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29 August - 2 September 2016

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Monday 29 August (6486)

Justin, having been unable to stop the plane from taking off, rushes into the airport. He tries to break into the locked radio room, desperate to contact his family.

Meanwhile on the plane, everyone is unaware of a slow leak in the cabin.

Irene and Leah are chatting about Billie's baby, making her uncomfortable.

Tori is impressed by Duncan's flying skills, making Nate a little jealous.

Then all of a sudden everyone begins to feel sleepy.

Finally, Justin breaks through the door in the radio room and begins calling the plane on the radio.

Duncan replies to his call, and Justin tells him to land the plane now, something is wrong. Duncan is sleepy and disorientated already, not understanding.

Justin urges him to land as all the passengers begin to fall asleep.


Back in the Bay, Roo is trying to talk Alf round over his fight with Duncan.

Zac and VJ walk in. A frustrated Alf heads out, as Roo asks VJ about his first exam. He replies that he aced it.

Then Zac and VJ both get a text from Leah and their faces fall.

Zac hands the phone to Roo who reads the message. "Something wrong with the plane I love you both so much."

Roo yells after Alf and runs out, petrified of what this might mean.


Justin calls the cops from the airport, screaming at them to do something.

He manages to get onto Brody, who is surrounded by the other passed out passengers.

Brody is barely conscious, but tries to get coordinates out of Duncan, for Justin to give to the cops.

However Duncan can't stay conscious and simply mumbles they're going down.

The plane crashes.


At the Summer Bay House, Alf gets off the phone to the cops to inform everyone what Justin had told them. He heard the plane was going down.

Zac, VJ and Roo are shocked and scared for their loved ones.

Hunter overhears the terrible news, and rushes to tell Olivia about it.

Everyone gathers at the Surf Club where a rescue team is assembled, trying to find out what's happened.

They get a briefing from the head of the Rescue team, Terry Stanton, that an aerial search is on the way. He says Duncan may have gone of his logged flight path to find a safe place to land.

Ash is stressed about Billie and storms out, frustrated.

Kat arrives, she's heard about the crash, and finds out from Ash that Billie was on the plane too. She comforts a shaken Ash and brings him back inside.

Meanwhile, Zac goes to find VJ looking out at the water, upset. He can't believe the police know nothing. Zac is at a loss for reassuring answers.cross to

Justin's inside, going over his phone call with Brody to the police. He doesn't say anything about Spike's involvement though.

He tells Phoebe, who can't believe Spike would go to these extremes.

Everyone fears for the lives of their family and friends.


The plane has crashed in pieces on the sand, in the middle of nowhere.

Throughout the wrecked cabin, everyone is still unconscious.  

Billie wakes, distressed. She starts calling for help as Nate and Tori both stir.

Nate stumbles up to check Duncan's pulse – he's still alive.

Billie gets more distressed, and Irene calls for Nate's help.

Nate instructs everyone to get out, as he helps to get Billie's seat belt off her. Finally it releases and they all stumble out of the wreckage.

It seems everyone is okay apart from some cuts and bruises.

Billie feels her baby kicking, much to her relief.

Then Mason realises Brody is missing. Where is he, and did he survive?


Terry Stanton gives another briefing, and there's been no sightings of the plane.

In a few hours they'll lose the light and have to call off the search until tomorrow. Everyone arcs up, not wanting to leave their loved ones out there all night.

An argument ensues when VJ blames Duncan and Alf defends him.

Everyone's emotions are heightened, and it takes both Alf and John to calm everyone down.

Ash however isn't waiting. He heads out to start his own search, with Justin jumping to go with him.

Phoebe and Kat race after them, trying to talk some sense into them but they won't budge.

Kat says if they don't at least come to the farm house to get supplies first, she'll call the cops on them for interfering. The boys cave, and agree to stock up so they’re prepared.

They head off to look for survivors, hoping they'll have some luck.

Back at the surf club, Alf takes a moment alone to shed a few tears. He's deeply worried for Duncan. Roo finds him in the vulnerable moment and assures him Duncan is a fighter.

Alf simply says he's got to get back to work, leaving Roo worried both for her father and brother.


Meanwhile at the crash site, Tori and Mason are calling out for Brody, worried where he's gone.

