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21 - 25 April 2014

Andy (TAI HARA) confronts Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCK) about the photo

Andy (TAI HARA) confronts Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCK) about the photo

Andy (TAI HARA) confronts Brax in front of Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES)

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) finds out about the baby from Ricky

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) meets Harley for the first time

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) about the baby

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) about the baby

The residents surprise Irene with a full diner

Heath (DAN EWING) and Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) argue after seeing Zac

The residents surprise Irene (LYNNE McGRANGER) with a full diner

The residents surprise Irene (LYNNE McGRANGER) with a full diner

Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) tries to cheer up Matt (ALEC SNOW) but the chemistry between them is undeniable

Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) tries to cheer up Matt (ALEC SNOW) but the chemistry between them is undeniable

Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) tries to cheer up Matt (ALEC SNOW) but the chemistry between them is undeniable

Monday 21 April- Double Episode

Sasha helps Matt hide his little sister at The Diner. Matt is in a desperate position: his father has been arrested and forced into rehab by the police, and now DoCS want to take Eloise away to live with an obscure aunt. Matt makes Sasha promise not to tell anyone - he can't risk losing his beloved sister.

Sasha opens up to Matt about her own little brother: he was actually happier living with his father, despite all her concerns and attempts to rescue him. Sasha's story rubs off on Matt, and he realises his reasons for hiding Eli are more to do with what he wants than what will be best for Eli.

He calls DoCS and, with Sasha by his side, says goodbye to his little sister in an emotional farewell. Sasha suggests Matt move in with her since he needs a place to live - but Matt refuses.

Leah is out of ICU and awaiting test results. Her predicament continues to disturb Jett - it's a reminder of Gina's tragic death. He doesn't hold back remonstrating John for not getting himself as an organ donor match.

Ultimately, Jett's words strike a chord, and John changes his mind about getting tested. He has to help VJ from losing his mum. Luckily, Leah receives some welcome news: her liver is repairing and she won't need a transplant.

Bianca and Heath continue to struggle to care for baby Harley. Unable to leave the baby alone with Bianca, Heath takes Harley along to boot camp.

Heath finally calls Cheryl to ask for her help. Cheryl is delighted to meet a new Braxton boy and doesn't hold back telling Heath what she thinks about Bianca's handling of the situation. Heath leaves Harley with his grandmother and Cheryl promptly delivers the baby back to Bianca, but not before delivering her some hard-hitting words.

When Heath sees Cheryl outside the Surf Club without Harley, he panics. He returns home and Bianca and Harley are missing. Just as Heath begins to despair, he sees Bianca pushing a pram up the street. Harley is safe but Bianca does not look pleased one little bit. Has Cheryl made the situation worse?

The Diner is experiencing a rough patch: Chris's horror risotto has frightened away all of Irene's customers. Marilyn tries to suggest ways to help. Maybe they could redecorate? Could a new menu help?

When Irene insists Marilyn take the afternoon off, Marilyn gets an idea: Irene wants to fire Marilyn but can't bring herself too! After talking with John, Marilyn is convinced. She gives notice to a disappointed Irene.

When Alf comes in to buy an army's load of food from the Diner, Irene feels even more hopeless. With a heavy heart, Irene closes up shop indefinitely.

Sasha wants to cheer Matt up and mend their friendship after the trauma of Eli being taken away. She takes him back to Irene's house and Matt asks to see her bedroom. All Sasha wants is for Matt to open up about how he feels but Matt just wants to joke around - and maybe even fool around too. Sasha is not impressed but the chemistry between them is undeniable.

After a game of poker, Matt kisses Sasha but Sasha pulls away. Matt leaves, but not before blowing up at Sasha for convincing him to cooperate with the DOCs social workers. Eventually, Matt comes back and apologises. It isn't Sasha's fault and he really appreciates her support.

Meanwhile, Brax is discharged from hospital. Andy is still angry about finding Josh's baby photo - which is actually of Casey - in Brax's wallet. When Casey tells Brax that Andy was asking him about the photo, Brax starts to worry. He doesn't want Casey to know that his father was Johnny Barrett.

Ricky and Brax also have issues to sort out. Ricky is minding Harley for Heath, and being around a sweet little baby is bringing back the pain of losing Brax's baby. Ricky admits to Casey that it's difficult for her to see how good Brax is with Harley - he would've made a great dad.

Casey suggests to Ricky that maybe it is time to tell Brax about the baby and the miscarriage. Finally, Ricky comes clean to Brax. But how will he react?

