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30 November - 4 December 2015

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Monday 30 November:

Phoebe and Ash are loved up, playing on the beach in the water. Phoebe points out that it's going to be their six month anniversary.


Charlotte repays Hunter a small part of the trust fund which she stole. She's trying to make amends and Hunter softens. He says he heard she hit someone with her car and that Kat thinks she did it on purpose.

At the police station Kat is trying to find proof of Charlotte intentionally running Trystan Powell over. Emerson listens, but tells her she has to find a motive.

Charlotte runs into Ash who asks if she's seen Gunno lately. She tells him she's handled the situation and asks if he's heard from Brax.

From a distance Kyle sees them talking. He asks Ash about it later at work but Ash denies there's anything shady going on.

Kyle goes and confronts Charlotte, asking what her connection to Gunno is. She sticks to her story and when she threatens to call the police Kyle says he'll tell the cops that she ran Trystan down on purpose, but she turns it back on him saying she'll report him being an accessory to murder.


Jett brings Skye breakfast and tells her they need to talk to John but she doesn't want to. John sees them talking furtively and asks if everything's okay but Jett covers, despite John offering help.

Jett and Skye walk on the beach with Skye enthusing about how beautiful Summer Bay is. When they bump into VJ and Jett introduces them Skye hugs VJ saying she's heard so much about him. She drags him into their tour of the Bay.

At the surf club VJ makes them juices and Phoebe is introduced to Skye. After Phoebe goes up to Angelo's, VJ makes a remark about parents which leads to Skye feeling uncomfortable so she disappears off to the bathroom.

VJ jokes about Skye being too cool for Jett, who lets slip that she's had some problems. VJ says that Olivia's also had some pretty big issues but that he got Zac involved and things seem to be better which gives Jett food for thought.

While talking to Alf about his intuition telling him there's something suspicious going on with Jett and Skye, John hits on the idea that Skye's pregnant and becomes immediately convinced.


Kat goes to the caravan park where everyone is preparing for schoolies. She asks Hunter to go with her to the police station to answer some questions. Zac's concerned and goes with him.

Kat asks about the money that Charlotte stole from Hunter, who says she's paying it back. Kat then asks about Trystan Powell, showing a photo of him but Hunter denies having ever seen him. Kat has to let them go without making progress.


At the surf club Phoebe notices Ash and Charlotte giving each other a look but Ash distracts her with talk of their six month anniversary.

At the juice bar Alf tells Charlotte that Hunter was taken in for questioning and she seeks him out at the caravan park.

Hunter tells Charlotte that he didn't give her away but that he's realised Trystan was the guy who fixed her car and that he thinks he's something to do with the trouble she's in. He also doesn’t believe she ran him over accidentally…


Jett persuades a reluctant Skye to go to John for help. 

They go to talk to him and he blurts out how he thinks she's pregnant. Jett quickly puts him straight, then Skye tells her story - that her sister was killed in a car accident and her mother, who was driving, blames Skye for the death of her sister. Skye’s mother treats her badly, bullying her and calling her names so she's run away.

John is sympathetic and wants to help.


Charlotte confronts Kat about interrogating Hunter and tries to threaten her but Kat is unrattled. Kat tells Charlotte that she knows what she did and that it's only a matter of time before she proves it.


Tuesday 1 December :

Ash is tinkering with a carburetor at the table when Phoebe comes out of the bedroom wondering where her snack is. Ash tells her he got distracted and they banter playfully.

Kat comes in still stewing over her run in with Charlotte and goes on a rant about it when Phoebe asks.

Ash' s face darkens as he listens and shortly afterwards he's banging on Charlotte's door. Ash wants to know why she's drawing the unnecessary attention of a cop and she tells him to deal with it, as he has as much as stake as she does.

Ash returns home to find Phoebe and Kat talking about Charlotte which makes him uneasy, thinking about what Charlotte told him to do. Ash speaks up, attempting to steer their suspicion away from Charlotte, saying that there's no proof so perhaps Kat's wrong.

