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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

29 June - 3 July 2015

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 29 June:

Denny comforts Ricky who is upset about Brax, she has trashed the flat in anger and sadness over the loss. Later Denny and Ash talk about Ricky, as Denny starts to clear the flat up. Denny tells Ash she’s there for him if he needs to talk. Ash tells Denny that he broke things off with her because he had stuff going on, it wasn’t about her, she’s awesome. Ash goes and finds Ricky, tells her to talk to him. Ricky says it won’t bring Brax back, and that looking at Casey just reminds her of Brax. Ash tells her that she needs to find a way to let Brax go, that’s what he would have wanted.

Billie sees Kat and Nate, she approaches Nate after Kat leaves, clearly smitten. They talk about seeing each other at the gym later. Billie talks to Kat under the pretence of asking where Ash is, but really tells Kat that she had dinner with Nate and that he said his relationship with Kat isn’t that serious. Kat tells Nate that Billie has a crush on him but Nate shrugs it off. Kat gently talks to Billie and tells her that she and Nate are very happy together. Billie isn’t happy. Nate finds Billie in tears at the gym and she spins a story telling him that Kat was really aggressive to her.

Phoebe, Denny and Kyle are discussing how to help Ricky when she comes back with Ash. Phoebe expresses how worried they are about her, Ricky says she knows she needs to get over Brax but doesn’t know how. The group discuss how to send Brax off. Ash goes to get coffee. Phoebe follows and they have a moment, which Denny walks in to. Denny and Phoebe go to get takeaways. Denny tells Phoebe that Ash told her why he broke up with her. Phoebe realises that Denny still likes him and overly enthusiastically encourages her to try and get back together with him.

Nate tells Kat about Billie, Kat explains that it’s all about her crush on him and Nate realises that he needs to set things straight with Billie. Billie has got dressed up to meet Nate after he texts her to meet. She’s flirty with him, and he explains that he’s not interested in her. She deflects, acting as though he’s just full of himself. She sees him go and kiss Kat.

The group are trying to think about Brax’s memorial when Ricky comes in saying she’s worked out what to do, and they can do it today. Ricky sits on a surf board as the others watch from the shore, then dives down to place Brax’s blood and sand stone on the seabed, wrapped up with their photos.

Kyle thanks Phoebe for the day. Tells her that he doesn’t know what he’d do without her, the one good thing that’s come out of it all is that it brought them back together. Meanwhile Denny has showed up at Ash’s van, they talk about the memorial over a beer. Denny apologises for over thinking things and kisses Ash.


Tuesday 30 June:

Denny and Ash are in bed in his van, Denny tells him she’s going to go home, keeping things light and not overthinking it. Ricky finds Phoebe still awake. Ricky confesses it’s hard to look at Casey without always thinking of Brax. Phoebe offers for Kyle and her to look after him but Ricky says she should work through it herself.

Nate and Kat are happily walking along the beach, Kat telling Nate that she’s up for a promotion. Their blissful moment is ruined when Kat spies photoshopped pictures of her as a raunchy cop taped up everywhere. She goes after Billie with a heap of them, accusing her despite Nate urging her to wait for some kind of proof. Billie denies it was her. Nate and Kat ask Ash about the pictures wanting him to do something about his sister. Ash confronts Billie who turns it around and tries to tell Ash that Nate is the one obsessed with her. Ash warns Billie off.

Denny is waiting for Ash to come out of the water after a surf. They talk about having a relationship with no commitments. Ash’s suspicions are aroused when Denny tells him that Phobe encouraged her to get back together with him. Ash confronts Phoebe about it, but she denies having any feelings for him. Phoebe asks if Ash sorted Billie out but he turns the subject of lies back on her, saying she’s lying to herself about her feelings for him.

Ricky is still trying with the baby but he won’t stop crying and she’s struggling with flashbacks of Brax meeting him. Ricky isn’t coping. Later in the day, Kyle comes in to find Casey alone in his cot crying. He soon calms when Kyle picks him up and Kyle finds Ricky in despair. She says she thought she could do it… Kyle comforts her. Ricky feels guilty when she comes out to find Kyle feeding Casey. Kyle offers to take Casey for the night.

Nate and Kat burn the raunchy pictures and Kat asks Nate to take it all more seriously. Her promotion may be on the line. Nate goes and confronts Billie, telling her how low it is. Later, Nate is home showering when Billie sneaks in. She picks up his phone… Kat arrives and joins him in the bathroom. Billie creeps out. What has she done with Nate’s phone?

