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24 - 28 February 2014

Bianca gets frustrated with her memory loss on TV2's Home and Away

Ricky and Casey save Heath and Bianca from the fire on TV2's Home and Away

Bianca and Heath sleep through a fire on TV2's Home and Away

Ricky and Casey save Heath and Bianca from the fire on TV2's Home and Away

Roo on TV2's Home and Away

Harvey on TV2's Home and Away

Roo and Harvey on TV2's Home and Away

Monday 24 February:

After Bianca forgets about some cooking, leaving it unattended, a fire breaks out in the share house flat while Bianca and Heath are asleep. Casey and Ricky arrive home and smelling the smoke break down the door to the flat and rescue Heath and Bianca.

Neither of them remember what happened and when Casey tells them that there was a burner left on high with oil. Bianca starts to get irritated when she can't remember turning the burner on.

The next morning Casey calls Nate to have a look at Bianca, but an angry Heath tells Casey to stay out of it.

Bianca arrives home later that afternoon and is horrified to see the burnt stove top. Heath, unable to tell her about her memory loss all over again, covers and tells her it was his fault.

When Leah stops by to talk to Bianca it becomes obvious that Heath is not coping with the situation. When Ricky sees this, he tells Heath to back off before he burns out. Ricky also admits to Heath that with her growing feelings for Nate, she's realised that things are unresolved with Brax and wants to go and visit him. Heath, knowing that he's been transferred, tries to talk her out of it.

Meanwhile when Leah takes Bianca for a walk, she starts to have flashbacks of the explosion. When Ricky is about to leave for the prison, Casey finally relents and tells her that Brax has been transferred and they don't know where he is.

It becomes apparent to Leah that Andy and Josh are struggling financially but when she offers to help, they brush her off.

The next morning Alf reminds the boys that they haven't paid rent in a while, Alf relents and gives them one more week to pay.

Andy goes to Casey to ask if there are any extra shifts going at the gym, Casey tells him he can give him an extra two and also offers to give him an advance on his wages if he needs money. Andy is quick to shut him down, he doesn't want his charity.

When Leah shouts Josh some lunch, Josh tells her that he's not going back to school. When Andy hears this he's under even more pressure to get some money together. He swallows his pride and goes back to Casey and asks for the advance. Touched to hear it's for Josh, Casey spots him the money.

Jett has told Marilyn that he knows about her stealing money from Mr Stewart to buy a bracelet many years ago (after finding the bracelet buried in the caravan park with a note), Jett starts blackmailing Marilyn to help him with the chores that are his punishment from throwing the house party.

The next morning John tells Jett and VJ to wax down rescue boards, and Jett delegates this to Marilyn as a part of his blackmail.

When Alf catches Marilyn washing the rescue buggy, Jett covers saying that she's just doing her bit for the community. Marilyn reluctantly goes along with it but tells Jett that it has to stop, as she's now lying to Mr Stewart.

VJ starts to doubt that blackmailing Marilyn is a good idea and just as he convinces Jett to get her to stop, John arrives and questions why the boys aren't working. Jett starts lying but Alf overhears and tells John that Marilyn did the chores. Jett, not wanting to get Marilyn in trouble, doesn't say anything.

John marches the boys to the diner and asks Marilyn to explain. Marilyn relents and tells Alf and John everything. Alf laughs away Marilyn's confession, but Jett has more punishment coming his way for the blackmailing. Marilyn takes the bracelet and with Alf's help returns the bracelet to its burial spot.

Tuesday 25 February:

Reeling from the revelation that Brax had been transferred she's devastated that the boys have been lying to her and that she can't see Brax. With nowhere else to go, Ricky confided in Nate that she's feeling lost.

Back at the house she allows the boys to explain why they didn't tell her but she realises this changes things and she moves out. Casey and Kyle try to get her to move back in but Heath tells them it may be for the best that she moves out, then she can get on with her life. When Ricky meets up with Nate for some support their chemistry is obvious.

Bianca has started remembering the explosion but is trying to force her memories. Bianca is adamant that she wants to go back to school and get back to her routine but Irene is worried that she might be pushing herself too hard. As things seem to be getting back to normal, Bianca thanks Heath for the way he's looked after her lately.