Duncan tries to call through on the plane's radio but has no luck. Their safety beacon isn't working and there's no phone reception either.

Duncan explains right before he passed out he saw sand, so turned and flew low, hoping for a soft landing. Thankfully it seems to have worked.

Duncan admits that because of the circumstances, it's likely the search team won't know where they are.

Tori is stressed, and despite others' protests, decides she's got to go out looking for Brody.

They've found some foot prints that disappear into the bush, so she's going to head in that direction.

As Tori packs a bag Mason wants to come too. Tori tells him he can't – he has an injured shoulder and she needs him to stay here, safe.

Nate volunteers to go instead, and Duncan's already on board.

Nate, Duncan and Tori head off in search of Brody, leaving the to others to worry if they'll be rescued…


Tuesday 30 August (6487) 

With dusk setting in, the crash site survivors attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

Irene works the radio but is unable to make contact.

Leah has been making the camp relatively more hospitable, protective of Billie.

There's an awareness they only have limited supplies.

Evie reassures Mason that Brody will be found. She's confident they will all be rescued.

In the morning, Mason and Evie wake outside, feeling a bit better.

Billie walks up slowly. She fears there is something wrong with her baby.


After a sleepless night in the ute, Ash and Justin continue to search. 

Tempers are getting frayed, when they hear search coordinates over the radio. The he search is given new direction.

When they finally get some phone reception, Justin quietly leaves a terse message for Decker. He'd better have every Fed on this, it's all his fault.


Despite feeling out of his depth, Mason checks Billie. She has not felt the baby since yesterday.

Mason realises she's leaking amniotic fluid. Evie is aghast – Billie's waters have broken? Mason believes it's more likely to be a small tear in the sac surrounding the baby.

Mason tries to keep Billie calm. Privately however, he admits to Leah there is every chance Billie will go into early labour.

They come up with a plan to set up a bedding area for Billie, inside the plane.

Billie senses there's something they are not telling her. Leah is forced to admit the truth. Billie struggles to keep it together at the thought of her baby coming far too soon.

An ominous cracking noise is heard from the damaged wing, though it doesn't break.

A weary Irene continues to send out maydays on the radio.

With support from the others, Billie gingerly heads in to the plane and the improvised bed. She admits to Leah she still hasn't felt the baby.

Leah remains determined, she won't let anything happen to her grandchild.

A close moment between them is interrupted when the wing finally disintegrates and folds in the middle. The plane slams hard onto one side.

Leah and Billie are thrown but otherwise okay. Unfortunately, they are now trapped inside.

As Leah searches for an emergency exit, Irene and Evelyn realise with horror that petrol is leaking from the fuel tank.

With Mason's help, Leah attempts to smash through the cockpit window.

Irene and Evelyn realise they are fighting losing battles. There's simply too much petrol.

Leah grows increasingly desperate, and heroically manages to break the glass. She grabs Billie to escape, just as petrol sparks from the fire.

A huge explosion engulfs the entire plane. Did they get out in time?


Back in Summer Bay, VJ and Zac are desperate for signs of contact. Neither the ground teams nor the police helicopters have reported any sightings.

After manning the radio all night, Alf is exhausted. Roo convinces him to rest.

He reluctantly returns home, only to be confronted by a desperate and irrational VJ.

VJ makes an impetuous decision, taking a map and Zac's car keys with him.

Zac is surprised when there is no sign of VJ. Roo assumes he headed for the Surf Club early.

However, when Alf realises the map is missing and Zac's keys are gone too, they realise VJ has gone to search for the plane by himself.

Zac manages to stop VJ just in time, convincing him that trusting in the authorities is the right thing to do.

Later Zac almost breaks down, admitting to VJ he should have been on that plane. He put work before his own wife.

VJ makes it clear they need to keep it together. When Leah and Billie do return home, they will need Zac and VJ to be there for them.


Wednesday 31 August (6488)

Justin and Ash return from their unofficial search, frustrated and exhausted after their fruitless efforts. They intend to just grab more supplies and go back out.

It's not long before news of the explosion comes via the radio. Everyone's left on tenterhooks, fearing the worst.


Meanwhile, the aftermath of the explosion sees the crash site shrouded in thick smoke.

Leah and Billie have miraculously managed to escape from the plane in the nick of time.

