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11 - 15 August 2014

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) misreads Denny’s (JESSICA GRACE SMITH) signals

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) misreads Denny’s (JESSICA GRACE SMITH) signals

Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) misreads Denny’s (JESSICA GRACE SMITH) signals


Oscar (JAKE SPEER) tells Evie (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) to lose the grudge with Hannah

Oscar (JAKE SPEER) tells Evie (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) to lose the grudge with Hannah



Phoebe (ISABELLA GIOVINAZZO) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) to give Kyle some respect

Zac (CHARLIE CLAUSEN) and Leah (ADA NICODEMOU) wonder if they just had a moment

Monday 11 August:

Casey tells a frustrated Phoebe to get over the fact that Josh will now be living with them. He fails to explain to Phoebe or Kyle that Josh has only moved in because he is in danger from Andys drug suppliers. Brax refuses to get involved in the conflict, but Phoebe pleads with him to talk to Casey. Casey comes clean with Brax about Andys troubles, and Brax makes Casey promise not to get involved.

When Phoebe continues to hassle Casey about the new living arrangements, Casey blows up at her. Ricky explains to Phoebe that Josh was bashed in the caravan park and Casey is only trying to protect him. Phoebe apologises, and organises a barbeque to try and smooth things over with Josh. When Brax overhears Andy having a tense phone call with his suppliers, Brax demands Andy sort things out and to stop getting Casey mixed up in his mess.

Maddy is spending a lot of her time with Oscar, doing her best to avoid Roo, who is on a mission to persuade her to stay in school. Alf counsels Roo to give Maddy time to calm down before she tries to broach the subject again. Maddy makes a show of giving Oscar a kiss on the cheek when Evelyn and Josh approach them.

When Spencer tells Evelyn that Oscar missed a family dinner to spend time with Maddy, Evelyn fears that Maddy is using Oscar to hurt her. Spencer also tries to warn Oscar about Maddy, but Oscar is angry at their meddling. When Oscar bunks off school to hang out with Maddy, he takes the plunge and kisses Maddy. Evelyn sees Maddy on the beach, and pleads with her not to hurt Oscar. However, a completely smitten Oscar invites Maddy back to the farmhouse, where Maddy suggests they continue things in his bedroom.

Neither Oscar nor Evelyn realise that Hannah has secretly rekindled things with Andy. Wanting to put an end to family tension, Oscar pleads with Evelyn to stop holding a grudge against Hannah for trusting Andy over Zac. Hannah begins to have doubts about getting back together with Andy.

However, he promises her that he will work things out with his suppliers and things will get better for them both.


Tuesday 12 August:

Evelyn is shocked to discover that Maddy and Oscar have spent the night together. Concerned that Maddy has only been getting close to Oscar in order to hurt her, Evelyn tries to warn Oscar to be wary of Maddy’s intentions. However, Evelyn’s meddling words are unwelcome, as a completely smitten Oscar falls even harder for Maddy.

Roo finally sits down with Maddy – having seen her on the beach with Oscar earlier – and guesses that Maddy is using Oscar to give herself a self-esteem boost. She makes Maddy see that it is unfair to give Oscar false hope. Maddy asks Oscar to meet her on the pier. Oscar puts on a brave face, as Maddy tells him that sleeping together was a mistake.

Andy is still in debt to his suppliers – and time is running out. Andy admits to Casey that he still owes $5000 – and if he doesn’t pay soon, they may go after Josh. Casey tries to help by asking Brax for the money, telling him that it’s for the gym. Brax sees straight through Casey’s request. He refuses to give Casey the money, counselling him to stay out of Andy’s mess.

However, Casey is drawn back in when Hannah tells him that she wants to help by going to see the suppliers herself. Not wanting Hannah to put herself in danger, Casey steals $1000 from the gym to try and buy Andy some time.

Sasha is disappointed to receive a woefully low mark for her English Extension poetry portfolio. When Matt asks if he can hear some of the poems, his untactful reaction makes Sasha angry and upset. Matt advises Sasha to stop thinking so hard when she writes, and riffs off a few verses as an example.

Matt’s attempt is much better than any of Sasha’s poems, but Sasha rejects Matt’s idea of passing of his poem as her own as unethical. Frustrated that Sasha is spending all of her time agonising over her poetry, Matt secretly submits his own poem with Sasha’s name attached, hoping it will help her get the high mark she desires.


Wednesday 13 August:

When Zac compliments Sasha on her new poem, she guesses immediately that Matt must have submitted his own work under her name. Livid that Matt would jeopardise her HSC with a short-sighted attempt to help, Sasha tries in vain to improve her own poems.

She tries to come clean with Zac, but keeps her mouth shut when he mentions that he showed the poem to Ms Taylor, who now wants to pass it on to a university lecturer. Meanwhile, Matt pleads with her not to fess up, not wanting people to know that he can write poetry.

