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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

22 - 26 September 2014

Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) ambushes Jake

Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) with his engagement ring for Denny

Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) with his engagement ring for Denny

Jake (FLETCHER HUMPHRYS) waits at his hideout

Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) gagged at Jake’s hideout

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) comes home with a pregnancy test kit

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) finds out she’s pregnant

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) comes home with a pregnancy test kit

Monday 22 September:

Deeply in love, Casey offers to take Denny out of Summer Bay for a few days. But when Andy tells him Josh is missing, Casey is drawn into looking for him; when he learns that Jake Pirovic is involved, Casey knows they must get to him before Brax does. Denny's worried about what he's getting into, but Casey assures her everything will be alright. Scared, Denny finds Brax, who swings into action when he hears Jake's name, and pulls Kyle out of the formal to end things with his enemy for the final time. Casey and Andy find Josh with Pirovic at his hideout, but he gets away. When Brax and Kyle arrive, Brax is livid at Casey, who reveals he got involved because he didn't want to lose Brax again. Then suddenly, a bullet shatters the glass of the hideout's window& and hits Casey. Is he dead or alive?

At the formal, Maddy's still hung up on Josh, despite arriving as Oscar's date. Oscar admits this to Zac, but when Zac advises against pursuing Maddy, he reveals that it's not a good enough reason not to try. Oscar asks Maddy for one dance, no strings attached, and Maddy accepts, charmed - maybe Oscar's got a shot with her after all! Meanwhile, Matt tries to calm Sasha down as she stresses over the details of the formal and enjoy herself. When Kyle leaves and they're left without a musical act, Sasha panics, but to her surprise, Matt steps in and sings a song for her, and Sasha's heart swells.

When Josh fails to arrive at the Farm House to pick Evelyn up, she decides to go by herself. But Josh doesn't get to the formal at all, and Evelyn's disappointed as she watches the happy couples dancing, and leaves the venue. Spencer sees her, his mind ticking over&

Starting to see Leah in a different light, Zac asks her to dance at the formal - but she awkwardly shuts it down, not realising that Zac's feelings have changed. Are things already over between these two well before they've begun?

Tuesday 23 September:

As Brax desperately urges the bullet-wounded Casey to hold on until the ambulance arrives, Kyle orders Andy and Josh to get out of there before anyone sees them. Meanwhile, Ricky takes a pregnancy test - and it's positive! By the time the authorities arrive at Jake's hideout, Casey's gone, and Kyle holds them off as Brax, shattered, sits with his dead brother.

But when Brax continutes to refuse to let Casey go, the police are forced to pull Brax off him, and he gets in his car and drives away, leaving Kyle with no idea what's going on. Kyle goes back to the Share House and tells Denny what happened, and she breaks down, absolutely gutted. Ricky finds Brax at the Gym, distracting himself with work. But it finally breaks him, and Brax snaps, vowing to get his revenge on Jake. As he leaves, Ricky wonders - will this destroy him?

Andy accepts full responsibility for Josh's kidnapping and Casey getting shot - he was stupid, and played by Jake. Josh feels awful that Casey died trying to save him, and loses it at Andy when he tells him not to worry about it. Josh gives it to Andy straight - you don't get to tell me what to do any more. How is Andy going to fix this?

Spencer and Evelyn almost kiss outside the formal as he consoles her over Josh standing her up, but they're interrupted by a call - from Josh. As the news about Josh and Casey spreads inside, Maddy can only think about how Casey's death may win her Josh back. Spencer calls her on it, and she admits to Roo that she's a terrible person, and she's still in love with Josh. Maddy finds Josh on the beach, and consoles him as he moves into her arms. But is she asking for trouble?


Wednesday 24 September:

With Brax not coping after Casey's death, Ricky breaks down, and is consoled by Nate. Brax doesn't trust the police to deal with Jake Pirovic, and gets to work, ordering Andy to tell him everything he knows about Pirovic and his gang. Worried about Brax's sanity, Andy tells Kyle that he has to talk some sense into him, before Brax ends up dead.

Kyle tries to get Brax to focus on Casey's funeral, but it falls on deaf ears. As the rest of the Braxtons begin preparations, they're surprised when Brax arrives and gets on board. But when John drops off a wreath left at the Surf Club, its simple message, "RIP Baby Braxton", sets Brax off again - he'll go to the city to tell Cheryl and Heath about Casey, bury him, and then put Jake Pirovic in the ground as well&

Unable to tell Brax about her pregnancy in his unpredictable state, Ricky shares her dilemma with Phoebe - how does she break it to him after everything that's happened? Phoebe gets her to focus on being happy about it for a moment herself, first, and Ricky's finally able to have a moment of joy as the Braxton dynasty moves towards destruction.

