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14 - 18 July 2014

Evie (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) talk about their kiss

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO), Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY), John (SHANE WITHINGTON) and Jett (WILL MCDONALD) doing their bit

Marilyn (EMILY SYMONS), Leah (ADA NICODEMOU) and John (SHANE WITHINGTON) are relieved to have an answer

Roo (GEORGIE PARKER) in hospital

Roo (GEORGIE PARKER) in hospital

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO), Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY), John (SHANE WITHINGTON) and Jett (WILL MCDONALD) doing their bit

Monday 14 July:

Maddy goes to visit Josh in his caravan, asking him if he'll go to the hospital with her. Nate tells her that Roo has just had a seizure. Her tests have come back as positive for meningitis – but they don’t know yet if it is bacterial or viral.

Alf asks Josh to take Maddy for some air. Maddy tells Josh that she doesn’t want to take him for granted anymore – making him even guiltier about his kiss with Evelyn.

While Maddy is out, Roo is rushed to theatre after suffering another seizure. When she comes out, Nate tells Alf that there has been no improvement. Nate warns Alf that Roo might not make it.

Brax asks Casey what happened to his face, and Casey lets him believe he got into a fight, rather than tell him about his blossoming relationship with Denny (and his accident with the surf buggy). Brax knows that something is up.

When Casey spots Denny at the beach, Denny asks if she can hang out at his house. Casey is evasive – reluctant to introduce Denny to his family – and suggests meeting at the gym instead. Denny turns up and decides to work out while Casey is working.

Casey is helping Denny with weights when Brax comes in and asks Casey again about what happened to him. Denny goes to answer, and Casey shuts her down in front of Brax. She leaves, upset.

She turns up at his house, and he won’t let her into the house. He begs her to meet him down at the pier, promising to tell her why he’s behaving strangely. Casey apologises to her but fails to account for his behaviour. In a fit of frustration, Denny says they should just call it quits.

Sasha tries to get her job at the Diner back, but she is worried that it’s not a good time to ask Irene. It appears Sasha is right, as Irene tells Sasha to clear off. Sasha asks Matt about his job at Angelo’s – Matt doesn’t have any idea about what he earns. When they see Brax, Sasha jokes that Matt should ask him about his wages. Before Sasha can stop him, Matt goes up to Brax and starts bugging him with questions. Brax walks away, and Sasha laughs at Matt’s bravado. Matt tests things with Brax by going up to him a second time – Brax distracted by his problems with Ricky – and only narrowly avoids losing his job.


Tuesday 15 July:

Casey gets home to find Brax home alone. The two brothers, both struggling with their relationships, go for a restorative surf together. Brax confesses to Casey that Ricky wants to try for a kid. Brax tries to call Ricky – still in the city to clear her head – but can’t get through to her. Meanwhile, Denny thinks Casey has a problem with commitment.

Andy teases Casey for stuffing things up with Denny before they’d even started. Casey goes and explains to Denny that things can get messed up with his brothers, and he doesn’t want her to get drawn into it. He just wants her all to himself. Evelyn makes Denny see that getting to know Casey’s family when they’ve just started going out shouldn’t be that important to her right now. Denny stages a fake fire drill to get everyone out of the gym so she can get a moment with Casey alone. The couple reunited.

Phoebe has started looking at listings for rental places, but her expensive tastes concern Kyle. Kyle and Phoebe also realise that since neither of them have a rental history, they may have trouble convincing an agent to rent them a place. Phoebe is not defeated – they’ll just have to get creative.

Brax offers to help but Kyle turns him down. Phoebe arranges a few inspections but Kyle is concerned that they’re rushing into moving out. When they start filling out forms, Phoebe tells Kyle not to tick the box saying he has a criminal history. Brax asks Phoebe what they’ll do for a deposit, but Phoebe says she wants her and Kyle to stand on their own two feet.

Oscar has his first day of community service. Andy tells Oscar to stand his ground, while Zac tells him to keep his head down and try to keep out of trouble. Zac looks on as Oscar joins an unruly looking group of boys, worried that Oscar won’t cope. Andy warns Zac again that his advice to Oscar might make him a target for the stronger bullies. It appears that Andy is right. One of the guys at community service starts hassling Oscar, getting him to do his duties as well as his own. The same guy then holds Oscar in a headlock, interrogating him about the hit and run.

When Oscar turns up at Andy’s caravan with his face covered in blood, Andy guesses what has happened straight away.


Wednesday 16 July:

Ricky gets back from the city and Phoebe fills her in on her plans to move out with Kyle, meaning Ricky and Brax would be in the flat. However, Phoebe’s plans to move out aren’t working out. The real estate agent calls them back to let them know that they’ve missed out on the two places they inspected.

Kyle admits that they were only rejected because of his ‘Braxton’ surname and his criminal record. Brax tries to help Kyle by calling a mate, but Kyle doesn’t want his help. Kyle tells Phoebe the bad news: he’s called a few agents and none of them want to rent to him. Phoebe tells him that she will be okay with not moving out just as long as they’re together.

Ricky and Brax have a tense reunion. Ricky asks Brax if his message asking her to come back to Summer Bay means that he now wants a baby. She reiterates that Brax did a great job of raising Casey and Heath, and tells him that fear should not stop him from wanting a baby.

Ricky finally turns up at the house and Brax tells her that it isn’t fear that is stopping him from wanting a child: he is just happy that now he doesn’t have to look after anyone and that he’s happy just being with her. Ricky puts her own desires aside and tells him that this is more than enough for her.

