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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

19 - 23 August 2013

Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) and Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) discuss Heath’s wedding

Heath from TV2's Home and Away

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) tells Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) and Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) to put their differences behind them and focus on Heath’s bucks weekend

Heath from TV2's Home and Away

Dex (CHARLES COTTIER) and Indi (SAMARA WEAVING) from TV2's Home and Away

Sasha and Dex from Home and Away on TV2

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) hires a horse and carriage to win Indi (SAMARA WEAVING) over

On Monday night's Home and Away:

With Heath enjoying his buck's celebrations in Melbourne, Bianca is left with the wedding planning, as well dealing with her confused feelings towards Zac.

Bianca asks April to be bridesmaid. April is reluctant but initially agrees, however, she later admits that she thinks it might be awkward, given her history with Heath.

Roo and April are a little worried about how much Bianca wants to get done in the time they have before the wedding.

Bianca keeps in constant contact with Heath via text message; he's the reason the wedding planning is so rushed, so he has to help, even when he's interstate on his buck's weekend.

April clocks some awkwardness between Zac and Bianca and can instantly tell something is going on. Bianca admits that she feels like Zac is a better match for her than Heath. April cautions Bianca that she better figure out what she wants... fast.

Things start off tense between the brothers in Melbourne.

Heath warns Kyle to get off his phone, he shouldn't be sending love texts to Tamara this weekend, Casey doesn't need their relationship rubbed in his face.

Brax has a man-to-man with Casey, advising him to use the time away from home to clear his head. Brax understands that Casey has been through hell, but this is Heath's weekend, and they all need to forget their differences and get along.

Kyle, the Melbournian, has taken the reigns in planning the entertainment for the weekend, but and is frustrated when the brothers are rejected from the two restaurants he has booked. When things finally start running smoothly and the brothers begin to enjoy themselves, Heath receives a call from Bianca; she's postponing the wedding.

Back at Summer Bay, Tamara chooses to ignore Kyle's texts; she has enough on her plate with catching up on the school work she has fallen behind on.

Leah suggests that Tamara talk to Bianca and see if she can get some special considerations or tutoring so she doesn't fall behind at school. The problem is solved when Sally mentions that she is looking for some relief work and would gladly tutor Tamara.

Pippa is frustrated at being stuck in hospital after her seizure and upset to see how worried her mother is.

When Sally finally leaves the hospital to have lunch with Leah, albeit, reluctantly; Pippa looks though magazines with Alf. He discovers that Pippa is ripping out pictures to plan her own funeral.

On Tuesday night's Home and Away:

Heath's distraught that Bianca wants to postpone the wedding, convinced that this has something to do with her feelings for Zac.

Brax enlists Ricky's help in getting the wedding back on track. When Ricky calls with bad news - Bianca's still confused and unsure if the wedding should go ahead - Brax misleads Heath to believe everything is OK.

The boys hit the Melbourne clubs in a bid to distract Heath from his relationship drama.

Kyle tells Casey that Tamara hasn't answered any of his calls over this weekend, which cheers Casey up. The brothers embrace the temporary ceasefire and enjoy each other's company.

Heath, feeling better about his situation now that he believes Bianca is over her cold-feet, strikes up an innocent conversation with a pretty barmaid.

Unfortunately, Heath decides to call Bianca to apologise for reacting so badly. Bianca is in the other room, so Zac answers the phone. Heath hangs up, believing that Zac must be having an affair with Bianca.

All of Heath's fears and insecurities bubble up, and he drowns his sorrows at the bar. Conflicted and hurt, he stumbles out of the nightclub and into the arms of the pretty barmaid.

Ricky tracks down Bianca in an attempt to convince her to go through with the wedding.

Ricky quickly ascertains that Bianca's feelings towards Zac are responsible for her cold-feet. Zac overhears Irene, Roo and Harvey speculating that the wedding may be cancelled.

Feeling he may be to blame for Bianca postponing the wedding, Zac tracks her down to apologise. While the pair of them chat, Bianca realises how much she loves Heath - she and Zac look good on paper, but her feelings for Heath are the real thing.

When Zac answers a call on Bianca's phone, the pair do not realise that the mystery caller is Heath - who now believes that Bianca's cheating on him with Zac. Without knowing this, Bianca goes to Ricky and reveals that she's solid in her love for Heath and keen to get married. Ricky's relieved to hear the wedding is still on.

