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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

15 - 19 June 2015

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Ada Nicodemou plays Leah Patterson-Baker

Steve Peacocke plays Darryl 'Brax' Braxton

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home and Away

Monday 15 June:

Hannah and Andy are having a moment when Denny storms in; Ash just broken up with her. Apparently Ash doesn't have feelings for her anymore. Andy and Hannah are surprised; they thought the two of them seemed fine, something else must be happening. Hannah leaves for the hospital, telling Andy to keep an eye out for Denny.

When Hannah gets to work she's on guard around her ex, Sean, who's working in the hospital for the next few days. Leah arrives at the hospital and Sean runs her through some preliminary tests before her operation day. Hannah comes in to take blood from Leah, who remarks about Hannah's first day back at work being nervous. Sean then makes a double entendre about easing back into work, but the real meaning is about their previous relationship. Later when Hannah returns with the results, she tries to act professional around Sean, calling him Dr Gleeson. Sean calls Hannah on this, charming her, saying they shouldn't pretend they don't have history.

Leah talks to Hannah about her doubts over the operation. Leah fishes for goss between her and Dr Gleeson, but Hannah only reveals they used to work together, then directs Leah to filling out her paperwork. Later, when Hannah goes on her break, Leah presses her to open up about Sean. Hannah spills they were together and planning a wedding until Hannah's sister got cancer. Sean was already committed to working overseas & Hannah stayed with her sister. After trying long distance for a while they broke up. Hannah opens up about how she stills has feelings for him, because they never really stopped loving each other, they just stopped seeing each other. Unbeknownst to Hannah, Sean overhears this last confession. Hannah reiterates to Leah, it doesn't matter anymore, she's with Andy now.

Kyle's sorting out stuff at the surf club when he gets a text from Ash, saying he's in position. While he's reading this Ricky asks him if he will go to prison to visit Brax with her on Friday. A friendly yet mysterious stranger tries to go upstairs to Angelo's, Kyle tells him it's closed until midday. The stranger comments on how cute baby Casey is. Later while walking Casey along the beach, Ricky senses someone is watching her. The stranger from earlier appears out of the bushes, waves at them and then promptly disappears. We see him take a one sided phone call, where referring to Ricky, he says he's keeping an eye on her.

After this, Ricky tells Kyle that she thinks some guy is following her. Kyle calls Ash to warn him that Gunno might be onto them. Ricky confronts Kyle over what he knows about this guy. She's suspicious of Brax's transfer and wants to know what Kyle knows. Kyle confesses about Brax's prison break and Ricky berates him about letting Brax go through with this - she thought she could trust Kyle! Kyle tells her that Brax is going to disappear after laying low in a safe house for a while. Ricky, furious, tries desperately to ring Ash to call it off. Later, Kyle tells Ricky that Brax is doing this for her, so he can clear his name and be with Ricky. It's killing him being away, he needs to be with her. Ricky admits she misses him too, and if it comes to it& she'll go on the run with him.

Officer Hayes takes Brax outside to prepare him for his transfer, he tells Brax he's going to be helping with the transfer. Gunno who's walking by slams Brax into the wall calling him a dog. The guards separate them and Gunno heads back into the yard. When in the transfer car Brax tries playing around with his handcuffs. A big black pickup truck chases down the car and runs it off the road. The car crashes into a river.


Tuesday 16 June:

Denny is playing a game of pool with Oscar and Evie at the surf club. Denny's pretending to be cool over Ash breaking up with her. John enters complaining about how much he has to do to organise the surf carnival. Denny, keen for a distraction, offers to help. John puts the lot to work sorting equipment. Alf then barges in and demands to know why John is organising the carnival behind his back. John just thought because of Alf's condition it would be better if he did it. Alf yells that his condition didn't stop him from finding Leah! Before John can speak Alf continues his tirade then pushes John out of the way so he can organise the carnival himself.

When John tells Marilyn about Alf, she thinks that John must have done something to upset him. John questions if Alf acted this way because of his PTSD. Marilyn thinks John should just talk to him. John disagrees thinking that will just make matters worse, deciding to let Alf take control. Out of nowhere Alf comes barging in telling people to get out of his way and yelling instructions to Evie, Denny and Oscar. This is not good&

After a long day of Alf bossing everybody around, Marilyn tries to talk some sense into him, much to John's reluctance. Marilyn argues she feels for him, but he can't go around being mean to the people that care about him. Alf surprisingly agrees with her, he just doesn't want everyone to treat him like a kid wrapped up in cotton wool. He decides they should just move on, agreeing to accept John's help with the carnival.

Back at the river, the car is under water. Brax comes up sucking in precious air. After he's taken a few big breaths he dives back under the water to rescue the officers. Brax, still in cuffs hurls the first one onto shore. Brax gets the officer back to consciousness, then tells him the driver is still in the car. The officer then uncuffs Brax who dives back under the water. The officer passes out again. Meanwhile Ash, who has been waiting for Brax on a side street senses something is wrong and drives out and heads toward where the car should have come from.

