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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

19 - 22 April 2016

Monday 18 April (6401)

No that their relationship is out in the open, Kat and Dylan relish the chance to go anywhere and be seen together. It seems there's nothing standing in their way now. 

Evie meanwhile, is set on putting her relationship with Tank firmly in the history file. Having found a tattoo removal place in the city, she plans to have the last reminder of that part of her life removed. But as Zac listens to Leah supporting Evie's decision, he struggles with the knowledge of what Tank did for him in jail.

A gesture Tank paying an increasingly tough price for. In the prison, sitting opposite Tank who's covered in fresh cuts and bruises, his dad,Greg pleads with him to go to the authorities for protection. But Tank refuses, stoically declaring that he can handle himself. Confronting Zac back in the Bay, Greg demands help. As far as he's concerned, Zac is the only one who can reach Tank now and if he doesn't do something, it could mean disaster. But can Zac bring himself to do it?

Evie and Josh enter the lounge room to find Matt and Maddy in a siege of sorts. The cyber bullying has ramped up and they have come to the conclusion that hiding out is their best course, as the police can't seem to do anything to stop it. Hitting on an idea, Evie suggests that instead, Matt and Maddy accompany her and Josh to the city for a night of fun. However, Matt and Maddy decline, bunkering down tighter.


Having spied Kat and Dylan out on the beach earlier, Hannah talks to Ash and voices her growing apprehension. Surprised by the force of her conviction having been generally reprimanded after his outburst at the station, Ash is reluctant to get involved, but Hannah can't leave it alone. Arriving home, she confronts Kat, begging her to look into Dylan seriously. He might claim he's changed, but how does she really know?

Rankled by her concern, Kat dismisses it, but later she is tempted to look into Dylan a little more closely. Presented with the chance to check his phone and computer, she takes it – and hates herself for it. She's shocked to find a folder full of photos of her, with other people in them scrubbed out. When she confronts Dylan about it, he appears to have a plausible answer. Doubt takes hold nonetheless and as she stands looking out over the water on her break, Kat is more confused than ever. Are all her friends right about Dylan after all? Ash tries to talk to her but she's upset and tells him to leave her alone. Crossing with Dylan, Ash asks what he did to upset Kat, and gives him a warning. This pushes Dylan to go and ask Kat if she's alright, telling her that she can talk to him but she shrugs it off, saying things are fine. As she turns away though, her doubt is clear.


At a low ebb, having refused Evie and Josh's offer, Matt readies to do the washing up and have another night in, hiding away. Before he can, Evie delivers a heartfelt monologue about how strong Maddy and Matt are, and she finally gets a smile from Matt. It works, they decide to go with Evie and Josh to the city.


Zac confesses his dilemma to Leah, and tells her that Tank was the one who intervened when he was attacked in prison. Leah gives him all the reasons why he shouldn't help Tank - not least of which, because of the damage Tank did to some of their nearest and dearest. But knowing what he owes Tank, Zac refuses to turn his back on him and he goes to the prison to see Tank, despite experiencing flashbacks which fill him with dread… But his gesture might all be for nothing, as Tank is stabbed in front of Zac and left bleeding.


Tuesday 19 April (6402)

Evie, Josh, Maddy and Matt celebrate the fact Evie's had her tattoo removed. Evie is relieved, now she can finally move on from Tank, and concentrate on her future. When Matt suggests Josh and Evie should move into together, he gets Josh thinking.

That night, Josh proposes to Evie. Maddy and Matt are thrilled, congratulating the happy couple on their engagement.


Suffering from a stab wound, Tank's wheeled into hospital, straight to surgery. Zac feels guilty, explaining to Greg what's happened to his son. Josh and Evie are stunned to learn Zac is involved with Tank and has dragged him back into their orbit.

Driven by Evie's level of distress, Josh confronts Tank in hospital. He loses his temper and needs to be restrained by the Prison Guard. Later, Evie and Josh agree to try to forget Tank and move on. They decide to keep their engagement secret for the time being.


Tank's medical status improves, but Zac still feels responsible. He dreads the time when Tank is discharged and has to return to jail. Leah assures Zac this isn't his fault, but it falls on deaf ears. Zac wants to help Tank by making a submission to his parole board.

Leah and Zac conflict - Leah doesn't believe Tank deserves a second chance. When Evie discovers Zac's intention to help Tank gain early parole, she's horrified. She tells Zac in no uncertain terms she will never forgive him.


Meanwhile, VJ's under the illusion that pretending to date Skye is making Billie jealous. As part of the facade, VJ kisses Skye in front of Billie and Oscar, thinking it'll make Billie jealous. Skye feels used and storms off while Oscar, who knows what's going on, thinks it's time Billie spoke to VJ.

Oscar counsels Billie to let VJ down gently and she takes his advice, rejecting VJ. Feeling down, VJ apologises to Skye for taking advantage of her, and they bond, admitting they're best mates.