Alf, Roo and Maddy offer Josh a place to stay as he grieves for Casey, as he's too uncomfortable with the Braxtons, and furious with Andy. In a moment of confusion and vulnerability, Josh kisses Maddy, leading them into the bedroom. When Roo figures out what's happened, Maddy can't deny it - she loves him. Andy tries to apologise to Josh again, and explains that he can't change how things played out, but he will make it right. Following Andy's lead, Josh goes back to Maddy, making it clear what they did was a mistake, and apologises. Maddy's devastated, and while agreeing to keep their secret, tells him that she's not sorry it happened.

When Nate won't tell Sophie why he was hugging Ricky, she has trouble trusting him - how can she when he's friends with every woman he meets? But when she learns about Casey's death, Sophie realises that Nate was just respecting their privacy, and is disappointed that he felt he couldn't trust her, arguing that trust should go both ways. Sophie apologises for her jealousy, but it's not good enough for Nate, and tells her it's not going to work, leaving Sophie reeling.

Thursday 25 September:

Upset their relationship is over, Sophie storms away from Nate - she's done trying. Nate runs into Hannah, struggling to look after Denny since Casey's death, and offers his support. When they share a loaded moment, it looks like Nate is about to repeat history, but Hannah turns him down, reluctant to complicate their lives further.

At the Diner, a calmer Sophie tries to convince Nate to give their relationship another chance, genuinely believing that they can get through their issues. But Nate remains firm - his mind is made up, and exits for a kayak. As Sophie watches him from the shore, she listens to his VoiceMail message from Hannah, asking him to come over. Rattled, Sophie puts Nate's phone back in his bag, and finds some prescription drugs. What's she planning now?

Looking for a distraction from her pain, Denny goes to work, but breaks down when Alf checks on her, unable to accept how unfair Casey's death was. When she stops John from mentioning Casey's name, it's clear no-one that was close to Casey will be able to help her. But Sophie, who lost her brother in a car accident, offers Denny some valuable advice - the feeling never goes away, but you learn to live with it. This helps Denny, who apologises to Hannah for her erratic behaviour, and admits that shutting herself off isn't helping. She's going to try to move on, starting by visiting the Braxtons to try find out what actually happened to Casey.

When Shandi tries to support John as he worries about Jett, he avoids her, driving Shandi to take her frustration out on Marilyn. Still determined to help, Shandi cleans the Surf Club with Chris, and he encourages her to see John again, and give Marilyn another chance. But Denny arrives, upset, as Shandi begins to make some progress, and John blows Shandi off once more. Looking for Chris at the Diner but finding Marilyn instead, Shandi attacks Marilyn for her constant interference. Chris stands up for Marilyn, but Shandi can't be reasoned with, and exits. Have things just gotten a whole lot worse?

Despite Irene's warning that Shandi is out of bounds, Chris gives impressing her his best shot. Using his attraction expertise, Chris breaks down Shandi's resistance, and in helping her help John, gets to spend more time with her. After a great day of sparks flying, Chris offers Shandi an awkward farewell hand shake! Seems like the master still has room for improvement&

Unable to deny her feelings for Zac, Roo tells Leah to find out if Zac's interested in her too, no matter how uncomfortable it is! Roo's persistence wears Leah down - she'll talk to Zac, as long as Roo leaves her alone!

Friday 26 September:

When Shandi arrives at the Palmer House with a peace offering for Marilyn, she learns that they're postponing the wedding! Shandi breaks the news to Jett, and he goes straight to John, and makes him promise to get married as planned - it's what Casey would have wanted. John goes to Marilyn and declares his love, proposing they stick with the original date, and Marilyn can't say no. The wedding is back on!!!

Needing desperately to sort things out with Zac once and for all, Leah works up the courage to speak to him - but when Hannah unexpectedly brushes in first and Leah misconstrues a moment between them, she aborts her plan. Then when Zac offers to walk to school with her, Leah rejects him, bringing them back to square one! Hannah calls Zac on his feelings for Leah, and he can't deny them.

At school, they fumble awkwardly around what it meant when Zac asked Leah to dance with him at the formal. When Hannah learns that Zac isn't being honest with Leah because it may ruin things at home & work, she tells him to man up and tell Leah he likes her. Zac goes to Leah in her office, and instead of explaining the moment at the formal, he kisses her - and again! Does the Bay have a hot new couple?!?!

Confused about why everyone in the Bay is concerned for Sasha, Matt sees Jett hug her on the beach, and asks her what's going on. Sasha admits that Casey was her first love, but it didn't end well. Sasha's upset because she didn't get to tell him she forgave him, and is scared that if Matt keeps following the path he's on, he could meet a similar fate. Sasha asks Matt to promise he'll make something of his life - and he starts with telling Leah that he wants to do his HSC, giving Sasha hope for their future together.