Kyle texts Phoebe that they have Casey for the night and Denny is excited about Ash coming over. Over at Angelo’s, Phoebe offers to lock up so that Ash can leave to go home with Denny but Ash stays and follows Phoebe into the storeroom, closing the door and insisting that she’s honest with him. Phoebe refuses to address the situation but when she goes to leave, she can’t open the door. Ash has accidently locked them both in the storeroom!


Wednesday 1 July:

Phoebe & Ash are stuck in the storeroom of Angelo's, unbeknownst to Denny, who's waiting to meet up with Ash. Instead Denny decides to have takeaway with Maddy & Oscar. Oscar asks Maddy to grab his wallet so he can order the food and Maddy notices that Oscar has a condom in his wallet. Oscar clocks it, and fumbles, trying to ignore it. After dinner Denny heads off to bed, which gives Maddy a chance to start kissing Oscar, mentioning that it’s close to bed time. Oscar reacts by saying that means she has to leave or she’ll miss the last bus. Maddy leaves confused, why is Oscar rejecting her?

Leah Zac, Marilyn, John & Alf are all at the diner discussing Jett's impending departure from the Bay. Marilyn is hiding her anxiousness and John is just gushing with pride. Leah & Zac try to head out for a night at home alone but Marilyn suggests they work shop Zac & Leah's wedding plans instead. It's clear Marilyn isn’t ready to be an empty nester. Alf is spending the night with Roo, who's just returned from the city. Maddy turns up after dinner to join them and asks to talk to Roo, then unloads about Oscar. Oscar debriefs with Denny, saying he knows Maddy saw the condom. He wanted her to stay over but he’s scared of rushing into anything. especially after what Maddy's been through recently.

Meanwhile in the storeroom, Phoebe's furious that Ash's carelessness has gotten them stuck. Neither have their phones on them. Ash tells her to relax but she's on edge, instilling a “no talking” policy. Ash decides to open a bottle of wine, and makes side remarks to try and get Phoebe talking. He then makes a joke about wanting to check use by dates on the stock, and that finally gets Phoebe cracking a smile. She accepts a glass of wine and he suggests she tells him about her life before Summer Bay. They talk about her relationship with Kyle and Ash teases her about waiting so long for him after high school. Phoebe turns the conversation onto Ash, asking how many millions of girlfriends he's had? Ash admits he's only really dated Denny. Prison wasn’t the best place to meet girls. So Phoebe probes, does that mean Ash's never been in love? There's a look between them. Phoebe breaks off and says she's going to try to sleep. Ash suggests sharing body warmth but Phoebe's onto him. They fall asleep, backs to each other, on the floor.

The next morning, Ash & Phoebe wake up with their faces just an inch from each other. They get up and Ash tells Phoebe he’ll stop gong on about them as though they have a thing. Phoebe tells him there is no “them”. Ash wants to say more but doesn’t. Then Phoebe quietly admits she felt it too. Whatever it is, maybe in another time and place they'd act on it – but not here, not now. They’re drawn together, almost kissing, but then we hear Kyle's voice; he’s walked into Angelo’s. Phoebe yells out for him to open up and soon enough the moment has passed. Later, Phoebe asks Ash to meet her at the pier. She tells him she doesn't want to cross any lines; she's with Kyle. Ash agrees, neither does he. They make a deal to go back to how they were before…. all this. Just friends.

Ash finds Denny and apologises for not showing up last night, but doesn’t reveal where he was. She asks him if he wants to hang out tonight instead but he brushes her off. Looks like Ash’s thoughts are elsewhere now.

Oscar goes to Maddy's in the morning to explain about last night. They both open up about their reservations and Oscar assures Maddy that he's very attracted to her. Maddy admits that she wants to wait a little longer, which Oscar's perfectly happy with.

