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19 - 23 October 2015

Monday 19 October:

As the post-party clean up continues, Leah and Zac lay down the law – all the teens are going to pitch in and continue to help finish the clean up tomorrow.

Evelyn enters, and can't deny that she lied about breaking up with Tank, but they gave her no choice, arguing that Tank never got a chance to prove himself.

Leah warns Evelyn that Tank is manipulating her, but Evelyn refuses to listen.

The next morning, Oscar tells Leah and Zac that Tank is completely nuts, revealing that at the party he told him that Evelyn is 'his' now, and if he doesn’t shut up, he'll take Maddy too.

Leah and Zac discuss the problem, and Leah suggests that she try speaking to Evelyn, woman-to-woman.

Leah tries to make Evelyn see that Tank is coming between her and her family and friends, but it just makes Evelyn more defiant, showing Leah her tattoo (a 'T' for Tank on her hip bone), and leaving the room. Tank's power over Evelyn is stronger than Leah thought.

Leah tells Zac about Evelyn's tattoo, leaving him no choice but to go to Tank to tell him to back off.

Leah doesn't know if it will work, but Zac thinks they have to try everything before it gets worse.

Zac confronts Tank, telling him that he'll leave her alone if he wants what's right for her. But Tank stands up for himself – he's here to stay, and Zac needs to accept this, or he'll regret it.

Zac goes to Greg and asks him to try and get through to Tank. Greg's reluctant, but can see that Zac's scared that they're going to lose Evelyn.

Greg asks Tank to leave Evelyn alone, but Tank deflects, telling Greg he wishes he died instead of his mum. There's nothing Greg can say or do to get Tank to listen to him.

Greg tells Zac and Leah what happened, and the only advice he can give them is to keep Evelyn and Tank apart.

Evelyn continues to push her friends away as the post-party clean up ends, and as they leave her alone, Tank appears and he tells her that Azza has kicked him out of the house because he told the police he caused the explosion.

Evelyn's heart goes out to him, and offers to try and sneak him into a van.

Tank reveals that Zac and Greg have been trying to keep him away from her, and Evelyn promises they'll work out a way to be together.

Tank has her right where he wants her.

When Evelyn arrives home, Zac and Leah set new ground rules – she's not to see Tank again, and Zac takes her phone off her.

Furious, Evelyn tells them that once her exams are done, she's moving out.

Zac's disappointed but it's a start, and there's a long way to go yet.

Too distracted to study, Evelyn hears a sound at the window, and sees Tank downstairs.

She sneaks out, and brings him inside. Things will only get much worse from here…


Roo's shell-shocked as she emerges from James' room.

She's followed out by Megan, James' wife, who asks her if she's a friend of James.'

Roo covers, telling her she got the wrong room.

Roo struggles to process the truth with Hannah – why would he propose to her if he's already married?

Alf arrives to check on James, but Roo rushes him out of the hospital, before he has any chance of running into Megan.

The next morning, Maddy's concerned for Roo and James, but Roo hides the truth from her, pretending that everything's fine.

Maddy can tell something is wrong, and tells Roo she wants to be there for her and James.

As Roo starts to crack, she orders Maddy to go and help with the post-party clean up.

After Maddy goes, Roo drops her mask. She's heartbroken, confused, and unsure what her next move should be.

Irene finds Roo and she breaks down, humiliated, admitting that James is married. Irene lets Roo cry into her arms.

Back at Irene's, Roo tries to make sense of James' lies, and admits that it's made her feel like a fool.

Irene suggests she take control by confronting James and getting some answers.

Roo's worried, but knows she owes it to herself.

James wakes up, and tells Hannah that he wants to see Roo. But she's not there, and Megan enters, relieved that he's finally awake.

He sends Megan home, and asks Hannah to call Roo. Hannah refuses to get involved, leaving James alone, regretting the awful mess he's made.

Roo confronts James, and he reveals that Megan does not know about her, and that he has children. Roo's disgusted, but James promises to explain everything.

James tells her that his wife and kids live in the Blue Mountains, but he and Megan haven't been happy together for a long time. When he met Roo, he felt alive again.

He's terrified of losing his kids, but he is going to leave home to be with Roo. He loves her, and asks her for a second chance. But is Roo ready to trust him again?


Tuesday 20 October:

Hannah drops by Leah's to check how things are after Maddy's 18th, and learns that Evelyn is still seeing Tank.

Hannah's stunned, and offers to try to get through to her by playing the 'I’m here for you' card.

Up in Evelyn’s room, she and Tank realise they've slept in, but as they scheme about how to get him out unseen, Hannah arrives, forcing Tank to hide under the bed.

