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25 - 29 April 2016

Monday 25 April (6406)

Everything's set up for the wedding, and Nate's feeling cool as a cucumber as he waits for Ricky's arrival at the altar. Good natured teasing from Chris is like water off a duck's back. Nothing can make Nate feel nervous about getting married to the woman of his dreams…

Ricky, meanwhile, en route to the ceremony, yells at Kyle to stop the car! Kyle's alarmed – but it's quickly revealed that baby Casey has thrown up over himself. Ricky quickly mops him up – but as Kyle goes to re-ignite the engine, the car won't start – they're stuck! Ricky is beside herself. Neither she or Kyle have their phones, and the car refuses to start. It's looking like she's going to miss her own wedding!

Nate's aware that Ricky's running late, but at this stage he's not letting his nerves get to him. Phoebe, however, can't help but be a little concerned… She knows Ricky was having some doubts. Nate is starting to get concerned, and he corners Phoebe, asking if there's anything he should know. Phoebe tries to cover, but Nate manages to get out of her that Ricky was having a few pre-wedding jitters. It's the sinking realisation for Nate – is he about to be stood up?

Trying her best to get the car started, Ricky breaks the heel on her shoe, then catches a glimpse of herself in the wing mirror. She's got dirt on her face and so has Kyle… Ricky's had enough of trying the car, it's time to start running!

Nate, unable to bear it any longer, announces to the waiting guests that the wedding's obviously not happening… As he says it, however, a disheveled Ricky comes sprinting up. She apologises profusely to Nate, who needs to be convinced that Ricky's not having doubts… Ricky stresses there's nothing she wants more than to become his wife… All she needs is five minutes to tidy herself up! Nate turns to the celebrant – looks like this wedding is back on!

The beautiful ceremony proceeds, with Ricky matching Nate's prepared vows with heartfelt ones in return. Finally, Ricky and Nate are declared man and wife.

At the reception, Phoebe finds herself getting a lot of attention from Dom, the photographer. They flirt with each other, and it looks as though there might be a spark there…

Dylan persuades Kat to take him to the reception with her, after she missed the ceremony when he pulled her into work. At the reception Kat feels awkward due to Dylan's presence. She can't help thinking everyone's eyes are upon them, and when Ash asks if she's alright she consequently snaps at him, wanting to look after it her own way.

Dylan later vents his anger by making a disdainful comment to Billie, about what she's wearing. Creeped out, Billie quickly escapes from Dylan's orbit, but Ash, who's seen the exchange, demands to know what just happened. Was Dylan hitting on her? Billie insists that wasn't the case. It was more Dylan was on a power trip, knowing he could put her down. Ash is furious and confronts Dylan, warning him to stay away from his family.

Ricky, meanwhile, tries to encourage Kyle – who's feeling down about his court appearance tomorrow – to join the party, although she totally understands if he's not in the mood. Ricky tries to boost Kyle's spirits… They don't know for sure if he will be going to prison or not.

Phoebe pushes Ricky to tell her what's up with Kyle. Phoebe's upset that she knew nothing about it, and goes to talk to Kyle.

Nate pulls Ricky away from the party to have a private moment, asking if she's happy. She answers with a smile: 'blissfully' and they kiss.

The following morning, Kyle has a poignant farewell with baby Casey, before heading to the court with Ricky. He's surprised to find Phoebe there, waiting to support him. Ricky tells him that she loves him and is there for him. He's overwhelmed by the thought of what lies ahead as they head up the steps of the courthouse… Will these be his last moments of freedom?


Tuesday 26 April (6407) 

The trial is underway and it's not looking good for Kyle. The prosecution's case seems strong and Kyle's refusal to implicate Isla is only making things worse.

Ricky, Phoebe, Nate and Andy have been watching from the gallery and don't like the way it's going. While the court is in recess they corner Kyle with a last-ditch appeal for him to come clean to the court about Isla's involvement – it's his only hope.


Meanwhile, Ash still thinks Kat should dump Dylan but she's determined to play a long game. She doesn't just want out of the relationship, she wants Dylan out of her life forever - which means playing the happy girlfriend a little longer. Her plan is to get him thrown off the murder case and transferred back to the city.

