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2 - 6 May 2016

Monday 2 May (6411)


Olivia’s still fragile after her abortion. Irene is there to support her.

Hunter downloads to VJ about the termination, yet neither knows how to help.


Skye is busy kissing Tank in the Diner when VJ busts them.

After Tank leaves, he tries to warn Skye off Tank yet again, but quickly puts his foot in it, asking Skye if she's desperate. Skye dismisses VJ's concerns.


Ash has been sleeping at the Farm House since Kat reported Dylan's assault. She's grateful for his support, and they share a moment, which Phoebe interrupts. Phoebe claims she's fine with Ash staying there, but the truth is, she's finding his presence weird.

Hannah's worried about Kat having to go back to work with Dylan.  

Phoebe's anxious about the complications of Ash staying with them if she chooses to start dating again. Opening up to Hannah, she confides that Dom, the photographer from Ricky's wedding, has asked her out, but she's reluctant to date him under the current circumstances. Hannah wonders if Phoebe's jealous of Ash’s protection of Kat. Phoebe insists she knows Ash is just being a good friend, but admits she finds it hard having him around all the time.

When Kat returns to work Dylan attempts to charm her, but Sergeant McCarthy witnesses the exchange, and suggests Dylan respect her need for distance.

Dylan apologises to Kat for hurting her the week before, but Kat ignores him. Dylan subtly shifts the blame for the uncomfortable situation onto her, inferring she's the one who's made things unpleasant. Refusing to be emotionally blackmailed, Kat informs him even if she has to work side by side with him for the rest of her life, she'll never forgive him.


Skye finally checks up on Olivia, who's suspicious of Skye's late night. Skye doesn't tell her she was hanging out with Tank, but Olivia can tell that something's up.

VJ reluctantly spills the beans about Skye and Tank to Evelyn. Evie visits Skye, telling her what a master manipulator Tank was with her, and begs Skye not to fall under his spell.

Meanwhile, VJ vents about his worry for Skye to Hunter, who's more preoccupied with concern for Olivia. VJ realises his problems pale in comparison, and is there for his mate.

Irene listens in, and suggests Hunter go to Olivia - she could use him by her side.


Determined not to let Dylan win, Kat asks Leah if she remembers any signs that he was dodgy. Leah recalls Morag saying she had bad feelings about a possible connection to the Judge after Zac was denied bail.

Kat pays a visit to the Judge and manages to blind side him with the facts she's found, that Dylan knew about an extramarital affair the Judge was having, and used that to blackmail him to refuse Zac bail. The Judge sighs, then asks Kat what she wants.

Kat then takes the Judge's statement to McCarthy, who is appalled, and brings in Superintendent Joyce, who announces that Dylan is suspended until further notice. Dylan doesn’t take his suspension well, but Kat's finally got a win.


Despite Evelyn's warning, Skye meets with Tank again, determined to hear his side of the story. She's surprised that he still loves Evie, but on hearing him explain it, the two seem closer than ever – is Skye falling for Tank?

She realises she might have also used Tank a little to help her get over Oscar.


Olivia sits in the bathroom, staring at the scars on her legs. She begins searching for razors at the sink, when Hunter arrives at the front door. She assures him she's fine and they share lunch.


With Dylan suspended, Kat's worried that it's still not over. Phoebe suggests Ash stay a bit longer. It turns out Kat's right to worry – as the housemates settle in, Dylan himself watches the house.


Tuesday 3 May (6412)

Olivia is emotionally distant after the abortion and Hunter tries to engage with her, hoping to encourage her to talk. Olivia is resistant, using Skye coming home as a distraction.

However, Skye is once again cagey about where she's been and hurries off to her room. Even Hunter agrees; Skye is acting strange.


Ash settles in for another night at the Farm House to stand guard. Kat expresses her gratitude, given Ash's history of looking after her. Ash knows Kat would do the same for him, downplaying her appreciation.


Skye goes to Evelyn with good news; Tank has changed into a better person. Evelyn remains wary, concerned Tank is manipulating another young girl. Her concern comes across as patronising and Skye arcs up, blurting that Tank confessed to still being in love with Evelyn; that's how she knows he's being honest.

Evelyn is terrified by the revelation and no longer trusts that Tank is redeemed.


Aware Ash has put his life on hold, Kat encourages him to leave and run whatever errands he needs to. Kat reveals McCarthy called; Dylan packed up his hotel room and checked out yesterday. Ash agrees to go, offering to come back later.


Nervous, Evelyn enlists Oscar to talk with Skye about Tank but Skye sees through his attempts to hang out straight away.

Oscar explains how Tank screwed with his family and warns her against him, but Skye maintains that's in Tank's past, he's not that person now.

