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Home and Away

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12 - 16 May 2014

Casey and Kyle talk about their lady troubles

Chris confronts Denny and Casey

Heath and Bianca discuss what to do with Harley after Jess' death in Home and Away on TV2

Heath breaks down over losing Harley on Home and Away

Heath breaks down over losing Harley on Home and Away

Heath holds Harley in Home and Away on TV2

Irene comforts Bianca on TV2's Home and Away

Irene visits Heath to say goodbye to Harley on TV2's Home and Away

Kyle meets Phoebe's father Mark

Kyle meets Phoebe's father Mark

Monday 12 May:

Heath struggles after the death of Jess, to figure out what to do with Harley. He assures Bianca that he's made a plan and nothing's changed.

Heath has learned that Harley is okay to come out of hospital, and Heath decides to go to Melbourne for Jess' funeral. Heath asks Bianca to go with him to the hospital and Melbourne but Bianca can't.

Bianca is concerned that Heath is having second thoughts about giving Harley back, but he assures her he isn't.

Bianca admits to Irene that she's starting to feel bad about Harley not having a parent and Irene broaches the subject of whether Heath's really sure he wants to give Harley up. Irene drops by to say goodbye to Harley and she broaches the subject with Heath about how much he might regret giving up Harley.

Heath knows what she's saying is right and struggles to stick to his decision. After she leaves, Heath breaks down, he doesn't want to give Harley up.

Irene comes to Bianca after seeing Heath and tells her that giving up the baby is killing Heath, Bianca has to do something. Bianca can't let him give up the baby when she knows how much he's going to regret it. Bianca heeds her advice but arrives home too late, Heath has already left.

Hannah tells Evelyn that Tamara will be getting out of hospital today, and she evades the conversation. Meanwhile Oscar's guilt increases when he sees Tamara at the Diner. Tamara tells them that she doesn't really remember anything about the accident but Irene and Leah are certain they'll find the person who hit her.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is awkward around Spencer after he asked her out and she went cold on him.

Evelyn starts asking Hannah questions about whether Tamara might ever remember the accident increasing both Zac's guilt as well as Evelyn and Oscar's. Evelyn thinks this will all blow over if Oscar just stays quiet.

Zac confesses to Hannah that he doesn't remember how he got home and is worried that he may have been the one who hit Tamara. Zac wants to go to the police but Hannah doesn't know how that conversation would go, Zac doesn't even know if he was the one who did it.

Oscar overhears Sergeant Emerson asking Tamara about her accident and his guilt grows.

Maddy tries to ask Evelyn about her interest in Spencer but pre-occupied about Tamara's accident, Evelyn snaps at Maddy to stay out of it. She then snaps at Spencer as well. Spencer comes back to Evelyn later and tells her that she's obviously got something big going on, it's not like her to lose it at him. He offers to help her whenever she needs but Evelyn can't tell him.

Sergeant Emerson shows up at the Farm House to check the cars in the area, he's checked Hannah's and he wants to know where Zac's car is. Not knowing what to do and not able to get hold of Zac, Hannah calls Andy to help.

Oscar's starting to panic and seeing the police arrive at school Oscar decides he needs to tell the truth about the accident, he can't let Zac go down for this. When Tamara comes to ask Zac for the work she's missed it also increases his guilt about the situation, Sergeant Emerson then arrives and asks to see his car. Zac is surprised when he takes Emerson out to his car park, to find that his car is gone.

Josh tells Andy he's not leaving with him, and Andy's annoyed. Josh has lots in Summer Bay and he wants Andy to stay but he refuses. Andy tells an upset Hannah that he's moving back to Mangrove River and Hannah is dismissive.

Tuesday 13 May:

Casey has been released from hospital and is surprised to find his novelty hat from London has been posted to him by Linda. Brax is worried when Casey won't talk about it, or the fact that he's a Barrett.

Josh tries to hang out with Casey but Casey isn't ready to deal with it. When Casey arcs up, Brax steps in leaving Josh worried. Brax tries again to talk to Casey but his anger continues to simmer.

Ricky tries to talk to Josh, he's worried about Andy and thinks maybe he should have decided to go with Andy. Ricky points out that he can't let someone else dictate his life and to not take anything Casey said to heart, he's angry at everyone at the moment.

Brax confronts Casey again and he admits that everything in his life feels like a lie. Brax tells him the only options are to find a way to deal with it, or lie down and let it crush you.

Casey calls Josh and apologises, it's such a messed up situation. Josh asks how it happened, which gets Casey thinking. Josh asks if, when things calm down, they could hang out and Casey agrees.

