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23-27 September 2013

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) and Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) question Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY) after he starts acting strangely

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) questions Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY) after he starts acting strangely

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) tries to help Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY) who has collapsed

Harvey (MARCUS GRAHAM) says goodbye to Roo (GEORGIE PARKER) and sets to travel the world with Wintson

Harvey (MARCUS GRAHAM) says goodbye to Roo (GEORGIE PARKER) and sets to travel the world with Winston

Monday 23 September:

Dex tries to tell April that he has fixed the situation with Dr Bradley, by quitting his job, but she misunderstands and thinks that he has finally stood up to her.

Dex hypothetically suggest he quit his job, but April says straight out that it would be a bad idea and that he shouldn't do it, leaving Dex stuck with the lie.

The next morning, April leaves early to deal with Dr Bradley and Dex chases after her and is forced to come clean. When April confronts Dr Bradley she surprises April by insisting she join her for a coffee.

Dr Bradley tells April that she has the chance to become a world class doctor, and if she wants to achieve that, particularly with a specialisation in Surgery, she has to think hard about whether she can do that with Dex distracting her at work.

After working with Casey all day, Dex realises that he wants his job back, but before he can tell April that, she tells him that she's come around to the idea that it's best he quit.

Casey has increased muscle activity, however, still can't move his legs. But thanks to Tamara he has started doing his physio. Tamara can't bring herself to tell Casey that she and Kyle broke up.

After further effort, Casey finally moves his toes. At physio, with Tamara and Dex's encouragement, Casey takes a step.

After some advice from Bianca, Tamara decides to hold off telling Casey about her feelings for him until she figures out exactly what she wants. Euphoric after a good day, Tamara gets swept up in the moment and kisses Casey.

Bianca is still upset at Heath for disappearing on her, and Heath admits that he helped Zac get his niece and nephew out of the lodge. She gets even angrier as she tries to point out that he broke the law and could be arrested for kidnapping.

After spending the night apart, Heath attempts to be honest with Bianca about why he didn't tell her that he was helping rescue Oscar and Evelyn. Bianca exclaims, that's the problem, he's thinking about protecting her when he should have realised by now that they are in this together.

After they both have time to think, they realise they both have each other's best interests at heart and that they should start working out things together, this however leads Bianca to confront Heath about what he wants for his life.


Tuesday 24 September:

After kissing Casey, Tamara flees before explaining anything to him.

Brax arrives back at the hospital to yet more family dramas. Ricky tells Tamara, that now that the kiss has happened, he has to tell Casey the whole story.

Whilst Casey beats himself up about kissing his brother's girl, Brax is forced to tell him that Kyle and Tamara broke up.

As Casey and Tamara both try to figure out how they feel, Kyle goes to Casey to tell him that he'll be cool with whatever happens, that his relationship with the brothers is more important.

When Brax goes to make sure Kyle really is okay, he asks to borrow Brax's ute so he can get away for a few days to clear his head.

Stuck in the motel room together, Oscar is happy to be free of the lodge but Evelyn becomes increasingly upset.

Hannah and Zac are trying desperately to hold the kids together but know they only have a few days until the twins turn 16 and will be legally allowed to make their own decision about where they live.

Leah brings food to the motel for them all, but also brings news that the police are still looking for them.

Oscar tries to convince Evelyn that they are better off away from the lodge, and just when he thinks he's getting through to her, Evelyn hits Zac over the head with a lamp and runs away from the motel. Oscar goes after her but she refuses to turn around.

Heath is in a spin after Bianca tells him she wants more for their lives. When he asks Kyle what he thinks, Kyle points out that perhaps there is more to life than the odd shift at the gym and committing the occasional crime.

When Casey points out that he's a trained fitness instructor and Heath's not, Heath begins to think that maybe he could do more with his life and begins researching fitness courses.


Wednesday 25 September:

After Evelyn runs away, Oscar returns to the room to find Zac still out cold.

He thinks about calling 111, but can't without the police finding them, so calls Hannah instead.

When Hannah returns Zac wakes up and they try to decide what do next. Meanwhile, as Evelyn tries to hitchhike back to the lodge, she is found by Kyle.

But as they recognise each other, Evelyn runs into the bush and Kyle gives chase. After a struggle, Kyle promises not to take her to the motel and finally gets her in the car.

When Kyle brings Evelyn back to the house, Ricky starts talking to her. Is Ricky the one who can finally get through to her? Meanwhile, back at the Motel, Leah realises that she can do more to help and invites Oscar and Hannah to stay at her house.

Josh is released but despite his refusal to dob Andy in, he feels the need to try and make things right and wants to visit Brax.

Maddy, scared of what Brax might do, insists on going with him. But when Brax comes face to face with Josh, he won't hear anything he has to say and kicks him out of his house.

Maddy suggests that he goes to see Casey regardless of what Brax says. Josh realises it's the only way to make amends but as he tries to talk to Casey, Brax arrives and throws him out of the hospital.

Ricky tries to point out to Brax that beating up a kid won't help but Brax tells her to mind her own business.

Even Casey points out to Brax that Josh wasn't really the one at fault and that it took guts to show up the hospital and try to apologise.

