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23 - 27 June 2014



Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) admits she likes Josh to Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY)

Nate (KYLE PRYOR) is confused about his relationship with Sophie (BRIDGETTE SNEDDON)

Monday 23 June:

Enthusiastic about Ms. Taylor's assignment to draw a self-portrait, Josh and Evelyn make a bold move, and swap assignments. As they both struggle with the project and their feelings for each other, Evelyn admits to Hannah that she likes Josh, and Josh avoids spending time with Maddy.

Maddy finds Spencer, but he doesn't want to speculate about who Evelyn rejected him for. Then in art class, when Evelyn can't explain her self-portrait, Josh steps in and saves her - and his description makes Evelyn fall even harder for him. As they speak after class, Spencer overhears them and puts two and two together. He finds her on the pier and asks her if it's true - how will Evelyn talk her way out of this one?

Sophie takes her first art class with the Year 11s, and manages to inspire them with her unconventional teaching methods. Later, she runs into Zac, who's working late, and offers to help him divide and conquer his marking.

As they banter, a new friendship forms, and Sophie suggests they get takeaway and a bottle of wine. But when Zac hesitates, Sophie sees there's a history there, and takes the alcohol out of the picture.

The next morning, Hannah learns that Zac spent the night at school with Sophie - could she be jealous?

Missing his brothers but unable to admit his feelings to Ricky, Brax organises a family meeting. But is there more to it for Brax?

Tuesday 24 June:

Brax's barbeque brings the boys back into each other's orbit, and makes Ricky's proud that Brax can open up about his feelings to his brothers.

Heath is grateful for Brax's support with Harley, and Casey appreciates Brax's perspective about his future dreams. But Phoebe can still sense that Kyle is keeping something from her about the attacker, and he's forced to admit that it was her father.

Denny admits that the honeymoon phase is over with Chris, but doesn't feel like she can tell him it's over yet.

Andy clocks that Casey and Denny like each other, and can't believe that Casey won't just make a move - he's a better match for her. Will they ever get it together?

Unable to deny her crush on Josh any longer, Evelyn asks Spencer to keep it between them. But when Maddy notices Evelyn's behaviour around Josh, Spencer's forced to tell her the truth, as long as Maddy agrees not to say anything. But when Josh wants to partner Evelyn in their next assignment, Maddy has no choice but to tell him.

Josh visits Evelyn and asks her if she's into him, but she denies her feelings, and assures him that Spencer's just being a gossip. Josh leaves, believing things have been set straight, but how long can Evelyn keep up the charade?

After giving advice on her sister's love lives, Hannah takes action on her own. She apologises to Andy for manipulating him and tells him she misses him. Andy kisses her, and it looks like they're ready to pick up where they left off.

Wednesday 25 June:

Kyle tries to apologise to Phoebe, but she is still upset he kept the true nature of her father a secret from her. She tells him she wants to decide what's good for her from now on.

When Phoebe tells Kyle she is going to call the Police about her father's behaviour, Kyle enlists Casey to talk some sense into her. She decides against calling the cops, instead calling her father and telling him that she never wants to see him again.

Oscar tries to catch up on schoolwork by completing a self-portrait for school. He's clearly anxious about his upcoming community service. Denny offers to drive him there, but he wants to do it himself.

Denny coaxes him into going for breakfast, but it's clear Oscar is still struggling to be around people. Oscar continues to sketch his self-portrait, his portrayal of himself showing he has very low self-worth. He scrunches up the portrait in a fit of rage.

Denny is behaving strangely around Chris - she's hot one minute, cold the next. She goes to visit Casey, but Casey says he is not ready for them to be friends yet.

Andy bets Casey that Denny will turn up again soon. He wins the bet: Denny comes to the gym to tell Casey that she wants to cancel her gym membership.

Andy tells Casey that Denny probably wanted him to convince her to stay. Casey finds Denny down on the beach and he kisses her. Sparks fly.

Marilyn and John start talking through the details of the wedding. Panicked John invents an emergency surf club meeting and skips out, leaving Marilyn confused. He continues to avoid the topic, until Marilyn confronts him gently. He will have plenty to offer in way of organisation and input.

Thursday 26 June:

Ms Taylor asks Sasha whether she would be interested in becoming school captain now that Tamara has left Summer Bay High. When Sasha tells Matt about Sophie's proposal, he is less than supportive. She was scary and competitive during student elections, and he is worried about what it will do to their relationship.

Matt tells Sasha that if she really wants the position, he will resign from his captaincy.

Zac returns home with pizza and cannot find Oscar anywhere. It seems Oscar has gone to the gym, where he suffers another panic attack in front of Nate and Leah.

Nate tells Zac he thinks Oscar should go on medication. When Zac finds the scrunched up self-portrait Oscar did for an art assignment, he asks Oscar if there is anything he wants to talk about. Oscar is cagey. But Nate comes to talk to Oscar about the possibility of taking medication for his anxiety, Oscar agrees.

Sasha opens a can of worms by asking Marilyn and John when they're moving in with each other. Marilyn proposes a trial to John - they can each both spend a few nights at each other's homes.

John seems less than enthusiastic about the idea, especially when Marilyn arrives at his house and immediately starts listing all the changes that will have to be made if she moves in.

John downloads to Alf, and decides he needs to put more effort in. Meanwhile, Leah advises Marilyn to give John more time to adjust.

Sophie guesses that Nate has told Leah about her past as a painkiller addict. Angry that Nate would share such delicate information with her colleague, Sophie confronts him.

Nate goes to the school to try and explain to Sophie that he didn't mean to hurt her. He asks if he can take her to lunch to clear the air. When they meet up, Nate admits that he still has feelings for her.

Friday 27 June:

Heath is finding it difficult to look after Harley and Darcy with Bianca now living in the city. Meanwhile, Darcy's crush on Jett is only growing.

After school, Darcy is waiting for Heath to pick her up. When Jett offers to walk her home, Darcy's heart leaps. Realising he should tell Darcy that they are just friends, Jett comes clean. Darcy bursts into tears just as Heath arrives.

Jett runs back home, pursued by an angry Heath. When Heath forces Jett to tell him what happened, Darcy is mortified that her crush is now exposed. She locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to open the door.

Eventually Heath and Darcy make up. Heath and Bianca agree to try for custody of Darcy again.

John and Marilyn are still 'trialling' living with each other. Jett realises that it's not as easy as he thought: Alf will truly miss Marilyn if she decides to moves in with John and Jett.

Nate is moping around - unsure what to do about Sophie. Leah sees how dejected he is and Nate admits that he wants to give Sophie another chance. Aware of their fraught history, Leah tells Nate to be wary of getting back together.

Mulling over Leah's words, Nate turns up at the Diner at closing time. He explains to Leah that the best moments of his life were spent by Sophie's side and he's not ready to give up on her yet.

Sasha tries to convince Matt that they would make a great team if they were both school captains. Matt's continual reluctance forces Sasha to confront him - it's not fair of him to give her an ultimatum where only one of them can be captain.

Leah makes Matt see sense - the only thing getting in the way of Sasha and Matt's relationship is Matt's attitude. With Leah's words ringing in his ears, Matt goes to find Sasha, apologising for his attitude and telling her that he's happy for them both to be school captains.