Evelyn explains herself to Hannah, who tries to get her to see the other side, but Evelyn's firm – he's amazing, and she's never felt this way before.

As Tank gets more uncomfortable hiding, Evelyn makes an excuse, and rushes Hannah out.

Tank gets out from under the bed, and is happy with what Evelyn said about him.

Outside, Hannah is hesitant to leave, and goes to knock again, nearly busting them, but decides to leave it for now.

Tank jumps down from the roof and sprints off, thinking he's committed the perfect crime – but VJ has seen everything.

Downstairs, VJ overhears Leah and Hannah talking about Evelyn. As he's about to reveal what he saw, Oscar and Evelyn enter, and say goodbye to Hannah.

Leah checks that Evelyn's okay, but when she covers that she's not missing Tank, VJ calls her on it, and tells everyone that he saw Tank leave this morning, so he must have spent the night.

Evelyn explodes at everyone, unable to defend herself anymore. She storms off, leaving Oscar and Leah speechless.


Evelyn overhears VJ telling Oscar that he thinks Tank is a tool, and she tells them to mind their own business. She gets hysterical, calling VJ's family idiots, and telling him to stay out of her life.

After she's gone, VJ tells Oscar he's got to do something about his sister.

Oscar finds Tank, but when he tells him to back off, Tank warns him that he'll do serious damage to anyone who gets in his & Evelyn's way.

As John heads towards them to break up the confrontation, Tank threatens to hurt the people closest to Oscar if he doesn't listen to him.

Oscar tells Evelyn about Tank's threats, but she doesn't believe it.

Oscar feels like she's acting like when she was programmed in the cult. But Evelyn won't hear any of it, and kicks Oscar out, leaving him shattered.


Oscar's upset as he debriefs with Leah – he really thought as Evelyn's twin he'd be able to get through to her.

Leah tells him it's not about him. Evelyn's convinced she sees something in Tank that no-one else does.

Oscar feels like he's lost her.

At the diner, Hannah can't believe that Tank was under Evelyn's bed the whole time they spoke earlier.

John warns them about Oscar and Tank's face off, but Leah tells him she already knew, and apologises.

All three are at a loss about how they can help Evelyn.


Evelyn sneaks a call through to Tank on the home phone.

Tank checks if Evelyn really wants to be with him, but Evelyn's adamant that they need to be together.

Tank promises to stop everyone from keeping them apart. He thinks it would mean Evelyn not seeing her family for a while, and she tells him she's cool with that. She loves him.

Tank's got total control over her now, as Evelyn's nervously excited to follow her heart...


After learning that James is married with a family, Roo grapples with her next move.

Irene thinks she should kick him out of their place, but Roo is still considering forgiving him. Irene can't believe it.

Roo explains that she's never had what she has with James before, forcing Irene to point out that he's untrustworthy.

She understands that it's scary to think that she may not find love again at her age, and suggests that Roo talk to Alf about it, but that's the last thing she wants right now.

Meanwhile, Alf gets a phone call from Morag, who's discovered James’ secret. Alf can't believe it.


Alf finds Roo, who admits she knows that James has a family.

Roo thinks Alf wants to say 'I told you so,' but he just wants to be there for her.

Roo orders him to stay out of it.

At the diner, Marilyn tries to help Roo see sense – Marilyn's first husband cheated on her, and told the other woman the same thing James told Roo. Men like James don't know where their lies start or end.

Roo wants to figure this out for herself, leaving Marilyn and Irene worried Roo isn't listening to anything she doesn't want to hear.

Alf visits James in hospital, and his message for him is clear – if James ever tries to go near Roo again, Alf will break him in half.


Roo walks along the pier, contemplating her situation – and pulls off her engagement ring.

Irene and Marilyn continue to worry about her state of mind, and know they have to do something.

Alf arrives, and tells them he told James to stay away, but Irene's not sure that will be enough.

At the hospital, Roo gives James the ring back. She can't be engaged to a married man, but despite everything, she's not ready to walk away yet.

With the truth now out, she wants to see if there's still something left. Can Roo really make this work?


Wednesday 21 October:

Alf confronts Roo about her decision to stay with James. He thinks it's crazy after James lied to her but Roo insists that she's not ready to leave him. She walks away from Alf saying he doesn't understand.

Later Maddy tells Roo that she can't understand either and leaves Roo feeling abandoned.

Maddy goes to see James in hospital and makes it clear that she doesn't want him in their lives.

When Roo comes in she finds James packing, ready to go to the city. He tells Roo about Maddy's visit and asks how they're treating her, to which she just shakes her head.

