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30 Sept- 4 October 2013

Is Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) cheating on Indi?  His alleged girlfriend Robyn (ALEXANDRA PARK) has come to Summer Bay to track him down.

Is Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) cheating on Indi?  His alleged girlfriend Robyn (ALEXANDRA PARK) has come to Summer Bay to track him down.

Josh (Jackson Gallagher)

Why is Brax (Stephen Peacocke) so concerned Josh (Jackson Gallagher) has been sleeping on the beach?

Home and Away

April and Sasha

Home and Away

April (RHIANNON FISH) and Dex (CHARLES COTTIER) meet the new doctor, Nate (KYLE PRYOR)

Dex (CHARLES COTTIER) meets the new doctor, Nate (KYLE PRYOR)

Monday 30 September

Irene and Roo are perplexed by the arrival of Robyn, who claims to be Chris' girlfriend.

Chris brings Indi to the Diner, only to scarper as soon as he spots Robyn. Chris plays hide and seek around the bay avoiding Robyn until he's confronted by Irene and Roo.

He reveals that he hooked up with Robyn when he was travelling, but he hasn't seen her since. However, he stopped replying to her messages but never made it clear he'd broken it off with Robyn.

He promises to sort it out, but Roo is dismayed when Robyn shows up to the gym wanting a membership. Robyn gets a text to meet Chris. He gives her some lame excuses about not staying in touch, and tells her it's over however, he lies about having a girlfriend and says he just needs space.

From a distance, Indi sees Chris embracing Robyn and immediately gets the wrong idea.

Leah is still covering for Hannah and Zac when the police arrive looking for them. Oscar overhears Leah and Hannah worrying about the legal implications of kidnapping the kids.

On their sixteenth birthday Evie will be free to return to the cult. Zac and Ricky take Evelyn out camping in an attempt to de-program her. They're finding it hard to break through her brainwashing. Time is running out - it's her sixteenth birthday tomorrow and after that its out of their hands.

Ricky talks to Evie about her dad, and can relate to wanting to do anything for the person you love.

Evelyn shares a warm memory about her father, when Zac reveals her memory is actually of him. Evelyn reacts badly to this - it seems like they've gone backwards, but Ricky's not so sure.

When Oscar calls her, wishing her Happy Birthday, he asks her to tell the police they decided to leave to help Zac avoid being arrested. Evelyn asks Oscar about the memory she has of their dad, and he confirms that it was actually Zac.

Evelyn and Zac talk about her hurt that Zac wasn't in their lives as kids. He reveals that Ethan didn't want them there. He broaches the subject of the discovery weekends that happen when the kids turn 16.

She reveals that she is scared... she only ever wanted them to be a family. Meanwhile as Leah and Hannah are celebrating Oscar's birthday, Murray the cult leader shows up at Leah's house and waits for Zac to return.


Tuesday 1 October:

Murray relaxes on Leahs couch, and Hannah calls Zac to tell him to come home and warns him that Murray is waiting.

Murray is soon suspicious that Hannah tipped Zac off.

Murray threatens to bring the police in, but Oscar intervenes and threatens to go to the police about the beating he gave Oscar.

He reveals they even documented the injuries at the hospital. Now Murray is on the back foot.

Evelyns not so sure that Murray will be so easily deterred, but is impressed by Oscars backbone in standing up to Murray, but shes still worried about their dad.

Evelyn is still quiet but Zac and Hannah chalk this up to her dealing with rejecting the lodge. When the police arrive Zac and Hannah believe they are about to be arrested.

However, Evelyn admits she called the police to take her back to the lodge to be with her dad.

For what its worth, she wont make a statement against Zac. They lead her away, leaving the family dismayed.

Indi gives Chris a chance to explain himself, asking if theres anything he wants to tell her.

When Indi is angry hes confused and she explains that she knows about Robyn.

Chris protests that things with Robyn are over and shes just a bit clingy. So, are things all good?

For Indi, things are far from good. Chris should have been upfront with her. Undeterred by Chris rejection, Robyn asks Roo if she can hire a van, revealing that shes not ready to give up on Chris.

