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10 - 14 November 2014

Monday 10 November:

Having collapsed in the middle of movie night, Maddy comes to as she's rushed to hospital. Nate assures her it's probably just a virus, but suggests they do a few blood tests to be sure. Nate returns and reveals that yes, she's pregnant, Maddy's left stunned. Adamant she's been careful, Maddy struggles to process the news and refuses to have an ultrasound. Reminded of her own teenage pregnancy, Roo does her best to be supportive - but when she questions the paternity of the child, irrational Maddy storms out.

Eventually realising she's overreacted, Maddy apologises and admits she's terrified. Talking her through the options, Roo's surprised when Oscar turns up bearing gifts - and when Maddy insists they need to talk, Roo suspects he might be the father. But Maddy reveals to Oscar that Josh is the father - she just needs a good friend right now. Stunned by the news, Oscar puts his feelings aside to be there for her.

Determined to keep his two worlds apart, Brax offers Ash a job and a place to stay, but refuses to reveal to Ricky why he owes Ash so much. Needing more information about this bloke who's living on her couch, Ricky pushes to get details out of Ash - but once again, Brax shuts it down. Worried they're planning something dodgy, Ricky confesses her concerns to Kyle. Hating seeing Ricky upset and tired of dealing with Brax's bad mood, Kyle has a go at his brother for keeping secrets. But when Brax flips out and gets physical with Kyle, everyone's shocked - except for Ash. He saw this side of Brax in prison - perhaps this is what he's been trying to hide?

Despite the success of movie night, John and Marilyn are no closer to affording the holiday of their dreams. Marilyn's unfussed, hoping they can now spend some time together at home, but John's determined to give her the honeymoon she deserves. Surfing the web for potential business opportunities, John's oblivious to Marilyn's attempts at romance. Alf assures her John will eventually tire of his scheming, but when Marilyn returns to find John's ambitions spiralling out of control, she can't help shutting them down - leaving John wounded. Will Marilyn live to regret her harsh words?

Annoyed when she finds out they won't benefit from the success of Open Mike Night, Phoebe insists Brax is ripping her and Kyle off. She doesn't understand why Ash gets to live with them for free, while they're overworked, underpaid and still have to make rent. Realising Phoebe's point, Kyle pitches for a share in Angelo's. Following his argument with Ricky, Brax isn't in the mood to negotiate. Instead, he drops the news that Ash is staying in town - and Kyle needs to sort him out with a job. Surprised when Ash proves to be a good worker, Kyle decides to take it easy on Ash - and when he proves himself handy and fixes Phoebe's toaster, an unlikely friendship begins to form.

Tuesday 11 November:

Confronting Brax after his scuffle with Kyle, Ricky wonders if this has got something to do with Ash - he's been on edge ever since he rocked into town. Brax insists Ash is a good bloke, admitting he's proved himself to be valuable. But Ricky wants to know more, and Brax quickly realises he's said too much. Ash warns Brax to keep a lid on his anger, because it got him into a lot of trouble in prison.

Meanwhile, Ricky's convinced Ash is to blame for Brax's mood. She's sure it's got to do with their time in prison - but she and Brax have never talked about his time inside. Warming to Ash, Phoebe points out having him around to support Brax might be a good thing - and when Brax apologises to Kyle and agrees to give him a share in Angelo's, it seems normality has been restored. So they're all surprised and somewhat disappointed when Ash insists on leaving the Bay. Realising Phoebe was right, Ricky urges Ash to stay for Brax - with Heath and Casey gone, he needs a mate to look out for him.

Admitting to Leah that he and Sophie are going through another rough patch, Nate does his best to get on with things. But he's angered when she has another go at Hannah, making them all uncomfortable. Desperate to make amends, Sophie's warned by Ricky against coming on too strong. But Sophie dismisses the idea, and decides to bring Nate's dinner to the hospital for him. Meanwhile, Nate apologises to Hannah for Sophie's outburst - but Hannah's not in the mood to play nice, and suggests they stay away from each other. But their attraction is too strong, and the pair give into their passion - unaware of Sophie, witnessing their betrayal through Nate's office window. Determined to make them pay, Sophie steals Hannah's keys to the nurses' cabinet, and swallows some pills&

Surprised when Hannah offers to help him study for the personal training course, Andy quickly says yes to her invitation despite his poor reading skills. But when they sit down to fill out the application, Andy avoids doing any actual work, claiming the application is boring. Realising he might have a reading problem, Hannah calls him out. But Andy's too embarrassed to admit his issues and storms off. Running after him, guilty Hannah offers her tutoring services, promising Andy that it's something they can fix. Mistaking her kindness for something more, Andy leans in for a kiss. But Hannah quickly pulls away, leaving him feeling like a total idiot.

