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13 - 17 July 2015

Monday 13 July:

Kyle tries to call Ricky, with Phoebe, Marilyn and baby Casey in tow, all concerned about her. Ash, Phoebe and Kyle organise to search for Ricky. There's an awkward moment when Kyle tells Phoebe and Ash to go together but they cover. Phoebe and Ash drive along looking for Ricky. They talk about how funny it is that they've ended up alone together, then more seriously about how Ricky must be feeling. Ash gets off the phone to Kyle, having said that there was no sign of Ricky at Brax's accident site, and that they're heading to the coast. The drive continues with some warming banter, then awkwardness.

Kat tries to tell Billie that she's doing something wrong by accusing Nate but Billie sticks to her story and leaves with the upper hand. Kat goes to see Nate and tells him that she saw Billie. Kat also tells Nate that she hasn't been completely honest with him and Nate agrees to hear her out. Kat tells Nate that she was engaged and that her fiancée abused her. She tells Nate that she only let go of his hand when she heard the accusation because bad memories rushed in not because she doubted him.

Chris reassures Billie that he believes her and that it's going to be okay. Billie mentions that her solicitor would like to speak to him, and puts it in a way that makes Chris agree to help despite his reservations. She then invites him round later on to 'go over the details', distracting him temptingly.

Ricky enters a rustic cabin, slowly moves to the couch and lies down, her spirit crushed. She ends up flicking through photos of happy times with Brax. As she grows more upset she starts to delete the photos and then throws the phone across the room. Later, seeming devoid of the earlier emotion, Ricky starts to write a note 'I'm so sorry to have to'& leaving us worried about what she plans to do.

Marilyn and John continue to look after baby Casey, although John isn't at all comfortable when Marilyn leaves him holding the baby. As she returns from her shower Marilyn is happy to hear John chatting away to the baby and when she offers to let him go about his day he seems so wrapped up in the baby that she suggests he stay around. She smiles fondly as she watches him.

Kat apologises to Nate for not telling him about her past earlier. Seeing Chris as they walk, Nate confronts him telling him he did nothing wrong and could never do something harmful to Billie or anyone. Chris goes round to see Billie. They talk about Ricky then Chris asks if Nate ever tried anything before the alleged attack. Billie gets upset that Chris's even asking, then distracts him by telling him that she likes him and kisses him. After a while Billie excuses herself and as soon as she leaves the room Chris jumps up and searches her bag. He finds evidence that Billie made the embarrassing posters of Kat that were posted up around Summer Bay. Chris shows Kat the pictures that he found. She tells him that it's not enough to drop the charges but Chris is determined to clear Nate's name, saying that it's his own fault that Nate is in this situation, he's going to get him out of it.

Phoebe and Ash have a moment as they continue the search, but Phoebe's phone rings stopping anything from happening. On the phone Kyle says he thinks they may have to give up, which prompts Ash to grab the phone from Phoebe. Kyle tells Ash that they just have to hope she comes home by herself but this is little comfort to Ash who's so aggravated that Phoebe asks why he's taking it so hard. Phoebe stops Ash when they arrive back at the house, demanding to know what is wrong. She speculates that Ash blames himself. He is worried that Ricky might do something stupid.


Tuesday 14 July:

After finding out that Billie lied about doctoring the posters, Chris is talking to Nate & Kat. He's adamant he has to do something to clear this mess up, feeling guilty that his statement to the police might look bad against Nate. Kat assures him that he's not at fault - Billie is. Nate agrees Chris should just stay out of it.

John is still fussing over Casey in the Diner as he and Marilyn have a light hearted debate over who knows best for the baby. Alf comes over to ask after Ricky; still no news. Alf makes a joke about John & Marilyn replacing Jett already! Only kidding, he says, commenting that they're all a bit past the rugrat stage anyway. John looks surprisingly disappointed at this comment.

Chris calls Billie to set up a meeting with her later in the evening&what is he up to? Billie is at the diner, getting dinner with Ash first. The stress of Ricky being missing is taking it's toll on Ash. Billie tries to assure him but Ash says she doesn't have to be feeling this way. When Billie asks what he means, he makes her promise not to tell, before revealing to Billie that Brax is still alive. Billie is incredulous; all of Ricky's grief could've been avoided. Billie pushes Ash to tell Ricky the truth but Ash knows that will put her in an awkward position - chosing to be on the run with Brax or staying in the Bay, never able to move on. Billie reasons that it should be her choice either way. Ash is torn. Meanwhile, Ricky is still hiding away in the cabin, unable to stop crying. She's falling apart and no one can help her.