Chris cant believe Robyns staying in the bay, and Irene and Roo advise Chris to clear things up with both Robyn and Indi.

However, he arrives at the gym to find Robyn barking on about her connection to Chris. Just as hes about to come clean to Robyn, Indi stops him.

She explains she doesnt want Robyns brand of crazy in her life... but Chris isnt out of the dog house yet.

Brax is concerned about Josh sleeping on the beach.

He asks Maddy why hes been sleeping rough, and Maddy wonders why Brax cares.

Brax sees Ricky helping Evelyn a kid in need and this makes him pause over Joshs situation.

Maddy, wondering whats up with Joshs living situation, asks about his home life. Josh reveals his dad skipped out on him and Andy after a botched robbery many years ago, and that he cant live with his volatile mum.

Maddy invites him back to her house. When Maddy and Josh request that Alf hire a van to Josh, Alf loses it. He makes it clear he doesnt approve of Maddy hanging out with Josh.

At a loss with how to help Josh, Maddy asks Brax to give him a place to stay. Brax tracks down Josh at the beach and appeals to him to come home.


Wednesday 2 October:

Things are tense between Maddy and Alf after he put his foot down about her relationship with Josh.

Roo admonishes him, asking him not to push too hard with Maddy.

Brax brings home Josh, much to everyones surprise.

Brax is evasive about his reasons for bringing Josh home. Josh is equally confused about Braxs charity.

When Casey arrives home in good spirits, Tamara by his side, things are a bit awkward between him and Kyle.

Kyle still loves Tamara, but its clear Tamara wants to be with Casey. Casey is hurt to find Josh in the house especially as he also left him for dead when Andy rammed him off the road.

Brax tries to reach out to Josh, whos resistant. Hes suspicious of Braxs interest and if Brax is just after information on his brother, Andy. With no other options, Josh takes up Braxs offer for him to stay.

Casey confronts Kyle about whether hes okay with him and Tamara being friends. He wants to mend things between him and Kyle.

Meanwhile, Brax asks Casey to accept Josh staying with them. However, Josh decides to avoid Brax when Andy warns him Brax has been asking around collecting information on the Barretts.

Ricky is still concerned Brax is hiding something about his relationship to Josh, and Casey agrees that it is strange.

Kyle tells Tamara she should feel comfortable coming over to see Casey. He suggests they pretend they never fell in love.

Tamara refuses what they had was important. Kyle suggests they try hard to be friends.

Ricky confronts Brax about his connection to Josh Barrett. Brax, under pressure, loses it at Ricky.

Since Josh has been warned away from Brax, Maddy decides to smuggle Josh into her room to stay with her, rather than leave him homeless.

Josh isnt sure this is a good idea Alf made it clear he didnt approve of him. Maddy reassures him theyll have as much privacy as they want.

Marilyn and John are preparing for their maiden voyage of the bus tour.

Marilyn is still quite nervous about her skills as a tour guide. Marilyn has a last minute freak out and wants to pull out of being in the bus tour.

John talks her around but she struggles to battle through her nerves.

Marilyn relaxes when John is impressed with Marilyns research but her calmness is shattered when Roo books a seat on the tour for a journalist who will review the bus tour.

Marilyn, John, Alf and Roo join forces to research as much about Summer Bay as possible to help Marilyn prepare for her tour.

Unfortunately, the computer shuts down without Marilyn saving the document. All their research is gone!


Thursday 3 October:

Marilyn and John pin their hopes on Jetts tech abilities to recover the file, but Marilyn didnt save it.

She wants to postpone the tour, but Jett suggests that Marilyn just make it up.

She confides in Alf about her fears of failing as a tour guide. John needs it to be a success.

Johns a nervous wreck the day of the first run, and Jett decides to hang out with his friends. John tells him to go, but its clear he wants Jetts support on the maiden voyage.

Marilyn and John are worried about the journo wholl be covering their bus tour they dont know what he looks like, and Roo suggests they be nice to everyone.