Mason has suffered burns, but Evelyn is unscathed, having been shielded by him.

As the group rally around Billie, they hear the sound of an approaching chopper.

Relief sweeps over them. It seems the nightmare is over.


The survivors arrive at the hospital.

Leah supports Billie, as she has done throughout their entire ordeal.

We witness the emotional reunions between loved ones. Leah and Zac, Irene and Olivia, VJ, Billie and Ash.

But when Alf, Roo and Justin query where the others are, Irene realises there's been a terrible misunderstanding. She must break it to them that Duncan, Nate, Tori and Brody are still out there.

Justin is beside himself to hear that no-one has seen Brody since the crash. Phoebe fails to stop him going back out to search. He's still convinced this is his fault, and will do what he can to right this wrong.

Meanwhile, Billie receives the news she's been longing for. Her baby is safe and well.

Overcome with gratitude, Billie gushes over Leah's selflessness in the face of danger. Leah puts it simply, she would do anything for her unborn grandchild. Billie's guilt increases.


Evelyn and Mason are recuperating together.

He concludes that it was a miracle they survived the crash. Evelyn, however, is searching for a deeper meaning. Mason finds this a little odd, given his brother and sister are still missing.

When Phoebe comes in to check on Mason, he queries where Justin. Phoebe is forced to break the news, Justin's gone to search for Tori and Brody.

Mason is now fearful for his entire family.


Olivia's struggling, her worry over Irene is all consuming.

When Hunter drops by to check in on her, she opens up about her fears. There's a hint of the connection they share, a sense this trauma has brought them closer.

Later, after they've learned that Irene and Leah have been found safe and well, Hunter runs into Tabitha. She queries him on Olivia as she hasn't heard from her.

Hunter briefly fills her in on the rescue and tells her that he and Olivia have been spending time together the last few days.

Annoyed, Tabitha reminds him that he and Olivia are still broken up. She's confident Olivia would prefer to be supported by her, not Hunter. Hunter points out that Olivia hasn't even contacted Tabitha throughout this ordeal. As far as he's concerned, Olivia needs her real friends right now.

Simmering with anger, Tabitha goes to the school and breaks into Zac's office. Using the pin code she filmed weeks ago, she logs onto Zac's computer and adjusts Hunter's exam results.

It seems it's payback time.


Alf's gutted when he learns that Duncan is still lost out in the wilderness, along with Nate, Brody and Tori.

He distracts himself by helping out at the search headquarters. But once he's home with Roo, his stoic crumbles.

They both struggle to remain hopeful, trying to support each other through the fear that Duncan may not return.

Overcome with regret and despair, Alf recalls the last few tense exchanges he shared with his son. He desperately wishes there was some way he could take it back.


Thursday 1 September (6489)

Nate, Tori and Duncan have been searching for Brody for the last day and a half.

They're exhausted, out of food, and barely have enough water to survive another day.

Nate says they should head back to the crash site before it's too late. 

Tori is determined to keep searching, with or without their help, regardless of the risk. Nate looks to Duncan for support, but he sides with her, much to Nate's frustration.


At the school, Tabitha has just finished doctoring exam results.

While leaving the principal's office she runs straight into Hunter. He's instantly suspicious but she covers well.

Hunter's none the wiser about what she was up to.


Meanwhile, Roo is voicing concerns about Alf to a sympathetic Matt. She's worried about the toll Duncan's disappearance is taking on her father. She’s grateful for Matt's support in the wake of the plane crash.

Then she notices all the milk has gone. It's not a huge issue, but she naturally thinks Matt is the culprit, though he insists he's not guilty.

Later that night, they're woken by strange noises. They're alarmed at first, but end up blaming the disturbance on the wind.

They're unaware that a hooded figure was hiding in the apartment all along.


At the Diner, Olivia is working when Tabitha arrives with some flowers for Irene. She's seemingly sympathetic about her plane crash ordeal.

However, Tabitha really just wants to strengthen her connection with Olivia.

When Olivia is too busy to hang out, Tabitha later turns up on her doorstep. She has a sob story about having to go into hospital to help her sister.

Olivia falls for this hook, line and sinker, and gives Tabitha the support and attention she's been secretly craving.