He says that he told Megan everything and that he wants to do the right thing by Roo, who continues to be quiet and withdrawn.

Maddy and Alf discuss Roo and how they think she's making a mistake.

Alf suggests they talk to her as a family, hoping it'll stop her reacting so strongly to everything that they say to her.

They sit her down and approach things gently. Roo takes it well but asks that they respect her decision.

Maddy then asks the same, that Roo respect her decision to move back in with Alf and the others, not wanting to live with James.

Roo is upset and walks out. Alf and Maddy follow her and Alf tells Roo that she'll be making the biggest mistake of her life if she's gets into her car.

Roo pauses for a moment, then gets in and drives away. Just down the road she slows, unable to keep the tears from flowing.


Ricky is ready to go to work but spills a drink down her clothes. As Kyle stands by with Casey she quickly gets changed, not noticing Kyle's attention on her.

As she leaves, Ricky tells Kyle that she's really glad he decided to stay.

On her way to work Ricky bumps into Nate, who asks her to rub sun cream on his back. Kat sees them and is upset over their closeness.

Phoebe finds Kat deep in thought in the diner, and insists that she tell her what's wrong, guessing it's about Nate.

Kat tells Phoebe that she's worried about Nate and Ricky, but that she's trying not to be.


After his swim Nate asks Ricky if she'd like to grab dinner later because Kat's working late. But Ash butts in asking how Nate's Mrs would feel about him having dinner with a woman he recently slept with.

Ricky is annoyed and asks Phoebe to tell her boyfriend to pull his head in.

In the diner Kat tells Nate that Pete liked the photos. When Nate's phone beeps with another text from Ricky, she asks about it, and Nate tells her that he's grabbing a bite with Ricky later. Kat hides her hurt and gets going back to work.


Kyle goes in to work early and can't keep the smile off his face after some banter with Ricky, which Ash picks up on.

As Ricky goes over to the bar where Phoebe is she notices, and then that Ricky looks disappointed when Nate texts Ricky to cancel dinner.

Phoebe mentions that they've been spending a lot of time together which seems to give Ricky pause.

They talk about the situation and Phoebe tries to gently help Ricky understand what's happening, it doesn't take much for Ricky to realise that it's not fair on Kat or herself if she keeps seeing Nate so much.

When Ricky has left to go for a walk, Kyle asks Phoebe if Ricky's okay. Phoebe tells him she has some stuff to work out, but whatever he's doing he should keep doing it because he's one good thing in Ricky's life.

Later that night Phoebe runs into Nate ordering takeaway to surprise Kat with. She tells him he's doing a good thing but when he asks her what she knows she says she won't get more involved, just says that he should talk to Ricky as soon as possible.


Kyle pops in to see Ricky after he finishes work and she ends up breaking down, telling him that she feels like she's stuffing everything up.

He comforts her and as he wipes her tears away he slowly leans in and kisses her.

As she responds, Nate sees them throught the window, having come to talk to Ricky.

He walks off, not knowing that moments later Ricky pulls away from Kyle, shocked at what's just happened…


Thursday 22 October

Kat asks Nate if he wants to spend the day together as they both have the day off but he evades her offers, saying he has important paperwork to complete.

Ricky and Kyle bump into each other outside their front doors and it's awkward after their kiss the previous night.

Kyle asks if they can get coffee later and talk about it, but Ricky thinks it'll be better to just act as though nothing happened.

Ricky runs into Nate who's doing paperwork at the diner.

She asks how the night before went, reminding him that he took takeaway to Kat. His response is terse, saying it was fun and asks how her night was. She tells him she didn't do anything, and he gets up to leave, giving nothing away when she asks if something's wrong.

Ricky then finds Nate on the beach and when she presses him, he tells her he saw her kissing Kyle. She confronts him about the fact that he doesn't like seeing her kissing another man, and ends up confessing that she still loves him.

Nate says he never stopped loving her and they wonder where they go from here, they don't want to hurt Kat but they want to be together.


Chris comes home to find Kat preparing a special surprise lunch for Nate.

After some persuasion Chris leaves so Kat can have the house.

Moments later Kat gets a call with some bad news.

Nate arrives home to find a distraught Kat who tells him her brother Leo has been killed in an accident. All Nate can do is hold her.

Nate goes to see Ricky and tells her about Kat's brother, and they agree that they can't start anything now.

Ricky tells Nate to just be there for Kat and to do what he has to.


Charlotte jumps to grab her phone but it's just a work text.

Hunter calls her on her tension, asking whether she's waiting for a call about the trouble she's in. She downplays it and tells him to go out and have fun.