Pippa's already becoming accustomed to the hospital routine; and Alf tells Sally that her daughter has begun to plan her own funeral.

Sally is overwhelmed with pain to hear her little girl talking so morbidly, while Pippa distrusts her mother's promises, believing Sally's lying to her about her chances of surviving this.

Harvey seeks out Sally and reveals he lost his son a few years ago. He's amazed by Sally's strength and counsels her to view Pippa's funeral planning as her way of coping and connecting with her loved ones. Sally comes back to the hospital and has a candid talk with Pippa about her conditions, and their fears.

On Wednesday night's Home and Away:

Brax, Casey and Kyle lose track of Heath at the nightclub.

Brax heads off in search of the missing groom, while Casey and Kyle continue partying.

A very sorry Heath awakes from his one-night-stand feeling disgusted with himself. Brax finds him wading through the water fully clothed, miserable and trying to wash off last night's debauchery. Brax quickly realises Heath has made a huge mistake - he's cheated on Bianca.

Heath's dismayed when he realises that Bianca never cheated on him - his drunken hook-up was the result of his own paranoia.

Brax tells Kyle and Casey that Heath went lone wolf last night, and they're cutting their weekend short - hiding the truth that Heath has been unfaithful. Heath decides to come clean to Bianca, but can't find it in him to tell her the truth.

Bianca, feeling grateful to Ricky for helping her see the light, asks her to be bridesmaid. Ricky reluctantly agrees and gets Bianca to call Heath to apologise for freaking him out.

Brax promises to get Heath to phone back when he finds him - keeping the fact that Heath has disappeared from Ricky and Bianca.

Bianca feels terrible about scaring Heath, but Ricky promises it will all be fine.

Irene and Roo are pleased to hear the wedding is back on. Bianca charges Ricky with an important bridesmaid's task - she wants to surprise Heath with surfing lessons. Meanwhile, Irene's still drowning under the workload from the Diner.

When Irene confronts Leah about whether her heart is still in the business, Leah admits it's probably time she moves on, as she's bored with life at the Diner. Irene agrees it's a good idea.

Chris is trying to charm Indi, and Sasha is not overtly impressed with him wooing her sister. Spencer urges Sasha to give Chris a break, and Sasha reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Chris is pleased to see Maddy, and it seems now she and Spencer have broken up Chris is prepared to call a truce. He reveals he's genuinely sad Maddy and Spencer didn't work out - especially since he's finding Sasha even harder to deal with as Spencer's new girlfriend.

He and Maddy head down to the beach where Spencer and Sasha have been hanging out. Sasha does not like the water, but finding her distaste of the beach hard to believe, Chris picks her up and dumps her in the water. Not a good move Chris, who maintains he was just trying to break the ice.

Sasha is both humiliated and furious. And while Chris apologises for his behaviour, it's clear he's only doing it to curry favour with Indi.

Sasha maintains her deep reservations about Chris as a potential suitor for Indi. As a way to show remorse for his joke-gone-wrong, Chris offers to cook breakfast at the Walker household, but ruins it when he invites Maddy.

Sasha's shocked - on what planet would inviting Spencer's ex without asking be a good idea? She makes it clear that she doesn't appreciate Chris's interference - they are anything but friends.

John's concerned that Marilyn doesn't have her head in the game about the bus tours. However, she's distracted by Jett's accusation that she's trying to take Gina's place.

On Thursday night's Home and Away:

Sally and Alf reflect on the past, and Sally reveals her full vulnerability when she brings up how much she misses her late husband, Flynn.

The money from the sale of the Blaxland hasn't come through from Winston yet, causing Sally worry. Roo, Harvey and Alf realise that even when that money does appear, it won't be enough to get them to America and pay for treatment.

They decide to take matters into their own hands and look into throwing a fundraiser. However, the money finally comes through and an elated Sally prepares to take Pippa to the US. Alf cautions Sally to slow down and not get ahead of herself.

Finally home after an overnight shift at the hospital, an exhausted Dex tries to extricate himself from Sasha/Chris dramas, but Sasha's determined to win her brother to her side.

She's convinced Chris is a manipulative lothario, and as far as she's concerned he's bad news for 'vulnerable' Indi. Dex is not so sure Indi is the naïve pushover Sasha's painting her to be - and unless there's a zombie apocalypse Sasha should let him sleep.