The officer, now conscious, runs up the embankment and flags down the first car who happens to be Ash. Once told what's going on, Ash jumps into the river to look for Brax, while the officer calls for police and an ambulance to come. When Kat arrives with backup she asks what Ash is doing here. The officer says he flagged Ash down. After searching for a few hours, Kat tells Ash he's done enough; it's getting late and they are going to have to call off the search until morning.

Kyle turns up to talk to Ricky, she asks where Brax is. Kyle says he doesn't know, he hasn't heard from Brax yet. Ricky wants to be taken to the safe house but first Kyles questions if Ricky would actually be happy with a life of crime. Ricky says she would if it means being with Brax. At what cost? It's Kyle's job to keep her safe and if she does this, she never will be. If they get caught she will lose her son. Ricky, upset, just wants to be with Brax. Ash calls Kyle and tells him that there's been an accident - The gaol transfer car was run off the road and Brax is missing.

After dark, Kat arrives at the Beach house and tells Ricky, Kyle and Billie that the car Brax was being transported in was pushed into a lake. They've had a dive team looking for them for 6 hours, but there has been no sign of them and they probably won't find a body. Kat tells them they will be back at first light to look for Brax and the police driver. Kyle tries to comfort Ricky who thinks Brax is dead.


Wednesday 17 June:

Ash makes his way back to the safe house where he finds Brax, waiting for him. Ash tells Brax everyone thinks he's dead. Brax didn't see the car that ran him off the road, but they both agree Gunno must've been behind it. Ash tells Brax someone has been hanging around and following Ricky, but nothing has happened, both Ricky and Casey are fine. Brax assumes this is because Gunno thinks he's dead, if Gunno finds out Brax is alive he's going to keep coming after them.

The next morning Brax continues to defend his decision to fake his death and let everyone presume he's dead. Brax justifies this by telling Ash it's going to keep Ricky and Casey safe. Ash thinks it's unfair on Ricky, Kyle and Casey to let them think he's dead and grieve for him. Brax is willing for Ricky to move on with her life. Brax makes Ash promise not to tell anyone. Ash gives Brax his things and they say goodbye, for now, then Brax heads off. 

Kyle is angry that the boys are not picking up. Billie tries to calm him down, then presses for information about the crash. Billie wants to know why Ash was there. Kyle is incredulous when he goes in to see Ricky and finds her packing up Brax's things. Ricky tells Kyle that Brax is dead, he's not coming back, it's time to move on. The only surprising thing is that it didn't happen sooner.

Billie goes to the diner where she tells Phoebe about Brax. Phoebe goes straight to the share house where she comforts Kyle. The next morning Kyle goes to leave to help with the search, but Phoebe talks him out of it. Phoebe argues a police car doesn't just fall off the road, and he's meant to be looking after Ricky and Casey - what if something happened to them because he wasn't here? Kyle tells Ricky they can't give up on Brax, but she's adamant he's dead. He comments that Ricky is meant to love Brax, which causes Ricky to kick both Phoebe and Kyle out.

Later, after tempers have simmered, Kyle and Ricky apologise to each other for their earlier fight when Kat walks in. She tells them they are calling off the search. They have scowered the entire area and expended all possible resources. The investigation has been passed on to the coroner. After Kat leaves, Ricky calmly states they can finally get on with their lives - Brax is dead. But Ricky, once alone, breaks down crying.

Kyle, comprehending what he's learnt, screams through his anguish. After calming down, he decides to leave to tell the extended Braxton clan about the news. He's going to see Heath and Bianca first, then take Heath to talk to Cheryl. Kyle thanks Phoebe for being there for him when he needed her, then heads out. Ash returns and feeling awful about the whole situation, tells Ricky he tried as hard as he could to find Brax. Ricky thanks him but it's little solace for Ash.


Thursday 18 June

The morning of her surgery, Leah is watching on fondly as VJ and Zac scoff down a big meal while she is fasting. In private, Leah reminds Zac of his promise to turn off the life support if it comes to that. When they get to the hospital, Dr Sean Gleeson and Nate run VJ, Zac and Leah through what's going to happen. Just after at the nurses station, Hannah walks in and Dr Gleeson tells her she needs to be in surgery to help him. Hannah initially protests that she has too much to do, but eventually relents to his charm.

Phoebe delivers the news to Andy that Brax is missing, presumed dead. Josh and Evelyn enter, so Phoebe leaves Andy to tell them the bad news. Josh is devastated when he finds out, especially since Brax was the one who took him in when no one else would. In anger Andy punches the wall, injuring his knuckles. He storms off leaving Josh and Evelyn by themselves. Following Andy's departure Josh is nonresponsive to Evelyn's attempts at distraction. Josh decides to leave, unwilling to talk about his feelings with Evelyn.