Andy calls Josh, he's decided to stick around, his family are important to him.

Brax and Ricky come to Casey and tell him he should talk to Cheryl. She's the only one with the answers to all of his questions.

Oscar and Evelyn are trying to allay their guilt by helping Tamara with anything she needs, but their guilt grows when Tamara tells them how great they are.

Zac calls Hannah to find out what happened, and Hannah admits she got the car fixed by Andy, and Zac is furious.

In a discussion in class about an English text, Maddy's questions force Zac to think that he should confess about the accident.

Andy comes back to Hannah and asks why she called him, they discuss the importance of family and Hannah thanks him for helping out with Zac's car. Oscar and Evelyn see that Zac's car has been returned and the headlight's fixed.

When Tamara sees Zac's car she has a flashback of the accident and collapses, which Oscar and Evelyn see. When Tamara comes to, Zac offers to give her a lift to the hospital but she refuses.

When they get home, Oscar snaps at Evelyn and he tells her stop trying to reassure him, whether he gets away with it or not, he's not going to be able to forget what he's done.

Meanwhile Zac goes to Tamara and she asks if he was the driver. He admits that it's possible but he doesn't remember. Tamara tells him it was definitely his car she saw. Zac seeks out Sergeant Emerson and confesses to being the one who hit Tamara.

Maddy comes into the diner and finds Hannah, Oscar and Evelyn, she asks if everything is okay with Zac? She just saw him getting into a police car.


Wednesday 14 May:

Jett discovers that the boat John gave him needs a lot of work done to it and it's not going to come cheap. Jett struggles making money with the mobile gelato business.

Meanwhile Marilyn's a little worried about how long it's going to take Jett to get the boat fixed. But John is insistent that teaching responsibility is an important thing.

Jett comes to Denny, giving her a small amount of money, and asking if she'll start the work and consider it a down payment. Casey finds Jett with her and meets Denny for the first time.

Jett reminds John that he has school camp next week and John's a little put out that he'll be gone for a while week.

Chris attempts to chuck a sickie so he can avoid seeing Denny at work. Irene sees how bad he looks and tells him not to go to work. Spencer's surprised that Irene would fall for his act.

At work, Irene asks Denny as a special favour to her to drop by the house and give the soup to Chris. Spencer sees this and realises that Irene knew Chris was faking all along and that's why she sent Denny to the house. When Denny shows up, she tells Chris how hurt she is and calls him on why he's playing games. Unable to justify his actions, Denny storms out.

Chris realises he made a huge mistake with Denny, he wanted things to slow down, not stop. Chris wants to make a grand gesture but Spencer tells him to just be honest with her, and Irene. Chris comes to apologise to Irene, he tells Irene to go home and he'll finish the shift and lock up. Casey comes back to the diner and offers to buy Denny a milkshake, the two hit it off, leaving Chris worried that he's losing Denny.

Casey tells Brax that he's meeting their Mum at the house to talk. Brax is worried that maybe the suggestions to talk to Cheryl wasn't such a great idea when she shows up at Angelo's. She asks Brax if it's about Johnny Barrett being his father. She has no idea what she's going to say to Casey, Brax thinks she just has to tell the truth but Cheryl doesn't think she can do that.

Brax tells her that she can't walk away from him now, it will just make everything worse. Cheryl tells Brax to come with her, and Casey demands answers from her. Cheryl admits she was never going to tell Casey, but both Brax and Casey demand she stop playing games and take some responsibility for it. Casey tells her that if she won't give him any answers then he and Cheryl are done.

Ricky arrives home to find Cheryl upset, she offers to stay with Cheryl while Brax finds Casey. Ricky points out to Cheryl that she needs to stop making it about herself. She needs to step up and do what Casey needs. She has to reach out to him. Ricky tells her to stop defending herself or justifying things, just answer his questions and tell him you love him.

Denny arrives back at the diner still angry and Casey asks if she's okay. They bond over their mutual family issues. Brax finds Casey and tells him that Cheryl has stuck around, Casey should come back to the house and finish what he started and ask the questions he needs answers to.

Cheryl steps up and tells Casey the truth, she never wanted him to get hurt, she's sorry and she'll always be his mum, no matter what. Cheryl admits that she only kept it a secret because she was petrified that Danny would kill them both. Cheryl admits that Brax was an accident, Heath came because Danny wanted another kid. Casey isn't a product of a mistake, he's the only thing she's got to remind her of the one man she truly loved.


