against Roo's advice, James tries his luck with Alf. But Alf is firm that getting married after a couple of months is not a good idea, and he's worried about Maddy too – the last thing the girls need is another bloke walking out on them.

James has no choice but to leave Alf with a thinly veiled threat – they'll miss having him in their lives if he doesn't give them his blessing.

James thinks Alf understood his point, but the conversation pushes him to make a discreet call to Morag for a favour, asking her to run a background check on James. What will they find?


Noticing how relaxed Marilyn is about her date with John, Irene gives her a heads up that he may have some higher expectations.

Meanwhile, nervous John can't decide what they should do on the date, so Alf advises him to keep it simple, take it slow and see what happens.

John's surprised when he picks Marilyn up and her hair is the same as on their wedding day, although she's not aware of what she's done.

Sensing John's trepidation, Marilyn encourages him to just try and enjoy the date.

John takes Marilyn to the diner, and after some initial nerves, he relaxes into telling her a personal story. But this only helps her remember another former partner, Sid Walker – not him.

John's hurt, and thinks they should just quit while they're ahead. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life being reminded of what he's lost.

Marilyn follows him out, and she tells him she understands why she fell in love with him.

Being in the car park triggers the memory of when they first got together for John.

As he tells the story, it comes back to Marilyn – she remembers him! She recalls their entire wedding, as she looks over the place where it happened.

John's ecstatic, and he pulls her into a hug, finally reunited with his wife.