Oscar then invites Billie to join him on a night out with his uni mates. Is this the beginning of another platonic friendship, or something more?


Wednesday 20 April (6403)

Passion flourishes between Hunter and Olivia, as the reunited teens ponder making up for lost time. Hunter, having tested himself physically in the ocean, knows he's now ready for more 'intimate' activities.

Olivia's equally over the moon about him, but unbeknownst to Hunter there's something worrying her.


Zac's also preoccupied by whether he can vouch for Tank to get parole without alienating his family. Leah's sympathetic but sides with Evie: family comes first.

Oscar's also appalled by Zac's intentions to help Tank. Then Zac tells Oscar the full story: Tank saved Zac's life, and since Tank was attacked in prison, Zac feels compelled to return the favour, the kicker being that Zac's convinced Tank is rehabilitated. But is it enough to persuade the others, particularly Evie?


Ricky rushes over to Nate, pleased to have found a wedding dress: it's perfect, well, almost. Nate's taken aback by Ricky's casual attitude to her dress and the wedding arrangements as a whole. It seems she's not that excited about their big day.


At the Diner, Olivia's sprung self-serving at the fridge as she gathers a surprise picnic for Hunter, given the last one went pear-shaped when he collapsed.

Irene's finally won over by the romance of the idea but wonders if Hunter's up to it, health wise? But Olivia's oddly emphatic: this can't wait.

Rendezvousing at a secluded spot, Hunter loves the surprise, and is happy to be far from Zac and Leah tension he witnessed earlier. No one in that household needs any more stress.

As Hunter and Olivia smooch on the rug, there's a sense she wants to say something but Hunter misses the cue, and as things hot up, she decides not to kill the moment.

Later, Olivia leaves suddenly, claiming she has to go somewhere, leaving Hunter confused.


With Zac's defence of Tank in mind, Evie visits Tank in hospital. He's surprised to see her, and she's wary of being manipulated by him. Despite initial resistance, Tank's wholehearted admission of guilt and declaration of remorse moves her. Can she forgive Tank after all?

On returning home, she tells the others of her visit – and her decision. If Tank stays out of their lives, she's okay with Zac helping Tank.


The wedding plans continue with Ricky now having taken care of drinks, cake and flowers. Nate's relieved: it looks like the future 'Mrs Cooper' is on top of her pre-nup jobs now. Ricky baulks at the mention of changing her name. Nate presumed she'd want to simplify their family unit, but Ricky's having none of it. Her name is part of her identity, and that's that. Nate's disappointed but accepting.

But the issue of Ricky and Nate's wedding challenges continue when Roo comes to fix Ricky's dress. As Ricky holds it up, it gets caught and tears. Roo panics but Ricky's not that fussed. Roo now questions if Ricky is sure she wants to go through with the wedding, but Ricky reassures her she is – though there's a flicker of doubt.

Nate tells Roo about the name issue and she gives him a bit of insight about picking your battles.

Nate finds Ricky and apologises for blindsiding her earlier about the name. With the that problem behind them, Nate checks in with her about wedding vows – has she written hers yet? Ricky again feels pushed – she's not writing anything, just repeating what the celebrant tells her. Nate's offended by her seeming disinterest, but Ricky reminds Nate, wedding palaver is not her thing. Frustrated, Ricky storms off, leaving Nate worried.


Zac and Hunter have their first honest chat since Zac returned from prison. Hunter's relieved to have his Dad back: he needs advice regarding Olivia's recent weirdness…

Home and safely alone, the mystery of Olivia's secret is finally revealed when she contemplates a pregnancy test kit.


Debriefing over beers with Zac, Nate skirts around his deepest fear – is he losing Ricky again?

Meanwhile, keeping busy at Angelo's, Ricky gets a text: from Brax, sending best wishes for the wedding. Will the shadow of her former love be the final blow that prevents Ricky and Nate from becoming husband and wife?


Thursday 21 March (6404)

Nate is still distracted by the argument he had with Ricky. Not wanting to let anyone know there's a problem, he covers and puts up with his friends' good natured ribbing that he's letting pre-wedding nerves get to him.

He tries to call Ricky but when her phone rings she's distracted, with mixed emotions the text from Brax has stirred up, she ignores Nate's call as Kyle arrives for work.

Using Kyle's impending trial as a distraction, Ricky checks how he's doing. Kyle is philosophical – there's no point stressing about something that no one knows the outcome to. He quickly changes the subject back to the wedding and Ricky assures him everything is still on track but with Brax's text on her mind, it's clear there's trouble brewing.


Olivia is too scared to take a pregnancy test because she can't bear the thought that it might come back positive. She confides in Skye, who is calm and comforting. With a deep breath, Olivia takes the test and her worst fears are realised - she's pregnant.