But when she fails to find any dirt on Dylan in the files she decides to reach out to Morag. Via phone, Kat learns that Morag has been looking for dirt on Dylan as well. Morag suspects a shady ex-con called Womma has been doing Dylan's dirty work – like trashing Ash's workshop – but hasn't found any concrete proof. Determined to get some, Kat enlists Ash's help and sets up a meeting with Womma.


Back in court, Kyle is on the stand protesting his innocence. However, one question from the prosecutor soon has him stumped - if Kyle didn't commit the crimes then who did? Kyle can't answer without implicating Isla, so he remains silent on the issue – and the prosecutor uses this to further undermine Kyle's case. 

At home Ricky tells Kyle how much it hurts her to see him on trial. No sooner has she left the house than Isla steps out, surprising Kyle. What is she doing there? Isla shows Kyle the gun and money in her bag, and tells him she's going to turn herself in. Kyle tries to persuade her not to, but she's adamant. Kyle appears to acquiesce but later he sneaks out of the bedroom and takes the gun and money out of her bag. Isla doesn't know until she gets up in the morning to find her bag empty.


Meanwhile, Kat and Ash are using a combination of strong-arm tactics and trickery to convince Womma to spill the beans about his dirty dealings with Dylan. However, Womma's dodgy past makes him an unreliable witness - which means Kat still needs to find something concrete before going to Emerson.

Unbeknownst to Ash, Kat goes into Dylan's motel room and starts searching for incriminating evidence. She is interrupted by Dylan, who's been tipped off that she's been in touch with Morag. At first he seems to buy her cover story, but soon drops the act and confronts her - revealing that he knows about Morag's snooping and that Kat was involved. He's convinced she wants him out of the way so she can be with Ash.

Although terrified, she bravely finds the courage to stand up to him. She knows he hasn't changed - he's the same manipulative, pathetic coward – and she wants him out of her life for good. It's over. But despite her brave stance Dylan responds with a shocking backhand to her face, throwing her onto the bed - their relationship isn't over until he says so.


Back at the courthouse, the manager of the Tavern is testifying. He's unsure of Kyle's intentions regarding the robbery but he's clear that Kyle was instrumental in securing the release of the hostages. However, just as things seem to be going Kyle's way, the judge is given new information and brings proceedings to a halt.

Ricky manages to go and see Kyle privately and asks about a gun and money being dropped off at the police station during the night. Why do they have Kyle's prints on them? He tells her about Isla wanting to confess and that he took the gun and money and, after wiping them clean, put his own prints on them. He's adamant that he's doing the right thing but Ricky says she'll never understand.

Once more in the courtroom, Andy, Ricky and Phoebe watch on, crushed, as Kyle's found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in prison.


Wednesday 27 April (6408)

Her cheek red and swollen Kat remains trapped in the motel room with Dylan. Dylan is attentive, telling her not to be upset and that this wouldn't have happened if she'd stayed out of his business. Kat knows the only way she'll escape is to be submissive and go along with it.

As soon as she's out she goes to Ash. Ash is devastated Dylan has hit her and wants to take her to hospital but Kat won't go. Annoyed and embarrassed for letting herself fall back into Dylan's trap, she breaks down in Ash's arms. Ash finally convinces Kat the only way to stop Dylan is to report the incident to the police.

Stepping into the police station is one of the hardest things Kat's had to do. It's made even harder when Dylan approaches, pretending nothing's happened. Ash intervenes and it almost comes to blows when Sergeant McCarthy demands to know what's going on. His eyes fixed on Kat, Dylan warns her not to speak to her boss.

With encouragement from Ash, Kat finds the strength to do what she should have done years ago. McCarthy listens to Kat with compassion as she fills him in on Dylan's recent attack and history of domestic violence. McCarthy promises to do everything he can to make sure Dylan's charged with assault. But Kat knows the reality. She tells Ash Dylan's likely to deny it. In which case it's her word against his and he’s unlikely to be charged.

As Kat predicted, this is exactly what happens. Ash can't believe Dylan has got away with hitting her. Even worse, that Kat will be further punished by being forced to still work with Dylan – or else take a transfer out of town. With this knowledge Ash inflicts his own punishment on Dylan. He may have tricked the system, but no way will Ash let him get away with hitting Kat.

