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Jessica Beresford: The Hobbit fans mean business


Published: 12:33PM Wednesday November 28, 2012 Source: ONE News

In most circumstances, the sight of men and women dressed in cloaks or brandishing swords would look out of place. But in a city embracing all things Tolkien, such sightings have become old hat.

Despite having seen pictures from the premieres of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the level of dedication from fans does not cease to amaze me.

Families, friends and couples have travelled from around New Zealand, Australia, the United States and even Turkey (to name but a few) to witness the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

While dressing up as an Elf or a Wizard may seem like a bit of a laugh, for the people waiting along the barriers on Courtenay Place, attending a premiere is no joke. These fans mean business.

People literally of all ages - from school children, teenagers and those pushing 70 - have taken time off from their commitments and camped out overnight just to get a good spot for the chance of a handshake, or maybe even an autograph, from their favourite Hobbit stars.

And whether it's doing some last-minute reading of The Hobbit, brushing up on Elvish or debating the difference between Bifur and Bofur - these members of the Tolkien fandom will do anything and everything to prove their worth.

Part of that is abiding by the one cardinal rule of premiere-going: First in, first served. Anyone who hasn't put in the time to get a good spot and tries to weasel their way to the front will be pounced on quicker than a Hobbit eats second breakfast.

But these people have good reason to take their roles so seriously. With everything aside - the millions of dollars spent, hours of preparation and a star-studded cast - the people lined up along Courtenay Place are the most important asset for Hollywood to have - because a film like The Hobbit is nothing without its cult-following.