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Home and Away

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16 - 20 September 2013

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) Heath (DAN EWING) and Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) kidnap the twins from the compound

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) punches Murray (CHRISTOPHER STOLLERY) as Heath kidnaps Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) from the compound

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) and Heath (DAN EWING) kidnap Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST)] from the compound

Leah (ADA NICODEMOU) takes Oscar (JAKE SPEER) to the hospital after being rescued from the Compound

Will Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) walk again?

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) tries to help Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) with his rehabilitation

Tamara (KELLY PATERNITI) offers Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) support during his rehabilitation

Tamara (KELLY PATERNITI) offers Casey (LINCOLN YOUNES) support during his rehabilitation

Monday 16 September

Oscar is beaten by Ethan as punishment for contacting Zac. Zac, concerned for Oscars welfare, rushes to the lodge.

Ethan and Evelyn warn Zac away, and cult members surround Zac. There will be violence if he doesn't leave. Despite her assertion that Zac should stay out of their lives, Evelyn's also concerned for her brother.

Hannah's upset when Zac returns without Oscar. They can't see how they can get the twins away from Ethan and the cult. Leah warns Zac about visiting Ethan again when a police officer arrives to issue Zac with an AVO. He cannot go anywhere near Ethan or the kids.

Distressed that they're running out of options, Hannah heads out to try one last time to help Oscar and Evie.

Brax is out for revenge after Josh and Andy left Casey who will now need a wheelchair. He's finding it difficult to deal with the fact Casey may never walk again.

Maddy tries to tell Brax there's more to the story and that Josh is sorry for what he did. Brax doesnt want to hear it. Maddy can't help but feel for Josh - he's not the bad guy Brax is painting him out to be.

Later, when she question Josh about his actions that night, he reveals Andy's on parole and calling for help would have gotten his brother arrested. Alf and Roo spy Maddy talking to Josh and are concerned. Casey is becoming increasingly despondent about the likelihood that he'll walk again.

Brax tries to get Casey to try out his wheelchair, but the reality is cutting too deep for Casey and he refuses to get in it. Brax wants him to start physio and take an active part in his own recovery, but Casey's convinced his future is ruined. Brax can't reach him.

Later, Zac and Brax talk about their respective problems with their brothers. After Zac reveals the danger the twins are in, Brax offers to help by breaking into the cult and rescuing Oscar and Evelyn.

Sasha's comment that Spencer is reliable is playing on his mind. He wants to change his image and not be seen as predictable, safe Spencer. He tells her he used to have a dark side.

At night on the pier, Spencer looks at his medication. It's for his bipolar disorder, a condition he has not disclosed to Sasha. After thinking hard he throws his medication into the water.


Tuesday 17 September:

Zac and Brax hatch a plan to rescue the twins with the help of Kyle and Heath. Oscar wants to escape from the cult, but decides to stay after Evelyn pleads with him not to leave her.

Leah asks Zac not to illegally rescue the twins there has to be another way. Zac knows their 16th birthday is fast approaching and that something terrible happens in the cult when you turn 16.

Arriving at the lodge, Zac distracts Ethan while Kyle, Heath and Brax rescue Oscar and an unwilling Evelyn. When confronted by Ethan and the cult leader Murray during their escape, Zac and Brax have to fight their way out. Heath has his hands full as Evelyn fights to escape.

After the rescue mission, the cops arrive at Leah's to ask where Zac is. Leah's forced to lie and say she knows nothing about their whereabouts, but she's unhappy about being thrust in the middle of this position.

Meanwhile, the Braxton's deliver the twins and Zac to a motel. Oscar's badly hurt from his beating from Ethan... Zac has no idea how to help him.

Chris and Indi have nowhere to be intimate together, and Chris decides it's time to charm Irene into letting Indi come around. However, in trying to suck up to Irene, Chris ends up greatly respecting Irene and enjoying his time with her.