After he leaves, her cheery expression falls and she locks the door.

Charlotte later answers a knock at the door to find Matt with a flower. He enters and is playful but Charlotte fobs him off.

Matt joins Hunter in the diner and tries to ask whether Charlotte's okay without raising suspicion. Hunter gives up very little and Matt leaves.

Hunter arrives home and tells Charlotte that people have started talking about her not being at school. Charlotte asks who, and when Hunter tells her it was Matt she goes and talks to Matt, warning him not to draw attention to them.

Matt tells her he'd do anything for her.


Ash keeps at Kyle until he confesses that he and Ricky kissed, but says that it's just because his head's a mess, there's nothing to it.

Ash tells Kyle to sort it out, that Ricky depends on him.

When Ricky arrives at work Ash tells her that Kyle confessed to kissing her, and that he's a mess.

Ricky finds Kyle sitting on a park bench and he tells her how confused he is about his life.

They speculate that perhaps he was trying to latch onto Ricky and Casey as the most solid part of his life, and that he doesn't really feel that way about her.

Ricky comforts Kyle, who's lost.


Later on that night Charlotte opens her door to find Trystan who pushes his way in and blackmails her.

If she doesn’t get $200,000 to him, the world finds out that she's a murderer…


Friday 23 October

Charlotte tries desperately to get $200,000 together to pay off Trystan, even logging onto Denny's internet banking.

She's still only managed a little over $50,000 and then she remembers Hunter's trust fund… There's just over $150,000, will she stoop to a new low and take it?


John's excited about renewing his vows with Marilyn, but less than excited when Chris muscles in, volunteering to help at lunch the following day.

John ropes Leah and Zac in to act as a ‘buffoon barrier’.


Evie is rebelling against being grounded and Zac struggles to deal with her.

Alf advises Leah and Zac to hang in there. Upstairs Evie's typing messages to Tank, they are clearly plotting something…


The next morning Zac runs into Charlotte at the diner and she asks whether he has the $20,000 which she loaned him.

He regretfully tells her that he doesn't and as she tries to walk off he asks why she needs it, but she brushes him off pretending that she was just going to make an investment.

Later Charlotte puts a for sale sign on her car but when a prospective buyer tries to pushily talk the price down she loses her temper, telling him that the car's no longer for sale.

Hunter catches the tail end of the exchange and wants to know what's wrong. Charlotte refuses to let Hunter in and he walks away, telling her he can't protect her if she won't be honest with him.

Back at home Charlotte becomes more desperate when Trystan sends her a text checking up on the money…

She snaps and makes the call to cash in Hunter's trust fund. As she finishes the call and sends a message to Trystan, Hunter comes home and apologises for his earlier behaviour.

Charlotte promises that everything will be okay soon and they hug. Hunter is unaware that she's just emptied his trust fund.


At lunch Chris is monopolising the conversation, suggesting bigger and more crazy things for the vow renewal.

While no one is very enthusiastic, Marilyn is even less so than Leah would expect and she starts to wonder if Marilyn's heart is in it at all.

After lunch the wedding planners have split up and John and Zac are having a chat. John advises Zac to go in hard and be more forceful with Evie.

Leah excuses herself from a conversation about the music with Phoebe and Chris. She goes out on the balcony to find Marilyn who finally gives in to Leah's gentle probing, admitting that she is unsure, she feels that she and John want different things.

Afterwards John and Marilyn talk about the vow renewal as they walk together.

John has started to realise that Marilyn isn't as enthusiastic as she should be and calls her on it, saying she's using her ‘denist and golf voice’ but Marilyn fobs him off, covering her real feelings.


Evie is cheekily pushing the boundaries of being grounded with Leah, when Josh comes to see Evie.

Leah asks him to stay and keep Evie company.

At first things are friendly between the two of them but Evie gets annoyed when Josh tries to persuade her that her behaviour is making everyone wish she weren't involved with Tank.

Evie doesn't want to know, despite it being apparent that people are just concerned about her.

Later on Zac comes in to talk to her, saying that whatever she does he and Leah won't stop loving her and trying to protect her.

As she glances down at Tank's messages she seems to waver for a moment.

At dinner Evie seems to be making an effort, and thanks Leah and Zac for looking out for her, but skips dessert to go upstairs.

As they clear up Leah and Zac comment on Evie's positive change of mood, unaware that she's searching for her phone in the hallway.

Having found it she goes upstairs to pack a bag, then later that night she sneaks out.

Tank's waiting outside in his car and after checking that Evie's sure, they drive away into the night…