Thursday 16 May:

Jett is concerned that John's reaction about camp is because John can't afford to send him. Jett pretends to be sick, telling John he can't go to the camp, in the hope that he'll be able to get a refund.

John admits to Marilyn that the real reason he doesn't want Jett to go to camp is that he and Jett haven't been apart since Gina died. Marilyn tells him that's not silly at all, but John knows that Jett really wants to go on the camp, but he thinks they're having money troubles.

John is honest with Jett about why he was hesitant and tells Jett he should go on the camp. Jett goes off to camp with a hug for John and Jett tells Marilyn to look after John for him.

Chris is down after seeing Casey with Denny. Casey decides to help Jett out and gives Denny money to go towards Jett's boat.

When Kyle comes into the diner Chris tells him that Casey is trying to steal his girl and Kyle tells him he should talk to Casey about it. Chris takes that advice literally and heads straight to the gym. Casey tells Chris that he and Denny are just mates but Chris doesn't believe him.

Meanwhile Denny admits to Alf that she's worried about things at home and sad after her break-up with Chris. Alf calls her on it, is she interested in Casey? Denny assures Alf that she and Casey are just friends.

Casey comes back to Denny and wonders what Chris' outburst was about? Denny's not really sure. Denny spots Chris dancing with Phoebe and is annoyed that he seems to be moving on. Casey and Denny have lunch together which Chris uses as proof that there is something going on between them. Chris asks for one more chance with Denny.

Kyle's surprised to learn that Phoebe is still getting money sent to her by her father. Phoebe tells him she can make her own money, and bets Kyle that she can make more money herself than Kyle does working at Angelo's. Phoebe arrives in a hot new outfit and enlists Chris' help with her money making.

Phoebe is singing outside the Surf Club also enlists Nate's help in a bid to get crowd forming as she sings. As Phoebe moves around collecting money a guy tries to crack onto her, enraging Kyle who punches him in the face. Phoebe is angry at Kyle, she could handle that guy herself, she doesn't think it's okay for him to just hit someone.

Kyle tells Casey that he doesn't get why Phoebe was so upset and Casey points out that girls don't actually like guys acting jealous, maybe he made Phoebe feel like she couldn't take care of herself. Kyle realises Casey is right.

Kyle apologises to Phoebe for overreacting with the guy he punched. Phoebe accepts his apology and offers to buy Kyle breakfast, she did make more money than he would have at Angelo's. Phoebe gets a call from her Dad, he's in Summer Bay and wants to meet Kyle.


Friday 16 May:

Heath arrives back from Melbourne and he still has Harley with him. He couldn't let Harley go. Irene is surprised to find Heath back with Harley. Heath asks for advice and Irene points out that all Heath and Bianca are doing at the moment is making each other miserable. Maybe this isn't something they can fix.

Heath reveals that he was hurt that Bianca didn't come with him to Jess' funeral. Neither can see a way to make their marriage work with Harley here, and Heath is adamant that he's not going anywhere. Despite how much they love each other Heath and Bianca realise they have to break up.

Phoebe is nervous about her father's impending arrival. At Angelo's Phoebe's father, Mark Nicholson, gives Kyle a hard time about the guy he used to be in Melbourne.

Later, Mark tries to point out to Phoebe that the Summer Bay life isn't really Phoebe. She should be focusing on her music. After spending a bit more time with her, Mark gives the place a tick of approval but when he finds out that Kyle has changed his name from Bennett to Braxton he gets suspicious about what made him change his name.

That night, Mark shows up and tells Phoebe he's decided to stay in Summer Bay for a few more days. Unbeknownst to Phoebe and Kyle, Mark makes a call, asking a contact to investigate Kyle's background.

John finds it difficult letting go of Jett when he goes off to camp. Irene suggests Marilyn take the opportunity to have quality time, just her and John. Marilyn tries to get John to go on a picnic up at the lighthouse but John doesn't want to. As Marilyn tries to talk to him, he's pre-occupied checking his phone to see if Jett has messaged yet.

Trying to distract John she decides to read John's tea leaves. Marilyn tells John that she really would like to spend some time with him, just the two of them. John wants to ring Jett but Marilyn tells him that would just embarrass him.

When giving John a palm reading Marilyn notices that John is still wearing his wedding ring. John thinks maybe it's time to take it off, but it feels to him a little bit like he'd be turning his back on his past, or Jett's. Marilyn tells him there's no hurry, she doesn't mind him wearing it. He should leave it until he's sure he's ready.