Panicking, Olivia strides around trying to deal with her fear, then suddenly freaks out as she wonders what Irene will say but Irene is comforting, reassuring Olivia that everything will be alright. She wonders how Hunter took the news and Olivia reveals she hasn't told him. Irene points out that as the father he has a right to know and Olivia agrees.

But struggling to wrap her own mind around it, she has no idea how to break it to Hunter. She'll tell him, she just needs more time. Reluctantly, Irene agrees but this can't be kept secret forever.


Nate and Ricky finally talk. Both are sorry about the argument and both blame themselves. Nate apologises for putting pressure on Ricky, insisting that if she wants the wedding back on the original date, that's fine with him. Despite the fact the extra time would give Ricky space to deal with her mixed feelings, she covers and insists the wedding goes ahead as planned.

Meanwhile Phoebe has decided to organise a surprise - a combined Bucks/Hens Party for the happy couple, who are now seemingly back on track.

The party begins well enough but it soon becomes clear that Ricky is still not as happy as she's making out.


Also troubled is Kat, whose doubts about Dylan continue to play on her mind, despite her efforts to hide them. She starts drinking at the party, a sure sign that something is wrong. Concerned, Hannah presses for some honesty but Kat denies there's a problem.

She keeps drinking and then she causes a scene, Ash decides it's time to take her home. He leads her to his car, where their innocent body contact is witnessed by a fuming Dylan.

Arriving home, Ash calls Kat on her behaviour, he's seen this before from her, something's wrong - is it Dylan? Kat rambles about trust but before Ash can respond, Kat kisses him then passes out leaving Ash stunned and concerned.


As the party winds up, Nate is dragged off clubbing with the boys leaving Ricky alone with Phoebe, who gently insists Ricky tell her what's bothering her. Ricky shows Phoebe the text from Brax, revealing she's terrified. She loves Nate but this is messing with her feelings.

Ricky admits she's not sure if she wants to marry Nate. Is the dream wedding in jeopardy?


Friday 22 April (6405)

Kyle is stunned when Isla shows up at his place after Nate's Buck's Night. She relays that she has been doing it tough on the run but returned out of concern for Kyle. She's soon horrified to learn that Kyle has taken the fall for her crime.

Despite his insistence that he's ready to go to jail if he's found guilty (as a way of paying penance for his past crimes), Isla decides she should confess and get him off the hook.

Kyle quickly convinces her there's no point in them both going to jail for the attempted robbery, but is surprised when Isla asks him to run away with her. Kyle's torn - although he loves her, he knows what going on the run did to Brax.

Just as he seems to be about to agree, Ricky shows up with Casey - and Isla sadly realises that although Kyle loves her, he could never leave his family behind. After an emotional farewell, Isla goes - leaving Kyle certain he'll never see her again.


Meanwhile, Ricky’s mind remains in turmoil after receiving Brax's text. She tries to sort through her confusion with Phoebe, who suggests that maybe Brax just wants to give Ricky his blessing? Ricky remains unsure, concerned he's trying to stop her from marrying Nate.

Even an early morning surf can't clear her head. But she's distracted from her disquiet when, on the way home, she finds Nate and Chris asleep in the dunes.

She takes them back to Irene's, where Irene reminds them time is running out before the wedding. Seeing Ricky's increasing anxiety, Nate confronts her, saying he wants her to be sure and if she's not ready, he understands - they can still be together as a family.

In the face of his love and support, Ricky's remaining doubts evaporate. She tells him there's no way he's wriggling out of this - they're getting married today.

Her burden lifted, she goes down to where Phoebe's preparing for the reception. Phoebe is happy to see Ricky's mood has changed.

Ricky texts Brax then excitedly prepares to get married to the man she loves, with her family by her side.


On the morning of the wedding, Kat wakes with a crashing headache, surprised to find Ash there. It's quickly apparent Kat has no memory of kissing him the night before. Ash chooses not to enlighten her, instead asking what sent her off on a drinking binge? Kat tells him about the photos she found on Dylan's computer and how she's realised that, deep down, she doesn’t believe he's changed.

Ash is relieved she's come to her senses at last and Kat makes him promise not to tell Dylan he drove her home last night, afraid of what he might do.

Although Ash agrees, it's a hungover Phoebe who puts her foot in it when Dylan asks her about last night in the diner. Phoebe mentions Ash drove Kat home.

But when Dylan shows up at Kat's place, feigning concern about how she got home, Kat lies and says she took a taxi.

When Phoebe later warns Kat that Dylan knows the truth, Kat is shaken, realising Dylan must know she lied to him. She's even more rattled when Dylan shows up unannounced, sounding as though he expects to attend Ricky's wedding with her. There's an awkward moment before Dylan laughs it off, telling them he's joking and that Kat's needed down at the station.


While Chris bumblingly helps Nate get ready, Kyle arrives at Phoebe's with Casey, just in time to see Ricky, dressed and ready. Both he and Phoebe are overwhelmed by how lovely she looks. Ricky looks happy and finally feels ready to get hitched!