Billie shows up at Chris's with some wine. While she gets some glasses, Chris secretly starts recording audio on his phone. They talk about Chris's statement and he suggests maybe he can embellish a little. Billie is confused. Chris bluffs and says he saw through the window at the gym that nothing happened with Nate. He quickly convinces her that he's glad she framed him though, using Nate's history with his wife as a reason he deserved it. Billie relaxes a little as Chris tries to coax her to tell him the full story. Just as Billie is about to elaborate, she puts her hand in Chris's pocket and pulls out his phone, stopping the recording. She's angry, telling Chris she'd never be dumb enough to fall for such a trick. He's an idiot for trying, she only framed Nate to get back at him & Kat for embarrassing her. Chris is glad she's finally admitted it but Billie is smug - he has nothing to prove it. Then, as if they've been listening in, the front & back doors open and in walks Sergeant Emerson and some police officers. Chris pulls up his shirt and reveals a wire.

At Angelo's Ash is distracted, still beating himself up over Ricky. Phoebe tries to comfort him, holding his hand, assuring she will come back. Ash welcomes her touch and they get close. But Phoebe breaks the moment, just as Denny walks in. She asks Phoebe what that was about and Phoebe tells her about Ricky being missing.

Emerson relays the good news to Nate & Kat that Billie has been charged with making a false accusation. Also, in light of the new evidence from Chris's wire, all the charges against Nate have been dropped. Both Nate & Kat thank Chris profusely but he brushes it off, saying Nate doesn't owe him anything.

The next morning, Ash comes out of the water fresh from a surf when he gets a call - it's from Ricky. She's very upset. Ash rushes to the cabin to find a distraught Ricky finding it hard to keep it together. Ash is gutted to see her like this, and it feels like Ash is about to reveal that Brax is alive when& Ricky stops him. She's worked out exactly what's been eating her up. She started writing a letter to Brax, saying how upset she is and how sorry she is that he's gone. But then she realised& she's actually not. His prison sentence also felt like hers. And in a way now she feels free. She feels horrible for feeling that way but Ash tells her that Brax would be glad that she's finally found a way to let go. As Ricky is pouring her heart out, Phoebe and Kyle are listening in from the doorway. Kyle breaks into silent tears at Ricky's words but says nothing. The group then take a fragile Ricky back to the Bay and reunite her with her son.

Meanwhile, John and Marilyn are discussing how nice it was to have Casey around. They both compliment each other about how well they adapted to having a baby around. Then John makes a bold suggestion to Marilyn that maybe they could make a similar permenant arrangement. Marilyn is bemused so John spells it out - we could have a baby. Marilyn is shocked, but what is she thinking?

Phoebe sees Kyle silently stewing and asks if he's ok. Kyle can't believe Ricky is glad Brax is gone. Phoebe tries to defend her, saying you can't judge a person's grief but Kyle quickly becomes enraged, saying that Ricky is glad he's dead, Ash is barely reacting and Phoebe is probably glad as well since she hated him! Phoebe is stung but his words as Kyle storms out. Ash finds Phoebe at the beach and she's crying. He asks what's up and she tells him about Kyle's outburst. Ash comforts her and gets close, putting his hands up to her face. Jogging past is Denny, she pulls up when she sees the intimate moment. Ash goes in to kiss Phoebe but it's interrupted by his phone ringing. It's Billie - Ash has to head off. Denny walks over to Phoebe and asks her straight - what's going on between you and Ash?


Wednesday 15 July:

Phoebe is telling Denny what's going on with Ash. She tries to explain it's just an attraction and she loves Kyle. Phoebe knows this is hard for Denny to hear. Denny asks why Phoebe was pushing for her to get back together with Ash then? Phoebe used her! Phoebe's sorry, saying that her & Ash have no intention of acting on it. She asks Denny not to tell Kyle - he wouldn't understand. Ash comes home with Billie having just picked her up from the Police station - he's furious. How could she have lied to the cops about this? Everyone said she was lying and he backed her up. He believed her. Billie starts explaining how hurt she is by constantly being rejected by men - Kyle, Nate. She just snapped when Nate rejected her and wanted to humiliate him like he did to her. Ash softens, seeing just how upset she is. She knows she's done a terrible thing.