Indi's annoyed that Chris has forgotten the reason he was spending time with her in the first place, while Irene is feeling claustrophobic now Chris has made her his new best friend.

Fed up with Chris' attention, Irene tells him he doesn't need to win her over she likes him already. She just wants him to be a respectful housemate. Irene's also willing to compromise and invites Indi over so she and Chris can spend quality time together and give Irene some space!

Maddy's falling hard for Josh, much to Roo's displeasure. Alf is also unhappy about their developing friendship and warns Josh away.

Josh asks Maddy about her decision to leave home when she ran away with Spencer. He thinks she's brave he could never leave his family.

Their date is cut short when Josh is approached by a police officer and taken in for questioning. Maddy's incensed and asks Roo why she called the cops on Josh.

Roo protests that she didn't, when Alf reveals he called the cops, and he's proud of it. Maddy's upset, but Alf's adamant he did the right thing.


Wednesday 18 September:

Leah tells Hannah about Zac's plan to rescue the twins. Evelyn tries to convince Zac to return her and Oscar to their dad.

Zac refuses, but his fears for Oscar intensify as it becomes apparent he needs urgent medical attention. Hannah arrives and agrees that Oscar needs a doctor.

Leah's angry that she's been made an accessory for kidnapping, and Zac wants her to take Oscar to hospital. She reluctantly agrees and Brax advises her to say she found Oscar on the beach, stopping her from being implicated in the kidnapping.

Evelyn lashes out at Zac and Hannah, hurting Hannah deeply. Leah returns with Oscar, and everyone's relieved to learn that he's okay.

Now they know he's safe, Hannah and Zac struggle to see a way out of their situation, but neither regret getting the twins out of the cult before their 16th birthday.

Brax tells Ricky about the rescue operation with Zac and the twins. Ricky's at ease with Brax's illegal activities, but suspects Brax needs a break.

Brax tries to motivate Casey into a positive attitude, but Casey's completely dejected. He wants Brax to leave him alone there's no way Brax could possibly understand what he is going through.

Brax is at a loss as to how to get through to his brother. Ricky suggests Brax try a new approach to his dynamic with Casey and step away from the situation. Casey has plenty of support, it's time Brax allowed Casey to come to grips with his injuries.

Brax decides to go away for a few days to de-stress. Ricky takes the lead on convincing Casey to go to physio. She wants him to get in the chair. Casey is none-too-pleased with this development.

Chris and Indi reap the benefits of Irene's good will and finally have a private place to be together. Indi suspects that Chris likes Irene a whole lot more than he lets on. She suspects there's a real friendship at play.

Meanwhile, Sasha's concerned about Spencer's erratic behaviour and extreme fitness regime. Chris also clocks Spencer's changed attitude and is worried he's seen this before with his brother.

Sasha's starting to get annoyed with his extreme behaviour. Chris asks Spencer if he's still taking his medication. Spencer deflects he's just trying to have a life.


Thursday 19 September:

Casey feels betrayed that Brax has left town and lashes out at Ricky. She's hard-line about Casey getting in a wheelchair and going to physio.

At Casey's request, April throws Ricky out of the hospital room, and they argue about the best way to encourage him.

After speaking to April, Ricky realises it's time to ask Tamara to break through to Casey. Tamara's convinced she'll confuse the situation.

Tamara and Kyle try to navigate their post-breakup working relationship. Kyle pays her and tells her to go home, and Tamara's disappointed.

Dex manages to reach Casey, relating his own experience of physio. Meanwhile, Tamara has realised that she should be by Casey's side, helping him through this.

Dex and April are glad that Tamara is helping Casey and speculate whether this could lead to romance. Dr Bradley is not impressed with their gossiping. Tamara helps Casey see that this is just another hurdle, and motivates him to try physio. She's proud of him.

Bianca's shocked when Jett calls her Mrs. Braxton, much to April and Dex's amusement. She starts to question her identity now she's a married woman.