Marilyn has dragged Leah, Zac & John along to a wedding expo for the morning to keep her mind off Jett leaving. The gang return with Marilyn & John bickering about wedding tradtitions. John and Zac move into the kitchen for coffee and Leah gets a chance to ask Marilyn what's up. Leah knows it’s because she doesn't what to face Jett leaving. She reminds Marilyn that he's going whether she acknowledges it or not, so better to face up to it now. Marilyn decides to talk with John about the situation. They're both reluctant to let go of Jett, but agree that they can't hold him back from his dreams. So, Marilyn makes a suggestion to John – how about they move with him, out of the Bay, permenantly. John is caught off guard but begins to ponder…


Thursday 2 July

Evie's still annoyed at having to keep the secret from Andy about Hannah's tryst with Sean. She makes her opinion known to Hannah, including how low Evie currently thinks of her. She heads off to meet Josh, who's hanging with Maddy, Matt & Oscar. Josh immediately sees her strange mood but Evie brushes it off. Oscar brings up Leah & Zac's engagement party tonight and the twins realise neither has gotten a gift yet! Oscar will think of something. Matt mentions he's not going. Evie's suprised, why wouldn’t he go? Matt says Leah hasn't even talked to him since he moved out so he's not going to crash a party he wasn't even invited to. Josh & Evie collect some equipment from Zac at the school for Josh's final art project. Evie mentions to Zac that Matt isn't coming to the engagement party because he thinks he wasn't invited. Zac just assumed he would come so he decides to go find him to straighten it out. Matt tries to feign carelessness but Zac insists that he shows up – he’s still a part of the family. Matt agrees to come. 

Andy & Hannah are enjoying a nice day at the beach when Hannah sees Sean further up the shore. She decides to go into the water to avoid him, keeping her focus on Andy. After their swim they head to the diner, where they find Sean and his wife having coffee. Andy makes a point of saying hello and the pair get roped into joining Sean and his wife, Emma. Hannah struggles to hide her awkwardness. VJ sees them all at the table and tells Sean about the angagement party. Since he's Leah's doctor, he should come. Hannah tries to talk them out of it but it looks like she'll have to deal with Sean & Emma at the party as well.

Josh again probes Evie about why she has been in a weird mood lately. She says it's nothing; stuff going on at home. Evie's saved from revealing any more when Oscar and Maddy bound up. Oscar finally has an idea for Leah & Zac' s engagement gift. The group head off to the party.

At the engagement party, John is making sure Marilyn keeps her mouth shut about them moving away from the Bay. Evie is surprised to notice Sean at the party, thinking this could spell trouble. Hannah's annoyed that he even came, which she makes known to him when he comes up to talk to her. As they argue in muted tones, Sean's wife clocks that something is going on. Later, Emma subtly questions Hannah but Hannah doesn't reveal anything.

Zac makes a short but beautiful speech to his soon-to-be wife, Leah, then Oscar and Evie jump in with a story. They relay how Leah first met Zac at the kissing booth at the school fete. Then they hand over their engagement gift – the five dollars that Leah never paid for her kiss. As the couple re-enact the kiss, Matt walks in to see the touching moment and smiles. Then Zac, Leah, Oscar & Evie begin assembling for a photo and do not notice that Matt was there. So Matt slinks out again. After the party, John & Marilyn are saying their goodbyes when Marilyn, after having one too many drinks, reveals that they’ve decided to move away from the Bay – they're following Jett to boarding school. Leah, Irene & Roo are all shocked at the news. Alf asks have they thought this through? Marilyn assures them all that they want their family to stick together. All through this Jett is looking uncomfortable. What is on his mind?

Meanwhile, Matt is at Angelo's having a quiet drink by himself. He notices a beautiful woman drinking alone just a few tables away; they share a look. Matt walks over to say hello and she introduces herself as Charlotte. Matt joins her. There’s not much talking but soon enough they're back at Matt's caravan and they are getting hot and heavy…The next morning Charlotte leaves Matt's caravan, seemingly having enjoyed herself. Matt hopes to see her around again; his excitement showing the moment she leaves.

Hannah's out for a jog when Sean's wife, Emma sees her and walks over. She starts probing Hannah, asking if she's cleared her head, and Hannah quickly tries to leave. Then Emma just comes out with it – what were you thinking when you slept with my husband?

Leah is chatting to Zac about how much she loved their party last night when the new teacher walks up. Not only is it the mystery woman Matt slept with the night before, Zac sees her and turns to Leah to introduces the woman – This is Charlotte, my ex. Matt is in the background and realises the predicament he’s now in.


Friday 3 July:

Hannah's still facing off with Sean's wife, Emma. Hannah explains that she didn't know he was married before it happened and Hannah never would have gone there if she knew Sean had a wife. Emma finds this hard to believe. Hannah pleads with her not to say anything to Andy but Emma simply says she needs to pay for her mistake.