As Maddy tries to comfort Josh after his tumultuous day, they share their first kiss.

As Ricky leaves to take Evelyn away for a couple of days, Brax tries to apologise for overreacting at the hospital, but Ricky calmly informs him that she's not the one he needs to apologise to.

Brax seeks out Josh to apologise and when he does he discovers that Josh and Andy are Barrett's. Their father and Danny Braxton were friends.


Thursday 26 September:

As Spencer and Sasha try to study, Sasha is distracted by his un-focused behaviour and leaves.

But as Spencer tries to follow her, he sees Josh with Maddy and immediately lunges at him.

After the fight, Sasha heads home to find Indi and Chris together on the couch and tells them about the fight and Spencer's general behaviour. Chris becomes distracted by this news but doesnt tell either of them about his concerns.

The next morning, Chris tracks Spencer down and asks again if he's stopped taking his medication.

Spencer tells Chris he doesn't need to worry about anything but at the same time, doesn't seem at all worried about his exam that day. When he finally arrives at school Spencer's behaviour becomes more and more erratic until he walks out of the exam.

When Chris confronts him about his strange moods, Spencer tries to fight Chris but collapses.

In the caravan park, Winston steps in to break up the fight between Spencer and Josh. When Winston walks Maddy home Roo and Alf are incredibly worried that Maddy is still hanging out with the guy who ran her off the road.

The next morning Brax spots Josh sleeping on the beach and offers to buy him breakfast. Josh reluctantly agrees and is hostile when Brax tries to learn more about him.

Josh thinks that he's trying to get information about where Andy is and storms out. Brax then calls Heath to ask about the Barretts and it's revealed that Heath was in juvenile detention with Andy.

Marilyn is worried that Winston is still in love with her and thinks she should encourage him to leave the Bay.

She thinks he should see the world, after all he can definitely afford to. Aware of Winston's financial situation, Harvey tries to steer Marilyn away from this idea.

Harvey gives Winston a heads up about Marilyn's plan and tries to encourage him to tell everyone the truth. Meanwhile Jett has overheard Marilyn's plan to get Winston to leave the Bay and he encourages John to take this opportunity to ask Marilyn out.

As Marilyn forges ahead with her plans and is on the brink of making a round-the-world booking Harvey and Roo are forced to tell her that Winston is broke.

Marilyn tries to set up a loving environment so that Winston feels comfortable to tell her about his situation, but to everyone's surprise he shows up with news that one of his companies has secured a new patent, putting its shares through the roof and he's now richer than he's ever been.

Winston decides to go on the world trip after all, and he wants to take Harvey with him.


Friday 27 September:

After his collapse, Spencer is rushed to hospital. After numerous tests, including a blood test, come up clear, Spencer is about to be discharged.

It is then that Chris is forced to reveal that Spencer has Bipolar disorder and that if his blood test was clear, it means he is off his medication.

Spencer is livid that Chris has betrayed him and worried that he's ruined things with Sasha. He admits to Sasha that taking medication makes everything seem dull, and that when he stops taking it, everything is fun and exciting.

But Sasha points out that it's also dangerous and makes him lash out. Spencer doesn't know how to deal and tells her to go.

April checks on Spencer and tells him that living with a disorder is a part of life, and that he shouldn't go through it alone.

Spencer doesn't want everyone looking at him the way they did when he was first diagnosed. April tells him that strength is not hiding and going through it alone, real strength is admitting the issue and asking for help to deal with it.

Spencer finally relents, and asks Sasha to help him. Indi tells Chris that she was a little disappointed that he didn't confide in her about Spencer and that she should be there to help him out. Chris agrees and claims there will be no more secrets.

Meanwhile, at the Pier Diner, a mystery woman has arrived looking for Chris, and she claims that she is Chris' girlfriend.

John runs into Winston and through a misunderstanding is led to believe that Winston is taking Marilyn on his trip. When John tells Jett that Marilyn is leaving, Dex overhears and he and Jett start working in cahoots to prevent Marilyn from going.

After going to straight to Winston and finding out the truth, that Harvey is going, Dex decides the next step is to go and see Marilyn and find out if she has feelings for John.

However, through his vague questioning, Marilyn thinks that Dex is talking about his own feelings and Dex bails before the conversation becomes more awkward.

As Winston and Harvey prepare to leave, Winston gives the deeds to the Blaxland back to Alf, insisting that he should keep the boat.

Jett arrives to make a last ditch effort to try and convince Marilyn to stay, and it's only now that he realises Marilyn was never going in the first place. When Marilyn figures out that John thought she was leaving, she marches over to tell him that there's no way she thinks so little of their friendship that she would leave without saying goodbye.

She admits to John that he's one of the things that makes Summer Bay so special for her.

Much to April's dismay, Dex has set up a massive dominos path throughout the farm house. She starts to worry that he has too much time on his hands now that he's resigned.

After his failed matchmaking attempt with John and Marilyn, Dex realises that it's time he gets his life together. He immediately heads back to the hospital to ask for his job back, where Dr Bradley tells him that his persistence is impressive and she reluctantly agrees to call his supervisor.