Olivia overhears the conversation and suddenly realises why Skye has been so secretive.  Olivia also thinks it's a bad idea for Skye to see Tank. Skye snaps - she didn't judge Olivia about being pregnant, so don't judge her. Skye is too fed up to listen to any of them again.


Andy questions Ash about spending so much time with Kat, but Ash maintains they're just mates.


Meanwhile, Evelyn is growing more anxious and tells Josh that Tank is still in love with her. Josh fumes and confronts Tank on the beach. Although thrown by Josh's aggression, Tank talks him out of fighting, suggesting Evie wouldn't appreciate it. He leaves a frustrated Josh behind.

Josh vents to Andy about Tank. Andy hates seeing Josh all shaken up. Ash warns Andy that getting fired up about it won't solve anything.


Alone at the house, Kat is jumping at footsteps outside. She's relieved when it's only Roo looking to sell tickets to the Hospital fundraiser. Kat lets her into the house, unaware she's being watched by Dylan who's still hiding on the property.


Andy threatens to bury Tank if he says so much as one word to Evelyn or Josh.

Rattled, Tank asks why Skye blabbed about his feelings for Evelyn. Skye is apologetic and explains she only said it to prove Tank was being honest with her. Tank softens, realising her intentions were good.

Meanwhile, Skye is feeling ostracised herself after arguing with friends today. Skye suggests she and Tank keep hanging out; it sounds like they could both use a friend right now.

The twins see Tank and Skye walking down the beach. Tank becomes self-conscious so Skye buoys him by taking his hand in full view of the twins. Oscar and Evelyn are left with a dreadful feeling; things are only going to get worse from here.


Olivia vents to Hunter about Skye and Tank. Hunter reminds Olivia that people can change; Hunter wasn't exactly stable a year ago. Olivia won't hear of it; Tank is crazy and Hunter is wonderful.

Hunter admits to feeling useless recently and Olivia knows he means since the abortion. She works hard to allay his concerns, convincing him she's coping with what happened. But once alone, a tense Olivia goes to the bathroom and takes out a pair of scissors. Is Olivia self-harming again?


After their chat, Roo drives away and Kat realises she's not alone on the property. Dylan comes out of hiding and starts spouting deluded beliefs of how they belong together. Kat has no patience left, telling him to go. When he grabs her arm, she defends herself, pushing him down in one swift movement. She tells him he's pathetic and she's not going to let him intimidate her anymore. Dylan slinks away, defeated.

Later, Ash is kicking himself for not being there to protect her. However, Ash notices the change in Kat having defeated Dylan herself. He's in awe of her strength, though Kat insists she couldn't have gotten to this point without Ash's help. She hugs him in thanks but as they embrace, neither wants to let go. The hug soon turns to a soft, gentle kiss.


Wednesday 20 April (6403)

Passion flourishes between Hunter and Olivia, as the reunited teens ponder making up for lost time. Hunter, having tested himself physically in the ocean, knows he's now ready for more 'intimate' activities.

Olivia's equally over the moon about him, but unbeknownst to Hunter there's something worrying her.


Zac's also preoccupied by whether he can vouch for Tank to get parole without alienating his family. Leah's sympathetic but sides with Evie: family comes first.

Oscar's also appalled by Zac's intentions to help Tank. Then Zac tells Oscar the full story: Tank saved Zac's life, and since Tank was attacked in prison, Zac feels compelled to return the favour, the kicker being that Zac's convinced Tank is rehabilitated. But is it enough to persuade the others, particularly Evie?


Ricky rushes over to Nate, pleased to have found a wedding dress: it's perfect, well, almost. Nate's taken aback by Ricky's casual attitude to her dress and the wedding arrangements as a whole. It seems she's not that excited about their big day.


At the Diner, Olivia's sprung self-serving at the fridge as she gathers a surprise picnic for Hunter, given the last one went pear-shaped when he collapsed.

Irene's finally won over by the romance of the idea but wonders if Hunter's up to it, health wise? But Olivia's oddly emphatic: this can't wait.

Rendezvousing at a secluded spot, Hunter loves the surprise, and is happy to be far from Zac and Leah tension he witnessed earlier. No one in that household needs any more stress.

As Hunter and Olivia smooch on the rug, there's a sense she wants to say something but Hunter misses the cue, and as things hot up, she decides not to kill the moment.

Later, Olivia leaves suddenly, claiming she has to go somewhere, leaving Hunter confused.


With Zac's defence of Tank in mind, Evie visits Tank in hospital. He's surprised to see her, and she's wary of being manipulated by him. Despite initial resistance, Tank's wholehearted admission of guilt and declaration of remorse moves her. Can she forgive Tank after all?

On returning home, she tells the others of her visit – and her decision. If Tank stays out of their lives, she's okay with Zac helping Tank.