However, when a handsome stranger arrives for the tour, already disparaging, it looks like Summer Bay Bus Tours is off to a bumpy start.

Jett arrives though, worried for John and Marilyn, and the pair of them are grateful.

Casey, April, Dex, and Tamara are all watching a scary movie, with Tamara clinging to Casey during a scary moment.

Heath takes the opportunity to give Dex a fright. Embarrassed, Dex vows revenge.

April and Dex make a hasty exit, leaving Casey and Tamara alone. Their sexual tension is clear.

During Caseys work out at the gym Heath gets riled up when Casey tells him hes not qualified enough to train him.

When Tamara shows up at the gym to help Casey, the pair address the awkwardness of the previous night.

Heath gives Brax information about the Barretts, and that Andy has gone underground.

Andys always had a grudge against the Braxtons, something about Danny Braxton being the cause of their dad, Johnny, taking off.

Heath gets information on Andys whereabouts, and looks forward to teaching Andy a lesson.

Brax tells Heath to back off, this is something hes got to do alone.

Heath is confused by Braxs attitude about Andy Barrett. Brax tells Heath to sort out his own life.

Heath, spurred on by his brother's intimations that Heath do more with his life, signs up to become a qualified personal trainer. He keeps it quiet from Bianca, not wanting her to know that hes studying, in case he fails.

Spencers ready to be discharged from hospital after going off his bipolar medication.

April and Dex suggest Sasha try and relax about Spencer. Things are still awkward between Spencer and Sasha, with him blaming her for his going off his medication.

Bianca asks Sasha about Spencer and tells her to rely on her support network.

Off the back of this, Sasha asks Spencer to be honest with her theyre in this together. Sasha promises to help Spencer be spontaneous by going swimming.

Watching Sasha fully enjoy the moment makes Spencer question whether he should keep taking his medication.

He buries his pill in the sand, pretending to take it, and joins Sasha.


Friday 4 October:

Jett tries to smooth things over with the handsome journalist with jelly beans, but its clear that lollies just arent going to cut it.

Marilyns enthusiastic tour guide routine isnt a hit with him, and hes quick to point out the inaccuracies in Marilyns made up history of the Bay.

It looks like theyre in for a long ride. The tour is a disaster, but most of the tourists loved Marilyns humour. So, success! Except it was clear that the journo hated it.

Just when John and Marilyn believe all is lost, Roo reveals the journo never showed up... so who was that guy?

Sashas concerned about Spencers erratic behaviour.

When Bianca goes to an exercise class that Spencer is running, she notices that hes very energetic. Hes evasive when she questions him about medication.

Meanwhile, Sasha tells Roo that Spencer has Bipolar Disorder and shes only telling her so she can look out for him.

Spencer hasnt told Roo because he doesnt want to be labelled with a mental illness. Roo promises not to tell anyone.

Spencer quickly figues out that Roos been told about his Bipolar Disorder and is angry that Sasha betrayed his confidence.

Dex warns Heath to prepare himself for a terrifying scare from Dex.

Dex tries to break into Heaths flat, but is busted by Kyle. Dex asks for Kyles assistance. Kyles actually keen to help Dex prank Heath and lets him in.

Dex practices many scary moves to frighten Heath with. When Heath comes home, Dex hides in preparation for his scare.

Convinced hes alone, Heath pulls out his textbook for study, and Dex strikes. He tastes triumph until Heath knocks him back on the bed.

Heath explains that he doesnt want Bianca to know about his study, and Dex agrees to help Heath.

Dr Bradley reveals today is her last day working at the hospital shes being moved on.

She allays Aprils fears that she had something to do with it. Its the life of a local doctor, you go where youre needed.

However, its obvious Bradleys a little sad about leaving. April realises she has learnt a lot more from Bradley than she knew, and Bradley tells April she will makes a good doctor.

April hears about the fiasco with the bus tour, and also mistaking Nate as the journo, accuses him of being a jerk. Unfortunately for her, Nate is the new doctor.