Tuesday 22 April:

Brax struggles to deal with Ricky's revelation about her failed pregnancy. His anger drives her away. Why didn't she tell him this when he was in prison?

He confronts Heath - why didn't he tell him that Ricky was pregnant? Eventually, Ricky comes back to talk to Brax.

Brax puts his heart on the line again: he just wants to be with her again and to get back what they had. But Ricky is sick of the secrets and the dramas. She tells Brax that even though she loves him, things are over.

Heath can't work out how to tell Darcy about her baby brother. Bianca mentions to Heath that she thinks she should go back to work. An argument ensues and Bianca leaves. Ricky and Bianca bond over their relationship dramas - neither know how to move forward.

Evie is acting up: she still hasn't handed in the essay she was supposed to write as punishment for handing out the exam answers in Zac's class. Zac, frustrated by her out-of-character behaviour, tells Evie that if she thinks her punishment is not harsh enough, she can determine an appropriate penalty.

She skives off school and Zac leaves a message on her phone threatening to suspend her. He eyes the bottle of liquor in his desk drawer - but resists taking a slug.

Determined to make Zac stand up and notice, Evie later hands him her essay: it simply says, "'I must not steal exam papers from Zac when he is drunk" over and over.

Meanwhile, Zac and Hannah's strained relationship begins to thaw. Hannah tells Zac that she broke up with Andy, and Zac surprises Hannah by suggesting she should give Andy another shot if she really cares about him.

Hannah tells Zac that she thinks Evie is acting up because she is scared of all the uncertainty at home.

Wagging with Spencer at Irene's house, Spencer gives Evie a bit of advice: why doesn't she stop trying to make things perfect and cut Zac a bit of slack? With Spencer's words ringing in her ears, Evie leaves to go back to school.

She sees Zac but before she can greet him, Heath is in Zac's face, throwing punches and yelling abuse at him for sleeping with Bianca. Before Heath can pull another punch, a shocked Evie intervenes.

Wednesday 23 March:

The pressure is building on Zac: he's acting school principal and he's already in Evie's bad books for not acting like a responsible parent. Things have just taken a turn for the worse now that Evelyn has witnessed Heath punching Zac for sleeping with Bianca.

When Evie confronts Zac, he shouts at her in front of her fellow students and retreats to his office. Distraught, Zac turns to the bottle of whiskey secreted in his office.

Zac meets with Bianca and asks her to return as school principal so he has some time to put his family back together. Bianca and Heath struggle to deal with the revelation of Bianca and Zac's affair.

Heath is still livid that Bianca slept with Zac. However, Bianca angrily points out that she has to live with a reminder of Heath's own affair.

Meanwhile, Evie returns home upset and confused. She chats to Hannah and tells her of Zac's affair, and how she feels like a burden. When Zac comes home and finds Evelyn there, he orders her back to school.

Hannah steps in. She smells the alcohol on Zac's breath, and tells him that unless he sorts himself out, he won't be raising Evelyn and Oscar with her. Zac ignores Hannah's threat and goes to Angelo's where he indulges in a binge drinking session. Kyle is finally forced to cut Zac off. Is his drinking out of control?

Kyle is trying to get work done at Angelo's but Phoebe just wants to play. He tells her to go and explore her new home. She soon hears that Chris has a grand plan to help The Diner back on its feet. Marilyn, John and Jett arrive to help too.

Chris soon reveals his secret plan: he has a loud speaker which he is using to promote The Diner from the pier. Phoebe is not impressed with the scope of Chris's strategy - she soon steps in and takes control. She orders Jett to take care of social media while Spencer arranges the new fliers.

Phoebe reveals her business smarts when she and Chris charter a boat down the beach, using Chris's loudspeaker to promote the Diner to beach goers. And it works! Alf drags a despondent Irene from her couch to see the floods of customers filling The Pier Diner.

Phoebe's success gives her an idea& She marches back to Kyle and tells him that she is going to work at Angelo's - despite having no hospitality experience. But will it work out?

Thursday 24 March:

Leah is finally well enough to leave hospital but Nate is worried that Leah is not looking after herself, and he hangs around at home fussing over her. Leah suspects Nate is hanging around for another reason. Nate admits that he is avoiding Ricky and the Braxton's.

 He later finds out from Kyle that Ricky has not got back together with Brax. Nate opens up to Leah, confessing that he feels he gave up too easily on his relationship with Ricky.