The wedding plans continue with Ricky now having taken care of drinks, cake and flowers. Nate's relieved: it looks like the future 'Mrs Cooper' is on top of her pre-nup jobs now. Ricky baulks at the mention of changing her name. Nate presumed she'd want to simplify their family unit, but Ricky's having none of it. Her name is part of her identity, and that's that. Nate's disappointed but accepting.

But the issue of Ricky and Nate's wedding challenges continue when Roo comes to fix Ricky's dress. As Ricky holds it up, it gets caught and tears. Roo panics but Ricky's not that fussed. Roo now questions if Ricky is sure she wants to go through with the wedding, but Ricky reassures her she is – though there's a flicker of doubt.

Nate tells Roo about the name issue and she gives him a bit of insight about picking your battles.

Nate finds Ricky and apologises for blindsiding her earlier about the name. With the that problem behind them, Nate checks in with her about wedding vows – has she written hers yet? Ricky again feels pushed – she's not writing anything, just repeating what the celebrant tells her. Nate's offended by her seeming disinterest, but Ricky reminds Nate, wedding palaver is not her thing. Frustrated, Ricky storms off, leaving Nate worried.


Zac and Hunter have their first honest chat since Zac returned from prison. Hunter's relieved to have his Dad back: he needs advice regarding Olivia's recent weirdness…

Home and safely alone, the mystery of Olivia's secret is finally revealed when she contemplates a pregnancy test kit.


Debriefing over beers with Zac, Nate skirts around his deepest fear – is he losing Ricky again?

Meanwhile, keeping busy at Angelo's, Ricky gets a text: from Brax, sending best wishes for the wedding. Will the shadow of her former love be the final blow that prevents Ricky and Nate from becoming husband and wife?


Thursday 5 May (6414)

Billie reels in the wake of her shocking attack – before finally managing to pick herself up off the floor of the gym and head home.

Back at the Farm House, oblivious Phoebe is full of the day's gossip: from the news that she's going to MC Roo's hospital fundraiser to the recent stand off between Kat and Dylan.

Proud Phoebe praises Kat's strength, inadvertently making Billie feel weak and stupid for not being able to fight off her attacker. She heads to bed without telling anyone what's happened, experiencing flashbacks of the assault.


Ricky and Nate apologise for being snappy with each other lately. After the stress of the wedding, Kyle's arrest and moving house, it's no wonder they're fighting, but they commit to working through whatever else might come their way.


Roo's confident that all her planning for the hospital fundraiser is under control and, much to Matt's dismay, signs him up to run the AV system on the night.

But a last minute discovery that the original venue is double booked threatens to derail the entire event.


Unaware of the drama, Oscar invites Billie to be his fake date to the ball so they can wingman for each other again. The reminder of their misadventures in clubbing triggers more anxiety in Billie and she breaks down.

Oscar's shocked to learn she was attacked and insists they go to the police but she points out she can't even give them a description.

He manages to persuade her to go to the hospital but Billie's nerve fails when she sees Nate, believing that having falsely accused him, she'll now be seen as the girl who cried wolf. Oscar’s adamant that's not true but Billie seizes on an invitation from VJ to hang out to avoid continuing their conversation.


Meanwhile, Nate heads home and struggles to feed Casey.  Ricky is moved by the sight of a food covered Nate and things start to heat up between them… only for Nate to realise he can't perform with Casey watching. Ricky's amused. Will nothing go right for these two?


Maddy, Matt and the fundraiser committee struggle to brainstorm new locations for the fundraiser with Roo, until the caravan park is suggested as a venue space. To Phoebe's dismay, photographer Dom encourages the idea, suggesting they turn the event into a bush dance.

Already tetchy with each other over Phoebe's lack of response to him asking her out, the two squabble about whether or not a more casual theme is appropriate for such a high-glam night. But Roo and the rest of the committee agree that it's a fun idea.

Accompanying Phoebe home, Chris calls her out on having the hots for her antagonist. Phoebe vehemently denies any such thing… but Chris won't be put off. 


Despite Oscar's concerns, Billie has fun with VJ – particularly when she gets to witness the comical family fight that erupts with Leah.

VJ apologises for his embarrassing family but Billie's anxiety is surfacing again, she tells him he has no idea how lucky he is, and bolts.

Oscar tracks her down and Billie reports she's planning to head up the coast for a few days to clear her head. She insists she just wants to forget the attack ever happened and swears him to secrecy.


Having given up on any chance of afternoon delight, Ricky admits it's time Casey had his own room and suggests they start looking for a more permanent place to live. Nate suggests they discuss mortgages but Ricky's reluctant to buy until they can go into it equally.