Dylan arrives at the station badly beaten. He warns Kat no one humiliates him and it's clear he's planning revenge.

Kat returns to Ash wishing he hadn't done what he did, although she knows it comes from him caring for her. The only problem is Dylan is now after both of them. Ash comforts Kat, promising he won't let Dylan hurt her again. The moment brings them closer together than they've ever been before. They suddenly realise they have feelings for each other and it catches them by surprise. Kat quickly exits.


Struggling with the knowledge she's pregnant, Olivia has been hiding out at home.

Hunter's aware something's not right with her. But when he asks her about it she snaps at him.

Skye can't understand why Olivia won't tell Hunter. Olivia admits she's scared everything will change between them. She just can't bring herself to do it.

VJ tries to lift Hunter out of his funk, but Hunter's too worried about Olivia. VJ encourages Hunter to go back and confront her and not to leave until he knows what's happening, so Hunter returns to see Olivia. But no matter how hard he tries Olivia won't tell him what's wrong. He comes to the conclusion it’s because of him.

Worried her friend is going to end up driving Hunter away, Skye gets tough with Olivia. She needs to tell Hunter now or end up pregnant and alone.

Olivia invites Hunter back over. Convinced she's about to dump him, Hunter brings VJ for support. He tells Olivia if she going to break up with him to get on with it. But Olivia doesn't want to break up. She's pregnant. Hunter is lost for words.        


Kyle is at the police station awaiting transfer to prison.

Ricky comes to say her goodbyes. She's angry about the sentence and devastated that Kyle's willingly taking the rap for something that he didn't do.

Kyle's resigned and quiet, certain that he's doing the right thing. He's got away with so much in the past. It was only a matter of time before things caught up with him.

Kyle is the only family Ricky has left and letting him go is hard for her. Convinced everyone she cares about gets taken from her, she breaks down in Nate's arms. Nate assures her he's not going anywhere.

For Phoebe saying goodbye to her former love and long-term friend is also hard. She tells Kyle she'll always love him. And assures him before he leaves that he's a good man.

Phoebe, Ricky and Nate reflect on Kyle's life and how different things will be without him. Ricky wishes Kyle had given Isla up, then he'd still be with them.

They raise a toast to Kyle, hoping he returns to them safely, then turn to see Isla in the doorway. They're not happy to see her, but Ricky hopes she's worth it. Isla intends to spend her life trying to be.


Kyle is taking his first steps into prison. The admission process alone is confronting and gives him a taste of what the next 13 years will be like.

As he's led to his cell, some inmates call out threateningly, they know him by name. As the door clangs shut, he settles into his cell, accepting this is his home now and determined to come out a better man.      


Thursday 28 April (6409)

Olivia is anxious in the wake of dropping the pregnancy news on Hunter. She pushes him to talk – to tell her what he's feeling. A stunned Hunter can't find the words. Unintentionally abrupt, he cuts Olivia off and hurries away.

Irene comforts Olivia, assuring her that Hunter just needs some time to wrap his head around her news.


Tension, too, as Zac shares the news that Tank has been released on parole.

Oscar and Josh are protective of Evie, resenting that Zac supported Tank in court. Evie plays peacekeeper but an angry Josh warns that he'll take Tank down if he approaches her.


Olivia admits to Skye that she's thinking about having an abortion.

Later Irene supports Olivia, urging her not to make a rushed decision.

Meanwhile, a deeply shaken Hunter has opened up to Zac. Quick to support, Zac nevertheless points out that having a child at their age would change their lives forever. Hunter's fear only deepens but Zac presses him to support Olivia – he doesn't need to have all the answers, but he does need to be there for her.


Evelyn has confronted Josh about his attitude to Tank. Clear that she can look after herself, she challenges him to let go of his anger. Josh balks, and Evie gives him food for thought when she points out that they'll always have disagreements – it's how they deal with them that matters.

Taking that on, Josh agrees that he won't confront Tank again. But matters take a surprising turn when Evelyn hits on an idea to draw everyone together.

Josh doesn't want to share the news of their engagement while the shadow of Tank still hangs over them. But Evie is determined and he pushes down his reservation…


Skye's day, meanwhile, takes an interesting turn when she sees someone collapse while running. Skye takes him home to recover – no idea that the guy she's dealing with is in fact Tank.