 Meanwhile, Spencer finds Matt sleeping rough outside his house. Matt has found an eviction notice tacked to his dad's house and has nowhere to go. Spencer is not at all pleased to find the guy who broke up his relationship with Sasha on his doorstep, but Sasha steps in to help Matt.

She decides he should talk to Leah about his housing situation. Despite Nate's best attempts to stop her from exerting herself, Leah invites Matt to stay at her place for the night. She'll organise some emergency accommodation for him the next day.

 Matt can see Sasha really cares about him, and thanks her for her help. Things heat up and they share a romantic kiss on the beach.

Angelo's welcomes its newest staff member as Phoebe begins her first shift as a waitress. While she's full of energy and ideas, Phoebe lacks certain basic skills as a food service professional.

Kyle tries to get Phoebe to focus on her job as a waitress: like delivering the correct order, not taking constant breaks and not eating the customers' food. But Phoebe has grand plans for Angelo's and wishes Kyle could see her vision.

While Kyle talks to Tamara about how on earth he can fire Phoebe, Chris mentors Phoebe on how she can escape her new job. Tamara advises Kyle to treat her like any other employee and Chris advises Phoebe to act so incompetently that Kyle will be forced to fire her.

Maddy is acting strangely around Josh: she still hasn't told him that she and Spencer kissed. When Josh overhears Maddy talking to Spencer about the kiss, the cat is out of the bag. Josh storms off angrily.

When Oscar offers Maddy a sympathetic ear, Jett warns him to stop meddling in other people's love life. Oscar decides to ignore Jett's advice and continues to let Maddy lean on him. But does he want more than Maddy's friendship?

Friday 25 April:

Maddy is still having boy troubles with Josh since he found out Spencer kissed Maddy: he's ignoring her calls and texts.

Oscar tells Maddy that he is going to make sure she has a fun day. He takes her to The Diner and orders her some chocolate cake. It's obvious to everyone with eyes that Oscar is completely smitten by Maddy and Marilyn thinks John should give Oscar a bit of a chat to ward him off Maddy.

John gets the wrong idea, and takes Oscar off for some encouraging dating advice.

Meanwhile, Marilyn sits down with Maddy and determines that Maddy has no romantic feelings whatsoever for Oscar. When Oscar and Maddy start laughing over chocolate cake, Marilyn is concerned and John assures her he's given Oscar "Palmer's Perfect Dating Tips Version II".

Josh turns up and after seeing Maddy and Oscar having a ball, storms off angrily. Maddy follows Josh and the two clash over Maddy's flirty friendships with other boys. Josh reckons Maddy likes the attention, but Maddy, deeply offended, tells Josh to grow up and stop acting like a jealous child.

Back in the Diner, Marilyn chastises John for encouraging Oscar and orders him to fix it. John later finds Oscar and Maddy playing a flirty game of pool. He tries to step in and put a stop to Oscar's courting but is interrupted by the latest Braxton/Barrett drama.

Meanwhile, Brax finds Andy outside the share house. He's been away digging up information and he's found out that Johnny Barrett is Casey's father. When Casey comes outside to grab his surfboard, he discovers Andy acting strangely: he tells Casey he isn't coming back to work because he might be coming into some money.

Brax and Ricky discuss paying Andy for his silence but Ricky reckons Andy won't tell Casey - he wouldn't want Josh to have another brother to look up to.

When Josh sees his brother is back in Summer Bay, he can tell Andy is keeping something from him. He follows Andy to the beach, where Brax has organised to handover $5000 to Andy in return for keeping quiet about Casey's paternity.

Josh overhears the exchange and runs off, pursued by Andy. Josh is confused and wants to know why Casey isn't being told: he has a right to know.

Brax returns to the share house and fills Ricky in on the situation: he will have to tell Casey the truth. Brax tells Casey there is something they need to talk about...

Nate continues to harbour hopes of a reunion with Ricky. When Nate sees Ricky and Brax deep in conversation at the beach he wants to know where he stands. After a swim, he asks Ricky if she needs a chat but Ricky declines and walks off with Casey.

Nate returns to Leah's frustrated and confused but Leah advises him to be upfront and ask Ricky what's going on. When Nate follows Leah's advice, Ricky tells Nate that it's complicated and that she told Brax about the miscarriage. Nate's desire to pursue Ricky is not dampened: he tells Leah that he's not giving up on Ricky yet.