Hiding away following his fight with Marilyn, grumpy John insists he's fine - but Jett knows better and fronts up to Marilyn for answers. Admitting she had a go at him about his silly holiday schemes, Marilyn admits to feeling terrible for upsetting him. Determined to make amends, she decides to cook him a roast. But when John sees the effort she's gone to, he's reminded of how he's always failing as a provider. Marilyn assures him that's not the case, but John's too upset to hear it. Turning to Alf for advice, Marilyn's advised to give his ego a good stroking. But how is she meant to stroke an ego the size of John Palmer's?


Wednesday 12 November:

Guilt-ridden about their tryst, Nate and Hannah exit the office, only to be confronted by an unusually calm Sophie, acting like nothing's wrong. But when Nate says they need to talk, Sophie insists it wait until morning. Nate reluctantly agrees, unaware Sophie's back on the pills and buying herself time. Confessing all to Leah, Nate reveals his concern that Sophie won't cope with the news that he kissed another woman. But she surprises him by staying calm, and insisting they can get through this. Guilty Nate reluctantly agrees - but with Sophie clearly unstable and back on the pills, it's clear there's a storm brewing&

Wracked with guilt following her moment of passion with Nate, Hannah keeps a low profile as she struggles to process her part in bringing down a marriage. But she's stunned when Sophie coolly insists she's giving herself too much credit, and assures Hannah she means nothing to Nate. Is Sophie telling the truth - or is this her way of taking revenge?

Maddy admits to Roo that she's dreading telling Josh about her pregnancy - she knows he's going to have a million questions. Talking through her options with Nate, Maddy quickly becomes overwhelmed, and baulks at the idea of having an ultrasound. She's not ready to see the baby, or hear the heartbeat. But with the pressure to make a decision mounting, Maddy turns to Roo for advice. Roo insists she won't regret anything, as long as she's honest with herself. Meanwhile, Oscar begins to worry how Evie's going to cope with the news. He urges her to take things slow with Josh, but Evie points out how crazy he sounds. He's been the one telling them to hurry up and get their act together!

Realising she's right, Oscar waits for Maddy to tell Josh - but she decides not to when she sees him back together with Evie. However, when Oscar learns she's thinking about leaving the Bay, he urges Josh to go and talk to Maddy. Troubled Evie wonders why he's getting involved, but Oscar refuses to spill the secret. But when Maddy finally tells Josh he's going to be a father, it becomes very clear that all of their worlds are about to be turned upside down&

Desperate to show John she needs him, Marilyn sets about destroying the dishwasher so John can swoop in and repair it. Jett doubts his Dad's handyman abilities run that deep, but Marilyn remains confident - and when John gets wind of the problem, he assures them it's as good as fixed. But when the job proves too difficult, John's left with no choice but to admit defeat. Marilyn insists she doesn't care if he can't provide a holiday right now, or fix a dishwasher - she just wants to spend some quality time with her new husband.


Thursday 13 November:

Following Spencer's run-in with Keith (the internet predator), Chris offers up a variety of fun-filled activities to do together. But Spencer refuses, knowing he's just trying to keep an eye on him. Alf wonders if there's a better way to help, and asks Zac to join them out on the boat for a night - a bit of fresh air might help Spencer open up.

Agreeing it's a great idea, Zac puts the idea to him and to VJ - but when Chris pushes Spencer to go, Spencer flips out and rams his brother into a wall. Worried for Spencer's mental health, Irene insists a night away could do Spencer the world of good - because he won't get through this drama alone. Realising she's right, Spencer jumps on board the Blaxland. But when Matt makes a last minute appearance on the boat, Spencer fears he's made a massive mistake&

Still unable to get more than a grunt out of VJ, Leah's convinced something's still up with her son. When Alf pitches the idea of a camp out to help Spencer, Zac realises it could be a great way to get VJ to open up too. Surprised when VJ agrees to come along without much fuss, Zac wonders if this is the start of VJ opening up. But is VJ hiding something worse than just teenage dramas?