However, Sasha guilt-trips him into staying up and helping her run interference between Chris and Indi. When Spencer sees Sasha being rude to Chris he gives her a piece of his mind - it's time for her to give Chris a chance.

Meanwhile, Chris attempts to sweep Indi off her feet by arriving at the farm in a horse drawn carriage. Dex is impressed by his romantic gesture, while a dumbstruck Indi can't hide her surprise. The pair head off for their date while a happy Dex watches on, enjoying the sight of Indi happy after so much heartbreak.

When Sasha arrives home outraged that Chris has swept up Indi in this romantic gesture, Dex shoots her down - she should follow Spencer's advice and ease up on Chris. Finally Dex gets some well-earned sleep!

Marilyn is thrown in the deep-end with the bus tours when John suggests a trial run with Jett playing the customer.

Jett promises he won't go easy on Marilyn and John with his critique of the bus tour, and Marilyn dreads the ride ahead. She's worried her true feelings for John will be visible to Jett, and that she'll forget all of her research.

Sally advises Marilyn to let the Bay speak for itself. The bus tour gets underway, with Marilyn battling her nerves.

Jett's hyper critical of Marilyn's local historical knowledge, but Marilyn pulls through and begins to remember her research. Things are looking up for the bus tour - until the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Sick of their bickering, John leaves Marilyn and Jett at the bus while he goes in search of help. Alone, Marilyn and Jett are forced to try and sort out their differences.

On Friday night's Home and Away:

While stranded in the bush with the bus broken down, Marilyn attempts to reach out to Jett.

But Jett's still angry, believing Marilyn is trying to replace Gina. Marilyn protests - she cares for John and for Jett, and she's never going to overstep that line or take Gina's place.

As he and Marilyn reconcile, the bus engine magically starts - and on the radio is Gina's favourite song. Jett sees this as a sign that Gina's happy for them, and he and Marilyn get in the bus and chase down John, who's still on his way to get help.

The pair of them play a joke on John, thus cementing their newly reformed friendship - and as much as John's annoyed by the prank, he's pleased to see the pair of them getting on again. When asked how the bus came back to life, Marilyn suggests it was a little 'divine intervention'.

Sally looks at flights for her and Pippa now there's an opening at the Mayo Clinic in America.

But it's clear the reality of the financial constraints are obscured by her excitement about Pippa starting treatment.

However, as she's checking Pippa out of the hospital, a hard-line Dr Peta Bradley tells Sally she's making the wrong decision - she just doesn't have the finances to support Pippa over in America and she's setting her daughter up for a fall.

Sally is forced to face reality and she and Alf look at the costs. When Irene expresses shock over the money required to take Pippa overseas, Sally snaps. Alf tells her to be patient for a bit longer so they can raise funds.

April's more determined than ever to win her war against Dr Bradley.

When April and Dex arrive at the hospital they enjoy a catch up with Tamara. Seeing them chatting with a friend, Dr Bradley cracks the whip - if April was serious about working in this hospital she wouldn't waste time talking while there are patients that need seeing.

After Bradley counsels Sally to keep Pippa in Australia, April sees Sally's devastation and wonders how Bradley can be so unsympathetic.

She questions Bradley over her demeanour with Sally, and Bradley snaps - April is a student doctor, who has no right to question her. April decides to lodge a formal complaint against Dr Bradley.

Dr Bradley reveals that she gave up her career to have kids and has had to fight hard to succeed in this profession - that's what she's trying to teach April!

Of course she's sympathetic to Sally's predicament, but being sympathetic and a mother isn't going to help Sally and Pippa. What they need is a doctor - and getting too close to the patients can jeopardise her judgement.

April realises that she is actually learning from Dr Bradley. Sometimes tough love is the best way to help patients.

When Tamara tells April that her miraculous recovery has resulted in Casey not talking to her and Kyle not leaving her alone April implements Dr Bradley's advice, and delivers Tamara some tough love - it's time for Tamara to stand on her own two feet and sort things out. Stop stringing Kyle and Casey along.

After helping Tamara get through her amnesia, Leah decides to train to be a youth worker.

Irene thinks it's a good idea for Leah to jump in the deep end and sees how she goes.

Tamara comes home to find Leah's decided what to do with her life. Tamara reveals she's also made a big decision. April made her see that it's time for Tamara to step up, and now she's decided between Casey and Kyle.