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Home and Away

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28 - 1 August 2014

Monday 28 July

Hannah interrogates Zac as to whether he planted the drugs under Andy’s van. Zac refuses to answer her questions and leaves. Meanwhile, Andy organises a handover with his supplier.

When Hannah and Oscar find the bag of marijuana – hidden by Andy – in the farm shed, she takes this as confirmation that Zac set Andy up. Hannah shares her theory with Andy, who does not correct Hannah’s erroneous assumption. He offers to destroy the weed, but Hannah tells him that she flushed it away.

Oscar feels betrayed by Zac and tells him to stay away from the family. He also apologises to Andy, who swallows his guilt after receiving another text from his supplier.

A distraught Darcy calls Heath from Connie’s house. Heath feels helpless and can’t stand to hear her blaming herself. Brax worries that he will do something stupid. Ricky advises Heath to tell Bianca what’s been happening so he can get some more support.

However, he rushes off to see Darcy at school, pleading with Zac and Leah. Brax intervenes and takes Heath home. Ricky then breaks them some bad news. Community services are going to take Harley away until the end of the investigation.

At lunch, Darcy disobeys orders and comes home to see Heath. Heath’s heart breaks when she tells him that she got used to life not being fair when her mum died. Heath suddenly tells Darcy that they will go away together to be a family. As Brax gets home, he confronts Heath as he prepares to leave with Darcy and Harley.

Marilyn invites John over for dinner but he refuses, still upset that Marilyn hasn’t come home to live with him. Marilyn downloads to Roo while Alf talks to John. Alf reckons John should make Marilyn feel like she’s in control.

When Marilyn suggests they make some ground rules, John goes along with it and agrees to everything Marilyn says. Marilyn sees through John’s childish attempt to get his own way, and tells John she won’t talk to him again until he grows up.

Tuesday 29 July

Sasha is full of excitement about her future after an inspiring careers day. Matt, on the other hand, would rather think about anything else. Sasha wants Matt to understand that he has options, but Matt brushes her off. When Sasha tells Matt that he can be whatever he wants to be - whether it's an architect or a vet - Matt shuts her down again.

It dawns on her that Matt has serious self-worth issues and that he truly doesn't believe that he can do better than to work as a pizza boy.

Brax tries to reason with Heath - full of rage against community services trying to split up his family - as he packs his stuff into his car, ready to run away with his kids. Brax calms Heath down. Heath sits down with Darcy and explains that they have to go by the book. He calls Connie to tell her that Darcy is with him.

When Connie comes to collect Darcy from The Diner, Heath is forced to walk away as Darcy cries. Brax tries to comfort him, but Heath cannot be consoled. Meanwhile, Irene, witnessing Darcy and Heath's teary goodbye, pleads with Connie to call community services to let them know that Heath would never hurt Darcy. Connie goes to Nate to ask him why he reported Heath in the first place, and he explains the strange delay in bringing Darcy to the hospital.

Darcy is still cagey - not wanting to mention that Heath wants custody - but Connie continues to press her. Connie comes to Heath full of anger that he would go for custody and risk getting Darcy's hopes up again. Connie tells Heath to give up - she'll fight him to the last.

Leah pleads with Sophie not to call the police about Heath turning up at the school to see Darcy. Leah asks whether she can follow up without getting the authorities involved. Leah also notices that Sophie looks a bit peaky when she sees her in the morning - Sophie shrugs Leah concerns off.

Later, Sophie meets up with Nate, who has prepared her a lavish picnic. When Sophie talks to him about what she should do about Heath, Nate confesses that he has regrets about getting family services involved. When Sophie is alone, back in her office, she takes out a pregnancy test.

Leah mentions her concerns about Sophie's health with Nate, and the two of them realise that Sophie's symptoms seem like morning sickness. Nate turns up at the school looking for Sophie and is shocked to find her unconscious on the floor, the negative pregnancy test beside her.

Leah and Nate discover that Sophie has a ruptured appendix, leaving Nate to wonder how Sophie will cope with her history of painkiller abuse.

Wednesday 30 July:

Arriving home with champagne to celebrate her and Kyle’s new place, Phoebe’s mood takes a dive when Heath cracks it at her for spilling the beans to Darcy about his custody application. Now Connie’s blocking Heath’s application – all because of her big mouth. Seeing Heath’s devastation at the idea of losing his kids, Brax urges Connie to see reason.

Meanwhile, Heath gets a call from DOC’s – they’re not going to take Harley away from him. Overwhelmed with relief, Heath makes amends with Phoebe, who offers to babysit Harley and give Heath a well-deserved break. But the break is short-lived when Brax brings Connie home to discuss Darcy’s custody.

Things are going smoothly until Heath reveals his plan to take Darcy and Harley to the city. Outraged by the idea of uprooting her granddaughter, Connie insists she can’t trust Heath anymore … leaving him worse off than when he started.

Waiting for news on Sophie’s condition, Nate confesses his fears to Leah that Sophie was trying to trap him into staying married by falling pregnant. He feels terrible for jumping to the worst possible conclusion, but he knows it’s not beyond her to do something so crazy.

However when she wakes and insists on no pain relief, Nate’s proud of her commitment to staying clean, and wonders if she’s really changed this time. But when Leah suggests Sophie come home and recuperate at their house, Nate hesitates. He’s not sure he’s ready to live with his ex-wife again, but Leah urges him to have a little faith in Sophie. Can Nate put the past behind him?