Despite her reassurances that he's done the right thing, Sasha can tell Matt's still upset about cutting Gray off. Frustrated by his negative view of the future, Sasha makes it her mission to get Matt excited about the rest of life. But when she proposes the idea of attending a Uni open day together, Matt baulks, and claims he's already got plans. His fear of failure is back with a vengeance - and the last thing he needs is another of Sasha's pep talks.

Shocked to learn Maddy's pregnant, Evelyn struggles to process what this means for her and Josh. He insists it won't affect their relationship - he's going to stand by Maddy and the baby, but he loves Evie and wants to be with her. Besotted Evie agrees to stick by him, but the pair's hope for normality is shattered when they run into Roo at the Diner. Unsure Josh knows what he's getting into, Roo questions how he plans to be there for Maddy. Frustrated that this baby is affecting everything, Josh storms out, leaving Evie in the lurch. Troubled when Denny warns there might not be room in Josh's life for her when the baby comes, Evie makes a tough decision and breaks it off with Josh - but it's clear her sacrifice is already killing her.

Friday 15 November:

Fresh from his first surf in six years, Ash keeps his word to Ricky and checks in with Brax - but Brax isn't talking. Having cut in on Andy, Ash receives a stern warning - respect the locals or else. Unfazed, Ash sets about doing things his way, seeing no problem with having a beer for breakfast, as he sets up the bar for service. Phoebe's charmed by the new guy, but Brax isn't keen on them getting too friendly, and warns Ash to stay away. Ash insists he's got the wrong end of the stick, but Brax doesn't want to hear it. Ash pushes the issue, and urges Brax to tell his family what really went down in prison - because bottling everything up clearly isn't working. But Brax doesn't want his family to know how close he came to never coming home.

When Brax calls him on being under the pump at the gym, Andy immediately goes on the offensive. But he's surprised when Brax insists he's doing a good job, and urges him to consider getting qualified. Still embarrassed by what happened with Hannah, Andy is reluctant to put himself through the application process again. But Brax's belief in him makes him reconsider giving it a go.

Devastated following her break up with Josh, Evelyn's reluctant when Denny suggests a girls night in. But when Denny promises Josh-talk will be off limits, Evie agrees. Gathering the troops, Denny hesitates when Chris asks to come along. But when he promises to help heal Evie's heartbreak, she agrees to open up the invitation to one not-so-macho man. Grateful to have such a caring big sister to lean on, Evie's concerned when Denny freezes during a game of charades. Revealing that she was having so much fun she forgot about Casey for a second, Denny admits she's unsure how to move on, when it hurts so much every time she tries. Evie urges her to stop being so hard on herself - no-one expects her to never smile again. With that in mind, she makes a cathartic visit to Casey's grave - and promises to never forget him.  

The boys trip is underway, and tensions are already high between Matt and Spencer. Zac begins to wonder if the trip was a good idea, but Alf urges him to give it time. However when Spencer calls Matt a deadbeat, Alf can see the sniping is cutting a little too close to the bone, and orders the warring boys to go catch some dinner. Meanwhile, Zac checks if VJ's still having nightmares about being stuck in the bush. VJ denies it, revealing there's another reason he's been so secretive lately - he got a tattoo. Zac pushes to know why he did it when he's still just a kid, but VJ angrily insists he's not a kid any more. Uneasy with the idea of keeping this from Leah, Zac's forced to let it go when Alf returns with the boys and their catch.

Alf's relieved when Spencer insists he's fine - but when Alf gets some time alone with Matt, he realises Spencer isn't the only one having problems. Learning Matt is struggling to live up to Sasha's expectations, Alf insists he try letting out the smarter, kinder Matt more often - because he's sure he'll never disappoint. With that in mind, Matt tries to make amends with Spencer, admitting Sasha told him about the online dating drama. Assuming Matt knows the whole story and feeling like he's being mocked, humiliated Spencer punches Matt in the face - leaving Zac and Alf at a complete loss.