At the Surf Club, Phoebe is telling John, Jett and Maddy the news when Matt walks in, clocking the tension he asks who's died? Andy walks in at this point, heading straight to the gym. John helps move some stuff out of his way and seeing the injury on Andy's hand, follows Andy into the gym to clean it. John tries to get Andy to open up but to no avail. Once John leaves, Andy smashes away at a punching bag. Evelyn then turns up to yell at Andy to stop the tough guy act. Andy says it's not his style, but Evelyn says it doesn't matter. Josh needs you, so suck it up and go talk to him. Andy finds Josh at the beach looking out at the ocean. Josh tells Andy he can't believe he won't ever see Brax again out there on the waves. Andy apologises for bailing earlier. Josh gets it, but Andy insists Brax always put family first, and he was on to something. Andy promises Josh he'll be there for him.

Following Leah's surgery, Nate comments how good a theatre nurse Hannah is and Dr Gleeson agrees. Hannah goes to check on Leah but she's unresponsive, so she grabs Nate who gets her to page Dr Gleeson. As Hannah exits the room Zac, VJ, Irene and Alf arrive. Zac asks Hannah what's going on - Leah's blood pressure is dropping, but they are working on stabilising it. When she re-enters Leah's room she discovers Leah is bleeding from the arterial access site. Nate calls a code blue and pages met team. The alarm goes off and Dr Gleeson runs in demanding blood, plasma and adrenaline.

In the waiting room VJ blames himself. Dr Gleeson comes in and explains the blood thinning medication they use to prevent clotting caused bleeding from the artery incision they use for surgery. They're going to have to keep an eye on her for a while. Later on VJ, Zac, Irene and Alf go in to see Leah. Meanwhile Dr Gleeson tells Hannah he's relieved that Leah didn't die, he should have known something was wrong. Hannah thinks he still has a god complex and he can't be everywhere at once. Back in Leah's room Irene and Alf are heading out as Nate checks on Leah. Suddenly, Leah flat lines, Nate calls a code red and begins CPR. Will Leah survive this?


Friday 19 June:

Nate, Hannah and Dr Gleeson are trying desperately to get Leah breathing, while Zac and VJ impatiently wait outside. They continue to try everything they can to revive her. Eventually they get a pulse, stop the bleeding and stabilise her. When Dr Gleeson goes outside to tell Zac and VJ, Zac is blinded by fear, yelling at Dr Gleeson - How could this happen? Alf pulls Zac away, then Zac tells Alf about Leah wanting him to pull the plug. Back in Leah's room Zac struggles to see her helpless, on a machine. VJ, knowing what he's thinking, asks Zac if he would really go through with what Leah asked. Zac doesn't answer.

Dr Gleeson thinks Leah waking up the first time was enough of a miracle, asking for a second one is pushing it. Hannah walks down the corridor where Alf and Irene are asking Nate when they are going to get more information. Nate tells them we just have to wait and see at this point. Alf says he's sick of hearing that, and Nate is sick of saying it. Finally, Leah wakes up and starts coughing from the tube in her throat. Nate comes in and removes the tube and checks on Leah. VJ immediately apologises to Leah for making her go through with the surgery, hugging her tight.

Andy and Josh walk back form the beach talking about how life moves on. Andy tells Josh he can come hang in the gym if he wants, but Josh says he's got to find Evie first. Andy walks into the gym just as Matt, Oscar and Maddy walk around the corner, on their way to study. Whilst hitting the books, Oscar and Maddy have a couple of awkward, flirtatious moments, bonding over their inner geek. Matt soon becomes tired of it, telling them he's off to get drinks. Maddy jumps up to go with him and as soon as they walk off, Matt asks Maddy if she still has feelings for Oscar. Matt thinks it's obvious so she admits she does then promptly retreats to get the drinks herself. Matt then heads back to sit with Oscar and asks him the same question. Oscar, embarrassed and caught off guard, says yes, he has feelings for Maddy.

When Maddy gets back, Matt quickly packs up his stuff then announces that both Oscar and Maddy both still have feelings for each other, before running off. He's dumped them in it. Oscar and Maddy both awkwardly ask the other if it's true? They concede it is, so go for a walk to talk about it. They discuss why it didn't work last time, but mostly it was bad timing, with Maddy's cancer complicating things. Maddy asks, so what now? Oscar kisses her.

Andy finds Kat on the beach and presses her for more information about Brax. Kat says she doesn't know anything about that case, it's been taken over. Andy wants her to make it her case and find out what happened. Kat, angry and feeling accosted, tells Andy she has nothing to do with it anymore. Nate finds Kat in the diner and he asks about her day. Kat is still upset and admits she might not be cut out for police work in a small place like Summers Bay.

Out the front of the surf club Hannah runs into Sean and he asks her whether she still has feelings for him. Hannah denies that there's anything still there and simply wishes him well in the city, just as Andy arrives. She introduces the two but leaves out the fact that he's an ex. As Sean departs, others slowly start to arrive with drinks, reading to make a goodbye toast to Brax. Ricky, baby Casey & Kyle are all notably missing. Andy, Josh and the others say farewell and silently drink to Brax's memory.