She approaches Kyle about his choice to change his name to Braxton. She hits a nerve when asking if he'd ask his wife to take his name. He reveals he broke it off with Tamara, and she tells him he gave up without a fight.

Encouraged by Winston's words of love, Kyle decides to fight for Tamara. Leaving a confused Bianca in charge, Kyle runs off to the hospital to win her back. However, his heart breaks when he sees Casey and Tamara together, happy.

Dex feels terrible for Kyle but can't help since Bradley has kept a watchful eye on his interactions with the patients. Annoyed with April and Dex for continuing to interfere in their patients' love lives. She decides partners cannot work together and decides that one of them need to go.

Harvey's happy to be home after his sailing trip away with Winston. Apparently he spent the entire time talking about Marilyn. He wants one last chance to win her over.

John and Jett see Winston and Marilyn having breakfast, and Jett is having none of that. He convinces John to come spy on Winston and Marilyn. Jealous and paranoid, John confronts Marilyn about her intentions with Winston.

Annoyed, Marilyn tells John he doesnt know what hes talking about and storms off. Jett's exasperated... smooth move, John!

Meanwhile, their friendly brunch has sparked Winston's hope for romance and asks Roo and Harvey to help him win over Marilyn with a romantic dinner at Angelos. Roo, Harvey, and Alf sell her out as Marilyn tries to escape Winston's romantic plans.

Winston's devastated when Marilyn makes it clear that she does not see a future for them. He tells her he's leaving the Bay.

Friday 20 September:

Bianca's been running the bar when Kyle went to apologise to Tamara. She and Marilyn discuss the men in their lives.

Heath shows up and Bianca's annoyed that he's been AWOL the last couple of days. Heath is annoyed that he's in dog house and takes it out on Kyle.

He's more annoyed to discover Tamara and Kyle have broken up nobody tells him anything! Kyle accepts there is no future for Tamara and him. However, he later apologises for shutting her out.

He wants Tamara to come back to work. It's time for them to move forward.

Bianca is increasingly upset with Heath keeping things from her. She's his wife, she needs to be across these things what was she doing with Brax and Casey?

Unwilling to admit his part in an illegal kidnap operation, Heath keeps quiet. Tamara wants to know Kyle's real reason for going to the hospital did he want them to get back together? Kyle can't handle this as well as he wanted to and asks her not to come to work.

Bianca and Heath hash out her insecurities about joining the Braxton world. She has her own identity.

April and Dex are upset that they've been forced to choose who will quit. The conversation turns to Kyle/Tamara/Casey when Tamara overhears them.

Realising Kyle came after her, Tamara wants to make things right. April and Dex are forced to admit they should not have focused on the personal lives of their patients.

April organises to meet with Bradley and negotiate a way they can go on without one of them leaving. Bradley rejects this it's decision time.

When April points out Bradley has no power over Dex's job, Bradley agrees so April is fired. Decision made. April wants to fight it, but Dex is sure they'll lose.

Winston, seeking comfort, finds Dex alone on a bench contemplating Bradley's decision. Winston shares his misfortune, and through this Dex realises his true love for April comes with a price. He should sacrifice anything for her. Thanks Winston!

Dex is off to make things right. He hands in his resignation. Bradley's disappointed, but accepts the resignation.

Winston is devastated by Marilyn's rejection, and Harvey is forced to comfort his friend. After the disastrous date, Marilyn retires to bed after being walked home by Bianca.

Marilyn is upset that Winston is leaving the Bay because of her. She guilts Harvey into spending more time with Winston, and Harvey advises Winston to stay positive.

Bianca inadvertently spills that Marilyn had a bad date with Winston, and Marilyn reveals Winston is leaving and she's upset.

Winston has come to see Marilyn, and he apologises for abandoning Marilyn last night. She's upset that Winston has put her in a position where he's threatening to leave the Bay because of her. She doesn't want Winston to do that.

And while she can only offer friendship she'd rather not be responsible.