After Denny showed up at Ethan's funeral, Zac and Hannah try to figure out if Denny is connected to the cult. When they can't find any information, Zac decides they should meet up with Denny to try and figure out if she's legitimate. When they do meet up Zac seems to think she's the real deal but Hannah is more sceptical.

Denny asks if she can meet the twins but when Hannah says no and shares her suspicions about Denny' cult affiliation, Denny leaves.

Back at the house Zac and Hannah are searching through Zac's things for some clue as to whether Denny is telling the truth and Zac comes across a baby photo with writing on the back that strongly suggests Denny is telling the truth. Hannah is still reluctant to put the twins in danger.

Against Hannah's wishes, Zac takes the photo to show Denny.

Meanwhile Denny sees the twins in Surf Club, but decides to respect Hannah's wishes and doesn't approach them. When she then meets up with Zac she's upset to learn that Ethan knew about her but still didn't make contact.

Meanwhile when the twins see Zac comforting Denny they assume that she's a girlfriend and are annoyed that Zac brought her to the funeral.

Meanwhile Zac tells Hannah that he really believes Denny is the real deal and Hannah relents, just as Evelyn arrives home and has a go at him. Zac tells the twins that Denny is their sister.

When Andy tries to give Josh the money from his advance Josh assumes that he's done something illegal to get it and refuses to take it. An angry Andy takes it out on the gym equipment and when Casey finds him, he tells him to go and sort things out with Josh and explain where the money came from. When Andy finally tells him the truth, Josh is impressed by his honesty.

Wednesday 26 February:

The morning after the revelation, Oscar is keen to learn more about Denny but Evelyn decides she doesn't want to meet her and Oscar backs her up. Zac thinks that they should meet Denny but he and Hannah agree to let the twins decide if they want to meet her.

Oscar tries to change Evelyn's mind but she refuses, but Oscar goes to Hannah and tells her that he wants to meet Denny. Zac tells Denny that the twins know but that they don't want to meet her yet when he gets a phone call saying that Oscar wants to meet.

At their meeting Oscar and Denny hit it off. Evelyn admits to Hannah that she doesn't want to meet Denny because she doesn't want anything to do with more of her father's lies.

Hannah gently reminds her that none of that is Denny's fault, she's probably just as hurt by Ethan as Evelyn is. Meanwhile Oscar fills Denny in on the cult, and Ethan fills her in on all other family stories.

Since the hostage situation, Chris is struggling to deal with the fact that he almost killed someone.

After the continued falling out, Harvey has taken off again and is not answering Roo's calls. Maddy enlists Spencer and Sasha's help to find Harvey.

Spencer and Chris go in search of him whilst Sasha and Maddy decide to have a girl's night-in to try and take Roo's mind off things. Despite not really being in the mood, Roo tries to make the best of the girl's night.

John tells Chris and Spencer that he hasn't seen Harvey and that it may be best to let the man be, he's going through something huge. A disappointed Spencer heads off to tell Maddy when Chris gets an idea.

He leaves a message for Harvey saying Spencer is in trouble and to meet him at the surf club.

At the girl's night Roo takes the opportunity to grill the girls on what they want to do when the leave school. Sasha says that she'd like to help people, maybe become a defence lawyer and Marilyn suggests she join the student council, but Sasha thinks that's just for nerds. Maddy admits that she doesn't know what she wants to do.

Harvey shows up at the surf club and he's furious that Chris lied to him. But Chris leaves Harvey thoughtful when he points out how much Roo and Spencer are struggling.

When Roo finds out that Maddy and Spencer have been trying to help her and Harvey, Roo is touched, but tells them they don't' need to do that and she drags Spencer into their girls' night.

With nowhere else to go, Harvey shows up at John's place and begs him not to call Roo.

Thursday 27 February:

Tamara has her last shift at Angelo's and it's a bitter sweet moment for both her and Kyle. She admits to Kyle that she doesn't know what the future holds but that sometimes you've just got to take a chance. This prompts Kyle to try again with Phoebe.

When he finds Phoebe struggling to write without being able to play music in the caravan park late at night, Kyle invites her to come to his house to write together. As they try to write together, Kyle opens up about his family, and how he feels like he belongs there.

Phoebe, however, is a little upset that he didn't feel like that when they were together. As they continue to reminisce, Kyle misreads the signals and tries to kiss her. Annoyed that it seems like that's all Kyle wants, Phoebe storms out.