Kat remains unconvinced and goes to her room, leaving Phoebe to question why Ash is defending Charlotte.


John tells Leah about Skye's problems, expressing his concern but not knowing what to do, feeling that going to the police or DOCS is an overreaction.

Leah offers a tempered view, suggesting that John sit down with Skye's mother to suss out the situation for himself. When John puts the idea to Skye though, she becomes distressed and runs off. Jett goes after her but returns without having found her.

After snapping at John Jett apologises, then goes on to express how worried he is about Skye and what she'll do.

Leah finds Skye sitting outside the surf club and gently talks her around. Jett is happy and relieved to see Skye when Leah arrives with her. He apologises to Skye for pushing her but she says she needed it and that she has decided to go with them to see her mum.

When they're alone, John tells Jett how proud he is of him for handling the situation the way he did.


A nurse tells Nate that his father's well enough to go home but after meeting Gavin's gaze, Nate walks away.

Nate arrives home to look after Casey while Ricky does a photo shoot and she asks whether he went to see his dad. Nate confesses that he saw him but didn't want to speak to him. Ricky tries to persuade him to do so, but Nate still doesn't want to.

Ricky goes to see Gavin and gives him the hard word, telling him how much effort Nate put in when Gavin was brought in to hospital.

Gavin goes to see Nate, and gives him his grandmother's engagement ring. Nate accepts it stoicly. Gavin thanks Nate for saving his life and tells him that he's going to a support group. As Gavin tells Nate how proud he is of him and how like his mother he is Nate's defences drop. They sadly say their goodbyes, both suspecting Gavin's recovery is a long shot.

Nate plays with Casey, holding the engagement ring. When Ricky gets home he hides the ring, telling her that Gavin visited, and that they made a kind of peace. Ricky's pleased and they kiss while Ricky cuddles Casey between them.


Charlotte is exasperated as she speaks to Ash on the phone, saying she'll handle it herself.

As she thinks she sips her scotch then goes to find the incident report on Kat firing her gun outside the bait shop.

Phoebe and Kat are talking as Charlotte enters and asks Pheobe for her final pay. When Phoebe goes to get it Charlotte makes a snide remark to Kat, who tells her to enjoy her freedom while it lasts.

Kat goes to the bathroom and Charlotte quickly pours something into Kat's drink.

After Charlotte's left, Kat continues to wait for her pizzas and she starts to feel queasy. When Phoebe brings the pizzas the smell makes Kat feel even worse but she covers, and leaves for work. As she gets outside a wave of unsteadiness hits her and she staggers, then collapses. After a moment a shadow falls over her – it's Charlotte. She looks down at Kat, a smile playing on her lips.

Later on a groggy, confused Kat wakes up in her patrol car. She is stricken to realise that her gun and handcuffs are missing…


Wednesday 2 December:

Kat stumbles from her car, disorientated and dizzy. She calls out when she sees Kyle and as he rushes over she collapses.

In hospital Nate examines her, saying they'll know more when they get her test results back. Kat insists they test for drugs.

As Nate talks to Kyle about it he questions who would drug Kat and we cut to Charlotte, wrapping up Kat's gun and handcuffs. She hides them in her freezer.


A despondent Evie sits in the surf club as excited schoolies buzz around her. When Andy approaches from the gym Evie gives him an ipod to give Josh, which she's filled with podcasts. Andy says he'll pretend the ipod is from him, as Josh is still angry with Evie.

When Andy gives it to Josh he isn't fooled though, guessing it was Evie's idea. Andy tries to tell Josh that Evie feels terrible and only wants to help but Josh throws the ipod back at Andy and tells him to leave.


Maddy and Oscar sit in the diner, newly reconciled. They are soon joined by Matt and Asia. Asia is intensely excited about schoolies while Matt is less enthused.

As Oscar and Asia chat about schoolies and uni, Maddy and Matt exchange a loaded look. Maddy hustles Oscar out, wanting to escape her confusion over her growing feelings for Matt.