Determined to keep working through their issues, Ricky and Nate negotiate a compromise and agree to contact some real estate agents. However, while searching Ricky's phone for contact details, Nate stumbles across the text from Brax. He challenges her but she insists that it's nothing.

Nate asks when she got the text, Ricky admits it was a couple of days before the wedding, confirming Nate's fear that Brax was behind her freak out before the wedding. Refusing to discuss it, Ricky walks out. Is their marriage over before it's even begun?


Friday 6 April (6415)

It's a mad rush to shift the hospital fundraiser to the caravan park at the last minute and Roo has rallied the troops to help her pull the whole thing off.

When she's finally at the venue, with everyone dressed to the nines, she allows herself to take a breath. It's been a hectic twenty four hours, but it's all come good in the end thanks to the generous spirit of the Summer Bay community.


Ricky returns to the flat following her argument with Nate, ready to talk. But he's annoyed she stomped off, and is unwilling to engage.

The next morning, the tension simmers between them, until Nate forces Ricky to concede that she should have told him about the text from Brax. Ricky, however, needs Nate to accept that Brax will be a part of her life. He is Casey's father after all. Nate bristles that he has room for concern when she's stalling about buying a house together and that any mention of commitment seems to freak her out. Ricky says he's out of line.

Nate's had enough and storms out – declaring this a nice way to start a marriage.

With the tension unresolved between them, Ricky speaks to Irene and lets her know she's decided not to attend the fundraiser, covering with an excuse about Casey being unsettled. Irene senses there is more to this, and draws Ricky out about the conflict with Nate. Irene offers a few home truths to Ricky, which force her to reconsider her position, and whether she's been unfair to Nate – compromise is not one of Ricky's strengths.

As they separate, Irene is oblivious to the fact she's being watched.

At home Irene senses the presence of someone outside, but when she calls out no one answers. She remains unaware of a young man watching her through the windows.


Chris has arrived home late after helping out with fundraising. He sees Olivia on the lounger and notices the fresh scars on her legs. When he queries her on it she jumps down his throat calling him a pervert.

Chris later confides the weird exchange to Irene, who rightly suspects Olivia has relapsed in her self-harming following the abortion. But when she gently tries to talk to her out about it, Olivia lies and insists the scars are old and that Chris got it all wrong – he's the one with the problem, not her.

A doubtful – and very concerned Irene, then goes to Hunter, hoping he will have more success in getting through to the troubled Olivia.

When Hunter confronts her, Olivia finally admits she has been self-harming; it's the only thing that gives her a sense of control. Hunter asks her to promise she won't do it again, but she admits she can't do that. She agrees to at least talk to him first when she's feeling this way.

Hunter suggests they give the fundraiser a miss for tonight and just relax.


When Chris goes to collect Hannah and Phoebe for the fundraiser, Hannah appears to him as an absolute vision. He's so swept up in his love for her, that he impulsively asks her to move in with him. Hannah reminds him she won't always be this dressed up, but Chris doesn't care what she looks like. He wants to take this next step with her. Hannah agrees.

Phoebe, meanwhile, has been denying her attraction to the intriguing photographer Dom, but Hannah calls her out after discovering she was stalking Dom's social network page.

Dom continues to tease Phoebe at the fundraiser, wearing on her patience.


Josh and Oscar find themselves face to face with Tank. It seems everywhere they turn, he's there, reminding them of all the pain they endured.

They warn him to stay away from the fundraiser. Tank finds it absurd that he can't contribute some cash to the hospital that saved his life.

Josh and Oscar unload their frustration to Andy, who seethes at the injustice of it all.

Later, as Andy emerges from the gym, he runs into Tank, who is all dressed up for the fundraiser. Andy loses it, determined to stop Tank from attending. Tank refuses to engage with Andy, getting in his car and racing off. Andy, riled up, gives chase.

What follows is a reckless game of cat and mouse where Andy is intent on spooking Tank.

Tank and Andy skid to a halt at the fundraiser, brawling behind the food truck, swinging pipes and throwing each other against the truck. Neither realise they’ve broken the lead on a gas canister attached to the truck.

Having made his point, Andy leaves. Tank recovers, and decides to join the party in spite of him.

Gas continues to leak ominously, as a disconnected electrical cord sways precariously above.


Oblivious to the danger, Evelyn, Oscar, Hannah, Josh, Zac, and Leah finally take stock of the fact they're all together, uniting the MacGuire–Wilsons for an overdue family photo.

Having had a change of heart, Ricky shows up at the fundraiser, but immediately receives a phone call. In an attempt to hear better, she retreats inside the food truck, unaware of the peril.

Meanwhile, Zac and Leah head back into the house, but are startled by a massive explosion at the fundraiser, as the food truck ignites…