Zac is giving Charlotte, the new teacher, a tour of the school. He starts introducing her to the students as they go and Matt gets uncomfortable when they get to him. He quickly gets out of there, still not believing that he slept with a teacher. Meanwhile, VJ & Jett are discussing his move away to boarding school. VJ mentions that Leah is quite sad that Marilyn is leaving too, which gives Jett food for thought. At Irene's place, Leah, Roo, Irene & Marilyn are all debriefing about the news that Marilyn & John are moving. Irene questions if Marilyn's sure this is the right decision. The others chime in as well, saying it seems like Marilyn's reluctant to leave. Marilyn admits that its hard to leave your home and your friends of course, but Jett is the most important thing in her life so she's going. The others wish her luck, but it's clear Marilyn is having doubts.

Down at the beach Hannah approaches Sean. She calls him a pig and a serial cheater and Sean guesses she's been talking to his wife. Hannah tells Sean that Emma is on a war path and Hannah's worried she will tell Andy about the affair. As tensions rise, Andy walks up on the way to work. Hannah walks away with Andy, trying to keep her calm. Back at home, Evie sees Hannah's sullen mood. Hannah explains that Sean's wife knows about the affair and might tell Andy. Evie is adamant that if Andy finds out, it has to be from Hannah.

Back at school, the bell rings in Biology class and Charlotte asks Matt to stay behind. She's annoyed he didn't mention that he was a student last night, but he counters, she didn't mention she was a teacher either. She insists they keep it a secret but Matt's in no rush to tell anyone. It would cause problems for him too. They're curt with one another and agree their liaison stays between them.

At lunch time, Josh goes to collect his camera that has been set up for a time lapse for his art project. He notices Sean and Emma in frame further up on the pier and they're arguing. Josh can't quite work out what it's about but it's clear Emma is mad at Sean. Could his camera have recorded something? Meanwhile at the diner, Marilyn, John & Jett are having lunch as Irene asks John what he'll do for work after he moves. John says he's an entrepreneur and will get work easily! Irene jokes that he's far from an entrepreneur. Jett becomes worried that John will have to sell his business before they move. Jett is noticing more and more sacrifices that John & Marilyn are making to move with him.

After school, Leah talks to Zac about how weird Matt is acting. She feels like he's avoiding her and the pair decide it's time to talk to Matt. They invite Matt to move back in with them. He's surprised at the sudden offer but Leah insists that she's over her surgery and they miss having him there. Matt gets talked around and agrees to move back in. Meanwhile, Josh tells Evie he has to stay back to edit his video together for art class. He mentions seeing Sean and his wife at the pier and that Emma slapped Sean. Evie feigns ignorance but as Josh leaves it's clear keeping this lie is taking its toll on Evie. That evening as Josh goes through his footage from his camera that was set up on the beach, he sees something with Hannah and Sean. He turns up the audio, rewinds and watches&he hears Hannah talking about sleeping with Sean.

Jett has invited John & Marilyn to dinner at Angelo's. Jett opens the conversation by telling them that he is going to boarding school alone. John and Marilyn immediately think it's something they've said but Jett assures them he's just positive that they need to be in Summer Bay, their home. He knows he'll have to tackle life on his own sometime so it may as well be now. John and Marilyn can't agrue if this is what Jett wants. Jett knows this is where John & Marilyn belong. Matt returns to Leah & Zac's house with his things, ready to move back in. As Zac helps him inside, Matt sees Charlotte in the living room. Leah mentions that she's staying for dinner. Matt just can't seem to get away from her. VJ stares at Charlotte for most of the dinner; he clearly thinks she's hot. Charlotte then gets a call, which she takes outside. She tells the caller that she hasn't spoken to him yet, as she looks through the window at Zac. Who is she talking to and what is she keeping from Zac?

Sean turns up at Hannah's and tells her that Emma isn't going to keep quiet. Sean suggests she tells Andy before someone else does. Hannah resolves to tell Andy. Meanwhile Josh is at Angelos waiting for Evie. When she turns up, he's in a surly mood. She asks what's up and Josh says Hannah's cheated on Andy. Josh admits he saw Hannah & Sean talking on his video. He can't believe shed do this to Andy. Evie's silent. Josh turns to her and sees it in her eyes. He asks, "you knew didnt you?" Her silence says it all. Josh storms out. Soon after, Hannah shows up at the gym. She sees Andy sitting in the corner and says I need to talk to you. He holds up Joshs video disc he needs to talk to her too.