Back at the caravan park, amongst the chaos of schoolies, Matt spots Maddy walking through and insists that they talk about what Maddy said - that she doesn't want Matt hooking up with other girls. Maddy reluctantly agrees to talk, but not in the caravan park.

They talk on the beach where it's quieter. Maddy confesses that she has feelings for Matt, but that she's shutting them down because nothing's ever going to happen between them. Matt's stung by how blunt she is, then their conversation is cut short as Oscar approaches and Maddy puts on a bright smile.

As they leave hand in hand, Oscar kindly says they should go and find Evie, which solidifies Maddy's feeling that she's doing the right thing. Matt's left alone.


In the hospital Nate is approached by Superintendent Joyce who asks to see Kat. Nate doesn't allow him to see Kat immediately but goes to see her himself. He tells her that her results are back and that there are no traces of drugs but that there was a high alcohol concentration. Kat is upset to realise that Nate doesn't believe her when she insists that she wasn't drinking.

Once she's discharged, Kat tries to reason with Superintendent Joyce, and as they get into the lift Kyle gets out. Kyle asks Nate what's going on and is immediately suspicious.

He goes straight round to see Charlotte and asks whether she drugged Kat. Charlotte doesn't admit to anything but makes it very clear that both of them could benefit if Kat were to lose her job. Charlotte then slams the door in Kyle's face, leaving him wishing he'd never got caught up with her.

Down at the station Superintendent Joyce interviews Kat, mentioning that she's had issues with drinking and with Charlotte before. Kat protests but he shuts her down, telling her that she's suspended for two weeks.


Oscar and Maddy arrive at the schoolies party at the surf club with a reluctant Evie.

As soon as Oscar goes to get them all drinks Asia accosts the girls, asking for advice with Matt, convinced that he's into her. Maddy is uncomfortable, but Asia rushes off towards Matt as she sees him across the room.

Asia dances enthusiastically around Matt, who gestures behind Asia's back at Maddy and Evie for help.

Asia thinks it's going well and moves in to kiss Matt with her eyes closed. When there's no kiss she opens her eyes to find that Matt has run off, leaving her surrounded by schoolies laughing at her. She's upset and goes to leave but Oscar stops her, telling her that soon someone else will do something stupid and no-one will remember her embarrassment. He's right and his kind words comfort her, but as she asks how she could have been so wrong about Matt liking her Oscar explains that Matt likes Maddy.

Asia suddenly realises that’s why Maddy was reluctant to give her advice on how to win Matt's affections and suddenly Oscar's the one who's uncomfortable. He tells her it's one sided and that nothing's going on between Matt and Maddy but as Asia apologises, it's clear that Oscar's becoming suspicious, despite his attempts to brush off Matt and Maddy's behaviour.


Kyle and Andy are in an empty Angelo's, the schoolies party downstairs keeping away customers.

They talk about Josh and how he blames Evie for his condition. They stop talking as Evie appears, intending to order a pizza to take home but Andy asks if she'd rather join him and she sits next to him, united by their mutual concern for Josh.


Kat goes to see Charlotte, wanting to know how she got the alcohol into her and demands her gun and handcuffs. Charlotte just plays with her, tauntingly denying everything.


Back at the party, as Maddy lines up to do the limbo Matt apologises to her for what happened with Asia and asks if they can be mates.

Maddy does the limbo and gestures for Matt that it's his turn. As he limbos under the bar Maddy playfully pushes him over, and Oscar standing nearby watches, a little concerned but trying to grin along with the mood. As Maddy reaches a hand to help Matt up he pulls her down too, and she lands on top of him.

Asia appears and tells them that their behaviour is horrible. She storms off leaving Matt and Maddy feeling extremely awkward and a devastated Oscar leaves.

Later on Maddy harshly tells Matt to just deal with how he feels.

Meanwhile a dejected Oscar has found Asia in a similar mood by the campfire in the caravan park.