Marilyn is reacting to John admission that he wants a baby. She starts laying out the practicalities of having another baby and all the possible risks involved, especially considering their age. John keeps throwing solutions at her obstacles making Marilyn realise just how excited John is by this idea. Finally Marilyn sits down with him and admits that after all that happened with Byron and little baby George, Marilyn isn't sure she can go through all that again. John quickly back peddles, realising how insensitive he's been. But Marilyn blurts out maybe they should consider fostering? John is elated and it seems they are on the same page.

Charlotte and Matt are enjoying each other's company in bed when Matt gets a text from Maddy. Time for study. When Matt arrives at the Diner Maddy asks if he was with her. Matt tries to be evasive at first but there's no point, seeing as Maddy already knows about him and Ms. King. Maddy starts to give him another lecture but he brushes her off. At the end of their session, Maddy threatens to talk to Ms. King if he doesn't end it. Matt gets alarmed..will she really?

Denny approaches Ash, bringing up the fact that she saw him with Phoebe earlier. Ash points out she said she was happy to keep it light between them but Denny points out Kyle didn't say anything like that to Phoebe. How's he going to feel when he finds out? Ash is suitably chastised. Later, Denny runs into Kyle at Angelo's. He's gruff with her and Denny asks what's the matter. He explains that he went off at Phoebe over Brax and he feels guilty when she's been nothing but amazing to him. Denny mutters "not that amazing". Kyle clocks it and ask what she means&

Kyle finds Phoebe at home and asks, is it true? Does she like Ash? Phoebe's silence says it all. She's quick to tell Kyle that she loves him and wants to be with him. Nothing has happened with her & Ash. Kyle says that if she's not in this 100% he can't be either. She has to be honest with him - does she have feelings for Ash? Phoebe nods. Kyle replies "then we're done" and walks out. A knife to the heart for Phoebe. After she packs her things she pleads with Kyle that he's ending this over jealousy. Kyle retorts that Phoebe doesn't really love him if she would do this. Phoebe hasn't done anything to betray him while they're together. He says, they're not anymore so she can go for her life. Then at Angelo's Phoebe is still in shock and tells Ash that she broke up with Kyle. Her attitude quickly turns to defiance, saying she's glad. She's sick of worrying about how Kyle feels all the time. She grabs some beers from the fridge and tells Ash she's going to drink - is he coming? Ash is reluctant considering the timing but Phoebe says she's a free agent now. Ash is wary she's not thinking straight.

Matt meets up with Charlotte and tells her that Maddy may approach her about their relationship. Charlotte is annoyed that he told someone and quickly becomes distant. She throws him out and tells him now she's got to sort this. Later that night, Charlotte finds Maddy at the diner and mentions she believes they have a problem. Maddy starts to explain how she thinks it's dangerous what her and Matt are doing. Charlotte is confident and forcefully makes the point that her private life is none of Maddy's business. Charlotte then makes a veiled threat to Maddy that if the information does come out, it won't be good for Maddy. She doesn't want to find out what Charlotte's really capable of. With that sorted Charlotte departs, leaving Maddy speechless at what this teacher just said to her.

Denny apologises to Kyle for telling him about Phoebe and Ash but Kyle dismisses her concerns, telling her about the break up. He's decided that it's finally time for both him and Phoebe to move on - they just don't fit together anymore. Meanwhile, Phoebe is ranting to Ash about all the things that annoyed her about her relationship with Kyle. Ash tries to reason with her that it wasn't all bad but Phoebe doesn't need comforting. She's flirty with him and soon enough they're kissing in Ash's car and it gets hot & heavy. In the back of the car they go for it. Afterwards, Phoebe worries Ash might think she's a bad person - she was in a relationship practically only 5 minutes ago! Ash reasons that if she is then he must be too; Kyle's his mate and his boss. Phoebe rationalises that she's been doing what's good for everyone else for so long, now she needs to do what's best for her. But she admits maybe she should get her head together first, before they really start this. Ash is happy to wait.