Leah’s desire to protect Nate from Sophie backfires when Sophie starts complaining about her behaviour to Zac and Nate. When Sophie suggests to Leah that she might be overworked, and should consider working part-time, Leah is appalled at the accusation.

As Sophie vents to Zac about Leah, Zac suggests to Sophie that Leah might not trust her because she once had a stalker. With Zac’s words in mind, Sophie tells Leah that she admires her for trying to embrace new people. Leah is mortified that Sophie would go digging in her past behind her back.

After Sophie tells Nate that her attempts to patch things over with Leah backfired because Leah is holding her past against her, Nate confronts Leah and tells her to stay out of his relationship.

Jett is thrilled when Nina turns up in the Bay to surprise him. But when Marilyn invites Nina to have dinner with the whole family, Jett is mortified. Alf suggests that Jett might prefer to spend the evening with Nina alone. Marilyn secretly changes the arrangement, setting a beautiful table with only two place settings.

Jett and Nina are surprised and delighted by Marilyn’s gesture, and once the adults have gone, the young lovers share a tentative kiss. The next morning, Jett is depressed that Nina has to leave so soon. Marilyn buoys his spirits by telling him she will ask Nina’s parents if she can come along to the wedding.


Thursday 14 August:

Sophie is thrilled when Nate tells her they should find their own place together. They break the news to Leah, who worries that she has driven them away. The happy couple assure Leah that this isn’t the case, and Sophie asks Leah out to lunch to try and smooth things over.

When Sophie interrogates Leah, she suggests that it might be easier to make small talk and avoid touchy subjects. However, Sophie is determined to bury the hatchet. She orders wine and suddenly opens a floodgate, as Leah admits that she thinks Sophie is a master manipulator and didn’t like seeing her manipulate Nate. Sophie takes Leah’s criticism on the chin, and the two patch things up. Leah also admits that she would like to find a nice man.

After hours of girl talk, Sophie excuses herself but Leah decides to stay on at Angelo’s. When she sees Zac enter the restaurant, she invites him to eat with her. Zac walks her home and as Leah says goodbye, the two almost kiss. They both laugh it off, but when Sophie sees Leah smiling on the couch, Leah admits that she enjoyed Zac walking her home.

Jett asks for an advance on his pocket money so he can arrange a picnic for Nina. As the two share the picnic, Jett tells Nina that Marilyn is going to ask her parents if she can come to the wedding. As the two wait in anticipation, Jett receives the call he was waiting for: Nina’s parents agreed she could come!

Meanwhile, John is acting strangely about the wedding guest list. He keeps making excuses, finally telling Marilyn that he doesn’t need to invite anyone and her guests will be more than enough. As Marilyn downloads to a sympathetic Roo, Marilyn wonders whether money might be the issue. When she suggests to John that she will cull her guest list so he can invite some people, he still dodges the idea of inviting his own guests. Marilyn is left in the dark – why doesn’t John want any guests at the wedding?

When Chris notices that Denny seems down, he suggests they hang out as friends. Ricky worries he’s got the wrong idea, and lets Denny know that Chris’ intentions might be more than friendly. When the two hang out, Chris encourages Denny to talk about how things are going with Casey. She admits to Chris that she’s struggling to deal with Casey’s dealings with Andy Barrett. As Denny thanks Chris for being a good listener, Chris leans in and kisses her. Denny throws him out while Chris tries desperately to explain that he misread her signals.


Friday 15 August:

After spending a few agonising days apart following their first argument as a couple, Denny and Casey smooth things over. Denny decides not to tell Casey that Chris tried to kiss her the night before, not wanting to complicate things or endanger Chris.

When Denny admits to Phoebe that Chris kissed her, Phoebe decides to be a true ‘Braxton’, and does Denny’s dirty work for her. She marches up to Chris, and threatens Chris – telling him to stay away from Denny or she’ll tell Casey what happened.

As Maddy starts job-hunting, Roo continues to try to convince Maddy to return to school. Worried that Maddy will give up on school altogether if she gets a job, Roo asks Casey not to employ Maddy if she comes to the gym looking for employment.

As Roo fears, it’s not long until Maddy approaches Casey for a job. Casey does what Roo requested, turning Maddy down. An angry Maddy suspects Roo’s interference immediately. Spencer, scared his friend could tip over the edge without school or a job, reasons with Casey to give Maddy a go. Maddy is thrilled when Casey offers her a trial at the gym.

Marilyn is still trying to work out why John doesn’t want any of his own guests at the wedding. When he tells her that it’s because the one person he wants at the wedding wouldn’t come, Marilyn’s mind starts ticking over. She guesses that the mystery person might be John’s daughter, Shandi. She resolves to secretly invite Shandi to the wedding on John’s behalf.