The next morning, Kyle comes to Phoebe's van to apologise and finds a cd with 'All or Nothing' written on it, the same phrase as on Kyle's tattoo. Kyle takes the cd home and as he's listening to it, Phoebe arrives and is furious that Kyle would steal and listen to her song without her permission.

When Chris tries his usual pick up lines with Phoebe, she snaps at him. Chris backs off but this makes her realise that perhaps she judged Kyle a little too harshly.

Sasha has decided that she wants to run for school captain and asks Spencer to help her.

Harvey admits to John that he feels like he should have stayed missing. He feels completely lost and his presence in the bay is not making anyone happy. John tells him to start by calling the people that he's pushing away.

Meanwhile at the girls' night, Spencer gets a phone call from Harvey and Roo is devastated to learn that he's talking to Spencer and not her.

As the girl's night cranks up Tamara arrives with Pizza and Irene brings the chocolate cake as the deck of cards come out.

Spencer tries desperately to help Harvey, but when he hits a brick wall, John steps in and tells him that if he doesn't do something now, he risks losing Roo forever.

Back at the girls' night Maddy inspires Roo to change her approach to Harvey. The next morning she tells everyone that she's going to step right back and give Harvey the space he needs. Left to her own devices, Roo is trying to keep herself busy but Alf calls her out on her behaviour.

He tells her that she has to talk to him, to settle this, before she drives herself crazy. Roo takes his advice and talks to Harvey. She asks him straight out if he's able to stay in the bay with her and when he's unable to answer she realises what has to be done. She tells him she wants a divorce.

 Friday 28 February:

Kyle comes to Phoebe to beg her forgiveness, but she doesn't want to listen. Kyle asks if the song was about him and tells her that he's sorry, he didn't realise that she was so upset about him leaving Melbourne. But phoebe shuts the conversation down.

Later, Phoebe arrives at her van to find a cd waiting on her doorstep. It's a song from Kyle entitled "the best part of me". Phoebe is touched by his lyrics and goes to him. She admits that her song was about him and accepts his apology. Kyle tells her that she's right, it is all or nothing with him and he's ready to try 'all' with her. The two start kissing as they head to the bedroom.

Roo and Harvey calmly discuss their relationship and Harvey realises she's right, they should get divorced. When Roo arrives home, she tells Alf that they're getting a divorce and falls apart on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Harvey left alone, takes his wedding ring off. When Roo then fronts up to work Alf tries to convince her to take some time, but Roo assures him that she's fine.

Alf tries to talk to Harvey about the divorce but quickly realises that they're right, it's probably best for both of them. Harvey comes to Roo and tells her that he as to leave, sooner rather than later. They decide to talk to Maddy and Spencer together before he leaves.

When Heath makes Bianca a packed lunch before work she thinks it's very cute, but when Bianca asks where her laptop is, Heath is concerned. Bianca remembers that it was destroyed in the explosion and assures him that she'll be fine, but privately she's worried.

As they stop at the Diner for breakfast, Nate asks how Bianca's breathing is, but she doesn't remember about the fire. Meanwhile Leah is nervous about her first day working at the high school and tells Jett and VJ that they have to be a part of the year 7 buddy program as a part of their punishment from blackmailing Marilyn.

When Leah reminds Bianca about the staff meeting at lunch, she doesn't remember but is becoming adept at covering. As Bianca continues through her day, she can't stop memories from the blast coming back to her and starts to get overwhelmed and crashes into an empty classroom and slumps into the corner. Heath gets a phone call from Bianca and rushes to find her and helps to calm her down.

When Ricky shows up to grab her stuff Kyle tries to find out where she's staying but Ricky shuts him down. When Bianca forces Heath to reach out to Ricky, they convince her that she'll always be family, regardless of whether she's dating Brax or not. Ricky heads around to the house to apologise to Kyle but when he assumes her and Nate are together Ricky blows up at him again.

Kyle follows her and apologises, telling her that she has every right to move on. As Ricky stands on the water's edge watching Nate kayak it's obvious she has feelings for him. After the kayak, Nate takes Ricky out for lunch and accompanies her back to her hotel room. The pair quickly get hot and heavy as their feelings take over.