Thursday 16 July

Maddy is still processing her talk with Charlotte. When she meets up with Matt, she tells him about what Charlotte said to her. Matt’s taken aback but wondering if Maddy’s blowing it out of proportion. Later when Matt meets up with Charlotte, he asks her. She denies that she threatened Maddy and Matt’s quick to believe her. Charlotte remains cold to Matt and he’s made to work hard to keep this thing going. Matt goes to Maddy and asks that she backs off; her knowledge of what’s going on is causing problems between him and Charlotte. Maddy is still unsure about Charlotte but sees how desperately Matt wants this, so she agrees to keep quiet. When Matt goes to tell Charlotte the good news, Charlotte pulls back from his embrace. She suggests maybe they quit while they’re ahead. Matt doesn’t get it but Charlotte’s firm that it’s time to end this. They were never going to last. Matt is visibly hurt and lashes out with harsh words so Charlotte throws him out. This hasn’t ended well.

Evie is still crashing at Leah & Zac’s, refusing to talk to Hannah, and Oscar has become their go-between. Oscar tells each of them he’s sick of it and it’s time they talk. Hannah invites Zac, Oscar & Evie over for lunch – an olive branch. The tension is palpable as Zac and Oscar work hard to get the girls talking. Hannah tries to convince Evie to come home but Evie won’t let up, hammering Hannah with insult after insult, taking no responsibility for the situation. Hannah pleads with Evie to give her a chance but Evie won’t. Hannah gets upset, saying she’s given up her life for Evie and Oscar and what thanks does she get? None! She blurts out that sometimes she wishes she never did. Oscar is hurt, asking if Hannah really means it. Hannah remains silent.

This is the final straw for Evie so she leaves and Oscar follows, also shocked by the blow Hannah’s just delivered. Zac returns home to fill in Leah on what happened over lunch. He brings up with Leah that he thinks maybe they should ask Oscar & Evie to come live with them – like Leah suggested last week. Both agree they can cope, but wonder how it will affect Matt and VJ. Once the teens are all at the house, Leah & Zac break the news to Matt & VJ that the twins will be moving in. They decide to give Evie her own room and put the boys in together. This causes uproar with the boys and the teens soon start arguing. Leah & Zac look to each other – what have they gotten themselves into?

Josh is having lunch with Andy, gauging how he’s going post-break up. He surmises that Andy is still sleeping at the gym and avoiding going back to Hannah’s place for the rest of his stuff. Josh convinces him to get it over with, offering his help to collect Andy’s belongings. They both arrive at Hannah’s and she immediately wants to talk to Andy but he’s not interested. She feels like it’s wrong the way he’s leaving; they should at least say goodbye properly. Hannah’s clearly distraught but Andy remains calm, saying he hopes she finds whatever it is that he couldn’t give her. Andy leaves. Later at the beach, Charlotte runs into Andy and checks how he’s doing. He doesn’t remember that she’s the one that found him driving drunk after he broke up with Hannah. Andy opens up about the circumstances and Charlotte sympathises. Even though neither knows the full details of their respective relationship issues, they seem to bond.

Roo is getting phone messages from a James Edmunds at both the Diner and at home. Irene and Alf grill her about who he is; Irene’s after gossip. Roo is tight lipped though. Hannah turns up at the Diner but she’s lost her apetite. Roo asks what’s wrong and she mentions not only is she dealling with a break up, but now Oscar & Evie are moving in with Zac & Leah. Roo offers her sympathies but Hannah admits she’s relieved. She’s been living her life for the twins for so long…maybe it’s time to live for herself; get her life back on track. Hannah feels guilty at the thought but Roo reassures her that you have to make yourself happy first, and it’s never too late to try something new. Roo later chats to Alf about her conversation with Hannah and how it’s got her thinking. Roo had so many plans when she was young and now look where she is – a million miles from where she wanted to be. She won’t reveal much to Alf but it seems she’s got new and exciting plans for herself.