Oscar tells her how stupid he feels, there were plenty of warning signs. Asia tells him that if he were her boyfriend she wouldn't look twice at anyone else. As she goes on to say how smart and funny he is Oscar cuts her off with a kiss…Is Oscar making a big mistake?


Thursday 3 December

Stunned after kissing Asia, Oscar texts her, begging that she keep quiet.

Maddy approaches him and apologises for the confusion with Matt earlier. Oscar's guilt skyrockets as Maddy suggests they forget tonight ever happened.

Sent down to clean up the caravan park, VJ and Hunter ditch Evelyn when they realise how bad the mess is. She finds Matt in a bad way, and begins to catch up on his disastrous love life.


Unable to sleep, Irene takes a headache pill and sips her water, haunted.

Meanwhile at the diner, Chris tells Leah that Irene seems okay, but Leah still thinks there's more to it.

Zac arrives, and Leah reveals she's looking for a fourth bridesmaid to replace Marilyn, leaving Chris thoughtful.

Chris tells Hannah that he wants to be Leah's 'brides-man'. Hannah thinks he's crazy, but Chris is confident that once he works his magic, Leah will see past tradition and ask him.


Happy to have her secret finally off her chest, Olivia's good mood is broken when Irene suggests she should still work through what happened. Olivia moves off, keen to avoid the issue, leaving Irene even more worried for her.

Irene tries again to convince Olivia to get some help, but she's saved when VJ and Hunter arrive to watch a movie with her. Olivia's grateful for the diversion, and Irene's stymied once more.


Evelyn's dumbfounded, shocked that she's missed everything that's happened between Oscar, Maddy & Matt. Evelyn's careful not to rip into Matt, but asks him to promise not to hurt Oscar.

Evelyn meets Oscar at the diner and apologises for not knowing about the situation, and Oscar's guilt escalates when she suggests it could've been worse if Matt made a move on Maddy.

As Evelyn moves off Maddy returns, and she and Oscar have a small fight, still unable to get back to normal.


Meanwhile Chris overhears Leah and Hannah talking about flowers for the wedding. Chris thinks Hannah is trying to steal the bridesperson job from him. She tells him she didn't want it, but since he's being so absurd, now she's going for it. Chris welcomes the competition, and it's game on!


As Hannah discusses wedding arrangements with Leah and Zac, Chris cuts in and shows them some out-of-the-box wedding suggestions in a portfolio folder he's made. They’re confused, so Chris announces he's putting his hand up for the fourth spot in the bridal party.

Hannah tells them she's keen too, and Zac leaves Leah with the big decision.

On his way home, Zac passes Matt, and orders him to fix things with Oscar – he can't have their issues ruin the wedding. Matt absorbs his request, and knows he has to act.


Alf finds Maddy upset, and she reveals that things have gotten worse with Oscar since she's started liking Matt more. Alf suggests she starts being honest with them, but she's still uncertain about who she wants to be with.


Chris makes a desperate plea to Leah, arguing that with Marilyn away, he's the perfect replacement as a fellow 'diner lady'. Leah's unsure as Hannah is Oscar and Evelyn's aunt. But Chris is stubborn, forcing Leah to stop him as she moves off to think about it. Chris doesn't think he’s helped his case at all.


With the movie over, VJ, Hunter and Olivia decide to go out for pizza. As she leaves, Olivia reassures Irene that she's okay. Irene forces a smile, but after Olivia leaves, she pulls out an old photograph and is shaken as she focuses on herself as a young teenager and the older man in the photo. It takes all her strength not to fall apart.


Leah tells Hannah that she'd prefer her over Chris – four women to go with four men feels right. But she leaves the decision up to Hannah, and she's thrown. Will she take the spot for herself?


Wanting to explore her feelings for Matt, Maddy visits him, but before she can get it out, he promises to back off for the sake of Oscar and the wedding. But neither of them are happy with where it's come to.

At the surf club, Oscar gets a text from Asia, assuring him she won’t say anything about their kiss, as the guilt continues to eat away at him.