Hannah tells Zac that he needs to get used to Andy being a part of her life. When Zac gets a phone call from community service, informing him that Oscar has disappeared, they both panic. Meanwhile, Oscar has turned up at Andy’s caravan with a bloodied face.

Andy takes him to raid the first aid kit in the gym, where Oscar admits to Andy that one of the guys at community service bashed him. Andy tells Zac that the reason Oscar was bashed was because he was following Zac’s lousy advice. Zac tries to apologise to Oscar but he stalks off angrily. Pushed to his limits, Zac tells Hannah that he doesn’t think he should live in the farm house anymore.

Sasha and Irene are still at loggerheads after their feud about Sasha’s job at the Diner. When Matt turns up at the Diner with a pizza from Angelo’s, it’s too much for Irene to bear. Matt tells Sasha that she will need to pay for the pizza as he doesn’t get free pizzas yet. Irene flings down a note to ‘pay’ for the pizza, then stalks out with it and flings it off the pier into the bay. Sasha goes to retrieve it, dumping the sodden pizza box back on the bench of the Diner.

As they continue to bicker, Irene gets a sobering call from the hospital: Roo has taken a turn for the worse. Sasha offers to take over so Irene can go – and manages to finally win her job back.  


Thursday 17 July:

Nate has bad news for Alf: it appears that Roo has meningoencephalitis but Nate still does not know what has caused this severe infection. Nate tries to work out if Roo was near to any virus outbreaks that could have caused her illness, and asks Alf if Roo might have travelled to anywhere other than Las Vegas.

While Marilyn and John search the house for Roo's passport, Alf calls Colleen. He finds out that Roo left Las Vegas weeks ago - but where did she travel to afterwards?

Sophie comes to the hospital with some food for Nate. However, Nate worries Sophie might try to steal some medication, and offers to walk her out of the hospital. Sophie sees straight through his offer and leaves, deeply offended.

When Nate bumps into Ricky on the beach, she tells him that when relationships get tricky, you have to try to find a way to make things work. Nate turns up at Sophie's motel doorstep full of apologies, but Sophie tells him that without trust, they don't have a future together.

Ricky opens up to Heath about her situation with Brax, who has told her he doesn't want to have children. Heath tells Ricky that there's no point her telling Brax that she is fine not having children if that's not actually the case.

However, Ricky is determined to put the relationship first. Heath is not convinced that this will be enough and reiterates to Ricky that when he told Bianca he didn't mind if they didn't have any kids, he really meant it.

Darcy wants Heath to teach her how to surf, but Heath doesn't have a babysitter. Ricky offers to look after Harley, while father and daughter bond over surfing. As Darcy begs Heath to let her catch a few more waves, Sophie approaches and asks Heath whether they can have a chat about Darcy. Heath immediately thinks Darcy must be in trouble, but Darcy denies doing anything wrong.

Heath tells Darcy that she has to be on her best behaviour to give Heath a solid chance to gaining custody. Darcy promises she won't do anything to stuff it up, and even suggests that Heath wear a smart shirt when he sees Ms Taylor.

John recruits Jett, Spencer and Chris to help clean up the caravan park to take some pressure off Alf. Chris is mucking around when he kicks a soccer ball under Andy and Josh's caravan. When he goes to retrieve it, he finds a bag of marijuana stashed underneath the van. Spencer distracts Jett and Chris and Spencer wonder - what do they do now?


Friday 18 July:

Spencer spots Maddy and Josh wandering along the beach and tells Maddy that everyone is trying to find out where else Roo travelled to - in order to determine the cause of her illness. As Maddy runs off, Spencer also confronts Josh about the bag of marijuana he and Chris discovered under the Barrett's van. Josh tells Spencer that he will sort something out.

Josh tries to contact Andy but he's not answering his phone. Evelyn offers to help Josh find him and Josh comes clean about the marijuana: if the drugs are destroyed then Andy will be in debt to another dealer, but if Spencer goes to the police then things will be even worse.

Evelyn asks Spencer and Chris to stay quiet until Josh works out what to do. Appreciative of her help, but wanting her to remain safe, Josh tells Evelyn that she's helped him enough for now.

Maddy finally uncovers Roo's passport and Alf learns that she went on a secret trip to Peru. Nate notices that Roo had a yellow fever vaccine, and runs some more tests. He discovers that Roo had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and administers an anti-viral medication, just as time begins to run out.

Nate watches from outside as Alf and Maddy wait in hope by Roo's side. Suddenly, Roo's eyes flicker open and Nate allows himself a slight sigh of relief. A moment later, he receives a text from Sophie - she's giving him a second chance.

Heath meets with Ms Taylor to talk about Darcy. Heath is nervous and awkward, but Ms Taylor reassures him that Darcy is not in trouble - they're meeting because she's gifted!

Meanwhile, Heath has told Jett to play with Darcy while he's meeting with Sophie. As the two walk along the beach, Jett gets a message from John asking him to go home. He offers to take Darcy with him but she declines.

As Jett walks away, Darcy starts mucking around on an old boat and falls off, hurting her arm. As Darcy arrives home, holding her injured arm, Heath is full of enthusiasm for her good work at school. Darcy, ashamed for getting injured mucking around, hides her injury from Heath. When Heath wakes up the next morning, Darcy is missing - having camped out on the sand dunes while she figures out what to do.