Back at Zac & Leah’s, everyone is organising their bedding. VJ’s still complaining but they’re all light hearted about it. The twins check in with Zac that they’re really ok staying here. Zac reiterates that he & Leah want them here. He knows it’s a big change and Hannah’s struggling right now, but she really does love them. Oscar says maybe the change will be good for them…and Hannah. Leah runs off to Charlotte’s for their pre-arranged drinks date. The two women get talking about the twins moving in with Leah and all the chaos with teenage boys. As they’re chatting, Leah sees a man’s belt on the floor. She playfully quizzes Charlotte about whether she has a secret boyfriend but Charlotte brushes it off with a grin and hurries them both out the door. Matt’s at Angelo’s working when Maddy comes in. He’s cold with her and Maddy thinks Matt’s still annoyed at her. She says he can be sure she won’t stand in his way anymore from being with Charlotte. Matt glumly reveals Charlotte dumped him. Maddy can’t hide her relief; Matt’s clearly hurting. Soon after, Charlotte and Leah are having their drinks at Angelo’s. Matt’s just returned from a delivery and can overhear Leah pushing Charlotte for details on her secret man. Charlotte tries to throw her off the scent but Leah’s not giving up. Matt begins to worry how Charlotte’s going to get out of this. All of a sudden Andy, who’s been at the bar listening in as well, stands and tells Leah to lay off Charlotte. The mystery man is him. Charlotte eyes Andy, surprised and thankful. Matt watches on, unsure what to make of this.


Friday 17 July:

While Hannah eats at home alone Leah continues to quiz Charlotte and Andy about their 'relationship'. Leah enquires as to whether Hannah knows about them. They ask her to keep it quiet, saying they don't want to hurt Hannah but after Leah leaves Charlotte thanks Andy for covering for her and Matt. Charlotte tells Andy that she didn't know Matt was a student at the beginning and that she's broken up with him. Matt walks in and after Andy leaves Charlotte and Matt have a quiet but heated discussion full of threats. Matt arrives home in a bad mood and goes to his shared room, while Leah and Zac discuss the strange phenomenon that is Charlotte and Andy as a couple.

The teens squabble about the new living arrangements, Nate walks in and Zac prepares to tell him about his new housemates. The teens continue to fight and Zac ends up splitting them up and Nate decides to go out. By the time Leah gets home things seem calm. While Nate takes refuge at the diner he gets the bonus of Irene offering him a room at her place.

Charlotte talks on the phone, reassuring the person on the other end of the line and telling them she misses them. She slips a baby photo into her purse.

The next morning Nate thanks Leah and Zac as he leaves to move into Irene's place. Matt seems to be the only one not making the best of the full house as everyone has breakfast and cheerfully plan a bbq to welcome the newcomers.
Heading for the beach Zac, Evie and Oscar bump into Hannah. It's awkward, but Evie apoligises and there's a tentative reconciliation. As the twins go to get juice Zac breaks the news to Hannah that Andy's moved on, in an attempt to save her from hearing it elsewhere and she's blindsided.

Irene and Nate discuss the highs and lows of living with Chris. Irene tells Roo that her admirer is back and Roo goes out to find James waiting for her. Leah bumps into Andy and apologises for asking them so many questions, then invites Charlotte and Andy to their bbq. Andy tries but fails to back out of it. Charlotte can't believe Andy accepted the invitation and they discuss how to pull off acting normal in this unusual situation. Alf asks Roo about James. She tells him that she's been offered an exciting lecturing position, but feels unprepared for it. Alf congratulates Roo and encourages her to take it, telling her to stop over-thinking and just do it.

Andy and Hannah bump into each other and have an awkward conversation where Hannah congratulates him on his new relationship. Andy tries to explain but can't without giving anything away. Charlotte and Andy arrive for the bbq, much to Matt's horror. After a couple of awkward questions things settle although Matt's making himself very scarce. The twins thank VJ for putting up with them moving in and the banter about who will share a room continue. Charlotte goes to talk to Matt under the pretence of going to the bathroom and asks him what he's doing. They have a whispered discussion where Matt reminds Charlotte that he still has the photos on his phone. Evie walks in on them and they quickly join the others for lunch, but not before arousing Evie's suspicions. VJ and Oscar notice Evie being strange and she tells Oscar what she saw.

Outside, Charlotte tries to talk to Matt again, telling him that he has to delete the photos, they could ruin her career. He refuses, and she tries to snatch the phone, hitting out at Matt but he's too quick for her. He grabs her wrist and shows her that he has the upper hand, then stalks off leaving her wondering what he will do next.