The next day at school, Hunter tries to voice his suspicions about Tabitha. He's convinced she was up to something dodgy, but Olivia tells him to leave Tabitha alone.

However, she's surprised to find a photo of herself and Hunter, when collecting books from Tabitha's locker. 

Later on, Chris claims to have seen Tabitha on the beach when she should have been in hospital.

Olivia goes to pay her a surprise visit, and is shocked to learn that she was never admitted.

Olivia later confronts her about this, but Tabitha manages to lie her way out of it.

Olivia feels terrible for doubting her, and is firmly back under her spell.


Meanwhile, Matt has returned home unexpectedly and caught the hooded figure red-handed.

He's shocked to discover that it's his little sister, Ellie.

She acts like it was all just a joke, but Matt doesn't buy it. He presses for the truth, and eventually she reveals that she doesn't want to return to their aunt's house. But refuses to explain why.


Back in the bush, with Tori emotionally and physically drained.

Nate manages to convince Duncan to trick her into heading back towards the plane. However, she soon realises what they're up to and is furious.

She storms back into the bush to resume the search, and the guys have little choice but to follow.

As they go, they fail to notice something lying in the nearby undergrowth. It's Brody – alive but in really bad shape and oblivious to their presence.

Has he just missed his one chance for rescue?


Friday 2 September (6490) 

Roo can see past Alf's brave front. She knows he's not coping, and fears that he'll never get over losing Duncan.

It takes some kind words from Marilyn, to encourage Roo to admit she's also struggling. They'll get through this together.

As Alf searches for his son, one regret weighs heavily. He never told Duncan how he feels about him.

As hope of finding Duncan alive fades, Alf accepts there may only be one way to tell Duncan how he feels. He sits down and writes a letter to his son, telling him that he is proud of him and that he loves him.


The surprise arrival of Matt's little sister, Ellie, has left Matt with many questions. Ellie is doing her best to avoid answering them.

After some pushing, she admits that she is completely miserable living with their aunt. Things have reached crisis level and she is convinced her aunt doesn't want her anymore.

Ellie begs Matt to let her live with him. He promised he'd come back for her one day, why can't today be that day?

Matt feels for his sister, so reluctantly allows her to stay with him until he can sort something else out.

The situation is made trickier by the fact that Matt is trying to hide Ellie from Roo. But Roo's intuition tells her something is up.

With Marilyn as her accomplice, she jumps to the conclusion that Matt has a new girlfriend. Matt denies this but Roo doesn't believe him.

Sure that Matt has someone hiding in his room, Roo confronts him. Expecting to find his new girlfriend but, she instead finds Ellie.

It seems Matt has some explaining to do.


The search for Brody continues.

Despite objections from both Nate and Duncan, Tori remains determined to find her brother at any cost.

With supplies running dangerously low, tensions flare when Nate accuses Tori of being unnecessarily reckless. Their heated argument is cut short when Duncan hears the sound of footsteps nearby.

For the briefest of moments Tori has hope, it must be Brody! But Justin appears, not Brody.

Tori is once again forced to consider she may never see her little brother again.

Common sense says turn around and head back, but Tori is adamant and this time she has Justin to support her. After all, Morgans stick together.

With Nate and Duncan in tow, the siblings set off, and it doesn't take long before they discover a piece of Brody's clothing. They're on his trail.

Buoyed by the discovery they push on, finding Brody’s shoes. Whys is ditching his clothes? Nate and Tori suspect they know why, and it's not good.

Brody might be suffering from heatstroke or have a concussion. If he's delirious he may be in real danger. They need to find him, fast.

Meanwhile, Brody continues to stagger through the bush.

He's unaware how close he is to his rescuers and how close he is to death.

He is drifting in and out of a hallucination. He sees a picture perfect day at the beach, with his mum and his siblings as kids. As his mum beckons for him to join them by the water, Brody walks blindly through the bush. unaware that he is perched at the top of a steep cliff.

Brody moves forwards. In his mind, he's walking towards his siblings, but the terrifying reality is that he has just unknowingly stepped off a cliff.

Moments later, Tori, Justin, Nate and Duncan arrive at the edge. They peer over the ledge hoping to see a way down but instead they are met with the terrifying sight of Brody lying motionless at the bottom.

Tori screams his name, fearing that they are too late.