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Home and Away

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14 - 18 September 2015

Monday 14 September

Ash goes surfing before he's fully recovered from the kidney operation.

Back at the house, Phoebe and Hannah talk about the impending paternity results, and Hannah going on a date with Chris.

Ash arrives home, denying that he's overdoing it.

Ash gets ready and Phoebe reassures him that she loves him and that the results won't change that.

Kyle arrives and they all go to the hospital.

All three are shellshocked when they find out that Kyle is the father, Ash especially.

They go back to the house to talk things over.


Worried about the DOCS meeting, Marilyn suggests she and John practise for the interview.

Roo and Leah encourage them, telling them just to talk about how well they work together as a team, and they reminisce about Jett.

Leah gets roped into posing as the DOCS interviewer to help them.

Later on, the actual interview with Mary from DOCS seems to be going well, until Mary takes a call.

She is told that Marilyn abducted a baby, and despite Marilyn's protestations that it was years ago, it could ruin their chances.


On their date, Hannah encourages Chris to give being a lifeguard another go.

Chris asks John if he has any positions available and it turns out one is coming up, which Chris can go for if he gets his bronze medallion.

Hannah tests Chris on lifesaving knowledge and they are playfully kissing when Phoebe, Ash and Kyle enter.

Chris asks casually who the baby daddy is and Phoebe tells him it's Kyle, getting a jokey reaction from Chris.

Hannah hustles him out of the door, leaving the subdued trio to discuss the situation.

Ash gets up suddenly and leaves partway through the conversation.


On the beach Hannah and Chris find Ash exercising a little too hard.

Hannah tries to advise him to take things slowly, but when they return from getting gelato Hannah rushes to his aid, seeing that he's bleeding.

Hannah fixes him up, and afterwards Chris is bubbling over with praise, seeing how skilfully Hannah handled things.

She ends up confessing that she'd like to have been a paramedic and Chris encouragingly tells her to follow her dreams, echoing her earlier advice to him.


Phoebe and Kyle continue to talk and Ash returns.

Kyle leaves them alone and a distressed Ash tells Phoebe that he's out, leaving her in tears and alone.


Tuesday 15 September:

Ricky congratulates Kyle on being the dad. She asks how Ash is taking it, and an upset Phoebe arrives, telling them Ash broke up with her. Kyle draws her into a comforting hug.

At Angelo's Ricky has a go at Ash, who tells her that Phoebe and Kyle will end up back together because they're the parents. Ricky tells him that's not the case and that he needs to be a man.


Charlotte overhears Hunter arranging to spend time with Zac. She tries to work out how he's flipped from being angry with Zac to wanting to see him again, and asks him to try and keep his moods under control.

VJ arrives to play basketball with Zac, who's wrapped up in Leah. Zac says he's going to spend some time with Hunter after training which Leah thinks is a good idea. They arrange to have dinner later, just the two of them.


As Phoebe's leaving, Kyle asks her to stick around, saying she shouldn't be alone. Phoebe doesn't think it's good to always run to her ex… but Kyle reminds her that they're having a child together, and tells her that she's always welcome.

Kyle finds Ash in the storeroom at Angelo's and tells him how much he's upset Phoebe, that maybe she's better off without him. Ash thinks Kyle just wants her back.

Outside, Kyle bumps into Phoebe who's come to talk to Ash. Kyle advises against it.

Phoebe realises that Kyle and Ash have had another fight, and protests that Ash's paranoia about her getting back with Kyle is just stupid. Without knowing it, she's hurt Kyle's feelings.  


After the DOCS meeting John tries to comfort a tearful Marilyn, but she says it's over, she won't try to foster anymore.

Later on John has managed to arrange a special meeting with DOCS but Marilyn says she can't do it. Is this the end of John and Marilyn's parenting dream?


After another run in with Leah and Zac, we find Hunter lurking around the Pier Diner. He breaks in and steals a small safe.

Unknowingly, he allows some water to escape onto the floor, with an electricity cable nearby.

The next morning Marilyn arrives early to open the diner. As she is cleaning up the water, her mop makes contact with the exposed wires.

Marilyn is electrocuted, and she collapses on the floor...


Wednesday 16 September:

Leah & Roo find a lifeless Marilyn on the Diner floor, and get her to hospital immediately.

With James unable to provide any answers until the tests come back, a worried John is forced to play the waiting game.

He receives a call from DOCS he and Marilyn have been accepted as foster parents. John fights tears as he tells unconscious Marilyn the good news. But will she ever wake up?


After finding nothing valuable in the stolen safe, Hunter learns that his robbery led to Marilyn's electrocution. Charlotte's furious, but when Hunter wants to face the consequences, she orders him to leave Summer Bay instead.


When Josh's successful HSC application reveals he still has feelings for Evelyn, he hopes it will lead to reheating their relationship. But when Evelyn runs into a hot paddle boarder, Tank, on the beach, she feels sparks flying. Who is this guy?!?!



Thursday 17 September:

When Nate meets Hannah to discuss her becoming a Paramedic, he reveals that he slept with Ricky.

Hannah reluctantly tells Chris, who promises to keep a lid on it. But, despite his best efforts, Chris tells Nate that he knows.

Meanwhile, Kat and Ricky unexpectedly bond ahead of Denny's girls night out, and Ricky's guilt is piqued when Kat apologises for thinking that something was going on between her and Nate. Later, Chris misunderstands Kat's new friendship with Ricky, and lets the cat out of the bag, leaving Kat shocked.

Just as Josh thinks he's closer to getting back together with Evie, she heads out on a date with Tank. When Josh sees them together at the Surf Club, he tries to warn Evie about Tank. But Evie doesn't want him interfering, and tells him to stay out of it. Has he blown it with her for good?

When Denny tells James she remembers him and his daughter from a uni open day, he corrects her – it was a colleague's daughter. Then, when Roo suggests a trip to visit James' parents, his excuses make her suspicious. But when she questions him about it, James gets scared he could lose her, and asks Roo to move in with him. What else is he hiding?



Friday 18 September:

After discovering that Nate slept with Ricky, shattered Kat tries to shake off her anger, and enjoy Denny’s girls night farewell. But when Ricky arrives at the restaurant, Kat’s resentment starts to build, and as she gets more drunk, can’t hold it in any longer, exploding at Ricky – and throwing a drink in her face. When Ricky goes to apologise to Kat the next day, she ignores her and drives off furiously, very likely still over the legal limit. Is this leading to something awful?


When Ash and Kyle are surprisingly in sync as they take care of Baby Casey together, things look positive ahead of the arrival of Phoebe’s baby. But as excited Kyle heads into town to buy a cot, Phoebe’s symptoms take a turn for the worse – is she losing the baby?


Surprised by James’ sudden offer to move in together, Roo pitches the idea to Maddy. When Maddy tells her she thinks they should go for it, but is happy either way, Roo is still undecided, and reflects by herself in the Summer Bay House. When she meets up with James, Roo accepts his offer, ecstatic at taking the next step, and the opportunity to create new memories with him.