Denny arrives at Angelo’s for her date with Casey, only to be informed there’s a family crisis – he’s a no-show. She goes to help out but grows frustrated when Casey pushes her away.

Later, Casey does his best to explain, but Denny doesn’t want a bar of it. Ricky goes into bat for Casey and insists he was just trying to shield her from his messy, complicated family. Softening, Denny goes to kiss and make up – but when she interrupts a sweet Braxton family moment, she grows angry, unsure why Casey would want to keep her from this.

Explaining they’re rarely that functional, Casey admits he sees Denny as his escape from reality. But that’s not good enough for Denny. She wants to be his girlfriend, not an escape. Can Casey let her in and commit?

Thursday 31 July:

When Kyle admits he’s worried about moving out and leaving his troubled family in the lurch, Phoebe suggests they call her dad to help with Heath’s custody case. But proud Kyle’s having none of it – not after everything that’s happened between her and her father.

But Phoebe decides to put the Braxton’s plight first and reaches out to her dad for help. She gets nowhere, but her efforts to help Kyle’s family give Casey food for thought. Apologising to Denny for shutting her out, Casey declares he loves her and wants her in his life – family included.

In a stalemate with John over her refusal to move in until they’re married, Marilyn worries when Jett doesn’t turn up at the diner for his usual lunch. Admitting to John he’s avoiding Marilyn because he doesn’t want to get in the middle of things, Jett warns John to give in and apologise or risk being dropped for good.

Feeling adrift from her boys, Marilyn presses Matt for info on Jett and is horrified to learn he’s been delivering pizzas to the Palmer house every night this week. With Matt’s help, she amends their order to a healthier (more unappealing) option – letting John know she still cares about them.

Putting his pride aside, John apologises to Marilyn and reveals he was worried her reluctance to move in together meant she didn’t really want to get married after all. Assuring him that’s not the case, the pair prepares to kiss and make up. But Jett insists before they can move forward, they need to set the date.

Evelyn struggles to hide her feelings for Josh and acts normal in front of Maddy - even though she’s oblivious. But Spencer’s not and he warns Evelyn not to hurt Maddy – she’s going through enough with Roo’s illness and school right now. But Evelyn’s feelings for Josh are inescapable and making her life a misery.

Confiding in Denny, Evelyn makes the decision to tell Josh how she really feels. She’s crushed when Josh reveals they can’t be together – but when he consoles her, Spencer gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes they’re reconciling.

He warns Maddy but she doesn’t want to hear it – they’re just getting back on track and she doesn’t want to seem paranoid. But Spencer’s concerns remain, and when Josh turns up at Evelyn’s badly beaten, it looks like someone’s been given a serious warning…

Wondering why Matt’s been avoiding her calls, Sasha’s confronted when she finds him listening to a demo…of his own music! Matt’s mortified but Sasha wants to hear more – he’s an amazing singer, why wouldn’t he want the entire world to know? But Matt’s not ready for that yet, and he blows up when Sasha broadcasts his demo to the entire school.

She insists she was only being supportive and wonders why he’s making music if no-one’s going to hear it. But Matt insists that’s his call to make, not hers. Realising she went too far, Sasha apologises. Matt softens, admitting he’s not used to having to share everything about himself with another person – but he’s willing to get used to it to be with her.


Friday 1 August:

Tending to Josh’s injuries, Hannah wonders who’s to blame for the beating. Evelyn angrily points the finger at Andy –the beating was probably meant for him, not Josh. Assuring his brother they’ll find who did this, Andy panics when Hannah insists they should call the police. Warning her that calling the cops could get Zac into trouble, Andy manages to talk Hannah down. But when Josh learns what he’s done, he angrily accuses his brother of setting Zac up to take the fall for his own dodgy dealings.

Privately hoping Andy’s innocent, Hannah questions Zac about the dope she found on the farm. Zac’s outraged to learn Andy’s pointing the finger at him and urges Hannah to open her eyes. Realising she’s been played, Hannah confronts Andy and demands the truth. Andy admits the drugs were his, but insists he was only dealing to support Josh and buy them a house. But Hannah doesn’t want to hear the sob story and warns him to stay away from her family.

Coming home to find Zac moving out the last of his stuff, Hannah reveals she and Andy are over, so he doesn’t need to leave now. But Zac can’t just forgive and forget. He promises to be there for Oscar and Evelyn, but he and Hannah are no longer friends.

Deciding on a spring wedding, the pair announce their happy news - but they’re both a little nervous when Roo insists on organising everything, Marilyn and John’s dream of a simple beach ceremony seems out of reach with Roo on board as their overzealous wedding planner.

Pummelling Marilyn with questions about the dream dress, shoes and menu, Roo grows frustrated with Marilyn’s indecisiveness and instead tries her luck with John, urging him to see that a beach wedding is fine for a River Boy, but not for Princess Marilyn.

Feeling ambushed, John complains to his fiancé that Roo is taking things too far. But Marilyn knows planning their wedding is making Roo happy – and she deserves a little happiness after everything she’s been though lately. John agrees to suck it up – but for how long?

Trying to put Spencer’s warning about Evelyn and Josh out of her mind, Maddy does her best to distract herself – but she can’t help getting worried when Josh doesn’t pick up his phone. When she learns Josh stayed at Evelyn’s last night, her worst fears are confirmed. Seeking answers, she confronts the pair and learns Josh was attacked. But instead of going easy on him, she accuses Josh of leaning on Evelyn in his time of need instead of her – his actual girlfriend.