Tank resists her friendly overtures, sharing only that his name is Wayne and he lives with his dad. Skye's warm generosity, however, sees him finally drop his guard and accept her offer to go to a party.


Leah, acting on her concern, confronts Greg and drives home that she will contact the police the moment Tank breaks his parole conditions. Her unease only deepens on learning that Greg has no idea where his son is.


Nerves for Evie, as she breaks the engagement news to a stunned Oscar. She fears that he doesn't approve but Oscar shakes off his surprise to hug her tightly. It's a bittersweet moment, the twins realising their bond is changing, but Oscar is genuinely happy for the couple and Evie is thrilled that her plan to lift spirits is working.

But that plan starts to go awry when some guests to the hastily arranged party fail to show. Under pressure from Evie's family who want to know why they've been invited there, Josh tells them he proposed.

A stunned Zac and Leah are forced to hide their reservations but there's no time for Zac and Leah to press for more information.

The party mood is killed when Tank enters the Surf Club, Skye by his side. Zac stops Oscar and Josh from confronting Tank and orders Tank to go. Skye's horrified as she recognises his name. Tank gets out of there – but the damage is done. So much for lifting everyone’s spirits.


Acting on Zac's advice, Hunter has finally fronted up to Olivia. Seeing her anxiety, his last fears drop away and he tells Olivia that he loves her – he's here for her, they'll work out what happens next.

They talk about how much their lives would change if they were to have the baby and Olivia is suddenly clear about the road ahead. She tells Hunter that they don't need to talk, she's made up her mind – she wants an abortion. 


Friday 29 April (6410) 

In the aftermath of Tank's unfortunate appearance at the engagement party, Zac and Leah decide a hands-off approach is best.

An apologetic Skye learns who 'Wayne' really is and becomes wary, despite sensing Tank is genuinely trying to change.

Evelyn and Josh end the party early, although manage to find fun and comfort in one another back at Josh's place.

Later Skye confronts Tank, demanding an explanation. He is open with her, and as he leaves, they both admit that they had a good day together, until the party.

Irene remains convinced Tank is bad news.

Oscar heavy-handedly tries to warn Skye about how dangerous Tank can be. Skye doesn't react well, feeling patronised - she intends to make up her own mind about Wayne.

Greg and Tank fear the party incident will result in him being reported for parole violation. Tank meets his Parole Officer, relieved she is unaware about what happened.

VJ complains to Billie about what a lowlife Tank is. Billie allows him to vent, glad things are no longer weird between them.

VJ admits he likes Billie but is owning it. He cheekily claims it's only a matter of time before his feelings are reciprocated.

Entering the Surf Club, VJ is shocked to see Tank with Skye and physically confronts him. Tank does not retaliate and VJ ends up looking like the bad guy.

Greg thanks Leah and Zac for not informing Tank's Parole Officer about the party. Leah makes it clear that if there is one more 'misunderstanding', she will inform the authorities.

Keeping a low profile, Tank finds Skye and reluctantly lets her know they cannot be friends – it would complicate her life too much. She blurts out she likes him, before impulsively kissing him.


Hunter is hurt Olivia made the decision over the baby without involving him. She insists he has a say but ultimately it is her choice. Hunter accepts that – aware they are too young to be parents.

Irene helps schedule an appointment at the clinic. Olivia grows nervous at what lies ahead. It is confronting enough for a sixteen year old girl, only made worse when they are harangued by Protesters outside the clinic.

Hunter remains very supportive, despite feeling out of his depth. An anxious Olivia is interviewed by Angela, a sympathetic Health Worker. Olivia makes it clear this is a choice she arrived at herself. Angela explains the next stage and schedules a termination.

Olivia is left experiencing some very complex emotions.

After the procedure, Olivia feels nauseous – Irene and Hunter fuss over her. Back at home, unable to stomach food, Olivia quietly asks Hunter if they did the right thing? He is adamant they did. There is a sense of sadness, rather than regret and they talk about being careful in future.

It's been a very confronting day all round. Finally overwhelmed by it all, Olivia goes into the kitchen and out of sight, she quietly breaks down.