Chris arrives at Hannah's, and she congratulates him on being Leah's choice. Hannah decides not to tell him it was up to her, and blurts out that she loves him. Chris kisses her, but Hannah can't believe what she's just said.


Olivia comes home to find Irene cooking dinner, and is furious when she reveals she's been trying to organise counselling. Olivia thinks Irene has no idea what she's talking about, but Irene tells her she's been through the same thing. Olivia's stunned as Irene reels from having finally admitted the truth.


Friday 4 December

As Irene withdraws into herself after admitting her dark past, Olivia's rocked, and has no idea how to help.

Leah goes to Irene's to find her being secretive and in a strange mood. Leah refuses to leave until she knows Irene's okay, and when Olivia points out that keeping it to herself won't make it go away, Irene starts to crack.


Chris is pumped after finding out he's going to be Leah's brides-man and starts to get a barbeque together to celebrate.

Ash and Phoebe arrive home and are amused, but even more surprised when they find out that Hannah told Chris she loves him. While Ash and Chris check on the barbeque, Hannah admits she's still not sure she loves Chris, even after saying it. Hannah knows she has a massive dilemma on her hands.


On the way home from a romantic dinner, Nate and Ricky are back in a great place with each other. Nate asks Ricky to skip work tomorrow afternoon, but doesn't give her any other details. Ricky's excited, happy with a bit of mystery.


With dinner over, Chris is keen to take Hannah inside, Phoebe and Ash let them go. Ash gets an email from Brax's alias account asking about Ricky and Casey, but he hides it from Phobe, leaving her suspicious.


Irene tells Leah and Olivia about how she was abused as a teenager. She breaks down as Olivia and Leah gently console her, united in anger and grief. Irene explains that she thought the best thing to do was keep it to herself and hope it would disappear. Irene admits that hearing the phrase “this'll be our little secret” brought her memories back, and when Olivia hugs her, Leah can tell something else is going on between them.


As Phoebe worries that Ash has done something dodgy, Hannah grapples with how to fix her problem with Chris. Phoebe suggests Hannah doesn't tell Chris she loves him again – either that or she has to be honest with him. Hannah's not looking forward to doing either.


Olivia makes Irene breakfast, and tells her she's decided to get counselling – under the condition that Irene does it too. Irene knows Olivia's right, and she agrees to the plan.


Hannah checks Josh's notes, and he tells her that he could be going home next week.

Andy arrives, and things are still awkward between him and Hannah. She escapes to find flowers at the nurses' station from Chris, making her feel worse than ever. Hannah clocks a quiet excitement in Nate's comments, but he moves off before she can ask about it.


Leah tells Alf that the quote for the wedding venue is higher than they thought it would be, and he suggests she and Zac get married at his house instead. She's touched at the offer, and goes off to run it by Zac.

Nate picks up a hamper from Chris, and can't keep the exciting news to himself – he's going to propose to Ricky!


Chris is head over heels when he sees Hannah. He tells her he loves her, and put on the spot, she tells him she loves him too. Hannah silently chides herself, knowing that's just got her in deeper.

In the kitchen, Leah tells Olivia that if she ever needs to talk about anything, she's around. Olivia knows Leah has figured out she has suffered the same abuse, but she avoids talking about it directly.

Meanwhile at home, Irene retrieves a photo and a small knitted baby's blanket. But it troubles her, and she puts the items back in the shoebox and shoves it far inside a cupboard under the stairs, hoping it will help her move on.


Ricky tells Ash that she's got to meet Nate, so she'll be leaving him in charge this afternoon.

Ash realises he's forgotten his phone, and calls Phoebe, who agrees to bring it in. Unable to help herself, she scrolls through it, and sees the email from Brax's alias. She goes to Angelo's, and tells Ash that they need to talk, leaving him thrown.


Nate waits nervously near the beach, everything ready to propose to Ricky. Meanwhile, Phoebe grills Ash about the email – she thinks it was from Brax. He lies and can't give her a straight answer, but when he asks if Brax is alive, they realise Ricky is in the doorway, and has heard everything. Will Ash finally reveal the truth?