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So who are the celebrities on Hell's Kitchen UK?

Rosie Boycott
Age: 56
Food Heaven: Roast belly of pork and her Mum's coffee pudding
Food Hell: Haggis and offal

Former newspaper editor Rosie Boycott is best known for being the first female editor of two national broadsheets - The Independent and the Independent on Sunday, and more recently the editor of the Daily Express.

"The kitchen is not dissimilar to a newspaper in the sense that the best newspapers do all think in the same way," Rosie says. "The troops all face the same direction and nothing is inconsistent in the way it is all put together."

An active feminist during the 1970s, Rosie set up the magazine Spare Rib - the motto of which was 'Don't cook, don't type'.

She now owns a small holding in Somerset, where she rears pigs and chickens and grows all kinds of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

"There is arguably nothing better in the whole wide world than a potato that is five minutes from the ground to the pot," she enthuses. "Marco is passionate about food and I like his food philosophy."

Abigail Clancy
Age : 21
Food Heaven: Chinese food, Victoria sponge and goats cheese salad
Food Hell: Olives

Lingerie and catwalk model Abigail Clancy rose to fame as runner up in TV's search to find Britain's Next Top Model in 2006.

Girlfriend of Liverpool FC and England football star Peter Crouch, Abigail has since appeared in her own TV show Beauty and the Best alongside former super model Janice Dickenson, and has just shot her 2008 calendar.

Keen to dispel the myth that models don't eat, Abigail is a true foodie and loves to cook.

"I think with models, people think, 'They're so thin, they don't eat'. But I never stop eating. I personally think it's weird when people don't enjoy food. I love it, and I don't think what you do should stop you from eating.

Despite boasting a repertoire of "traditional, big, hearty" dishes, Abigail admits that that she takes short cuts such as readymade roast potatoes, ("I just use the ones out of the freezer - they never go wrong!") and is keen to polish her skills to impress her man.

"I think Peter's made up because hopefully I'll come back an amazing cook so I can cook him great big meals everyday," she says. "He likes coming home to my cooking!"

Jim Davidson
Age: 53
Food Heaven: Pie and Mash
Food Hell: Vegetables and vegetarians

A stand-up comic and former presenter of hit TV shows The Generation Game and Big Break, Jim also boasted an extensive culinary repertoire before coming on the show, including "all the roasts" and an array of Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes.

And according to the man himself,  Hell's Kitchen was about the opportunity to learn from Marco, and not to revive his career.

"You spend half your life chasing celebrity and then the rest of your life trying to avoid it," Jim says. "I hate celebrity now - all these people who think they're celebrities it's just awful. I just really want to learn."

But one lesson that Jim will never learn, is the age old adage of eating your greens. Yes, Jim is one carnivore comic (all vegetarians please look away from your screens now).

"I love red meat, tonnes of it," he says. "I reckon I eat a cow a month. Vegetables are what food eats. Cows eat vegetables! I'd steal from a vegetarian shop keeper because they wouldn't have any energy to chase you."


Brian Dowling
Age : 29
Food Heaven: Christmas dinner, potatoes, fast food, tomato ketchup
Food Hell: Fish (except for tinned tuna), fruit and veg

TV presenter Brian Dowling is best known for winning Big Brother back in 2001, and having just been voted the show's favourite contestant of all time, he's no stranger to the spotlight.

And yet he was terrified about Hell's Kitchen before he went on the show. But not because of the infamous Marco Pierre White, or indeed the cooking.

"No-one gets just how worried I am about my tan!" he wailed. "I like to tan. I like to look tanned. I'll be in there with the heat and I'll have to pick the right tan so it doesn't sweat off.

"I'm quite worried about that because when I sweat I panic, and when I panic I sweat, so it's a vicious circle. I was considering getting Botox under my armpits to stop me sweating but I decided not to," he adds.

So it's safe to say that Brian was more than a little nervous about his culinary challenge. But perspiration and permatan problems aside, surely the fact that his culinary repertoire starts and finishes with microwaveable mashed potato and readymade oven chips was more of a problem?

"I think it's probably going to be quite a challenge," he agreed. "Considering I don't like stress, I don't like any kind of aggressive atmosphere and I can't cook!"

And then there was the small matter of Marco looming over his clammy creations &

"I don't mind criticism whilst it's positive and about my cooking," Brian said before meeting the master. "But if it gets personal and he tells me that I'm a fat Irish lad & then that's personal!"

"Anyway," he adds, "Jean-Christophe Novelli is my favourite chef because of that sexy French accent!"


Kelly LeBrock
Age: 47
Food Heaven: Organic food, sausage egg and chips, HP Sauce, flourless chocolate cake
Food Hell: Nothing, except maybe tongue

Model and actress Kelly LeBrock was hungry to get into the kitchen before the show, despite being afflicted with an injury. She also confessed that her real strengths lie elsewhere.

"When someone asked me if I was good in the kitchen, I said I was probably better in the bedroom, so we'll see what happens!" she said.

Best known for her role in the film Weird Science back in the 1980's, which turned her into a pin up for teenage boys across the world, Kelly also had absolutely no idea who Marco Pierre White is.

"I've not heard of Marco before," she said before going on the show. "In fact I thought he was called Pierre Marco Whitehead!"

She has three children from her marriage to Steven Seagal, has recently re-married and now lives on an isolated ranch in California, with not a TV or computer in sight.


Barry McGuigan
Age: 46
Food heaven: Pasta, chicken, fish and vegetables, Irish fry ups
Food hell: Barry doesn't have a food hell.

The former champion boxer paid tribute to head chef Marco Pierre White, describing him as "an exceptional man" for guiding the ten celebrities through weeks of gruelling service.

"He worked with us from the early morning until service in the evening. He really did work so hard," he sighed.

"I personally don't think I've ever perspired as much in my life. It's so tough and physically demanding in the kitchen but it was an exceptional experience."

Anneka Rice
Age : 48
Food Heaven: Barbecued mackerel with salad and new potatoes, and bread and butter pudding with custard
Food Hell: Peeling potatoes

TV presenter Anneka Rice rose to fame as the jaunty jump suit clad presenter of Treasure Hunt and, even more famously, Challenge Anneka.

As a true connoisseur of restaurant food, Anneka is a big fan of Marco's, but was nervous about stepping foot in his kitchen because of her lack of culinary flare.

"I never do peeling," she admits. "My kids don't know what mash is supposed to look like! We call it dirty mash obviously - my excuse is that the fibre is good!"

Needless to say, it was Anneka's three sons Thomas, 18, Josh, 17 and Sam, nine, who persuaded her to take part in the show.

"The kids reckon that Marco Pierre White might unleash some sort of passion in me for being in a kitchen," Anneka says. "At the moment I just never cook if I can possibly help it. I would rather do the ironing, clean out a cupboard and sweep leaves up."


Lee Ryan
Age : 24
Food Heaven: Anything healthy, sushi, sea urchins, Eggs Benedict, French cheese
Food Hell: Fast food

Pop star Lee Ryan recently moved to LA to pursue his acting career, and it looks like a secret new role in a Hollywood movie kept him far too busy to swat up on his new boss in Hell's Kitchen.

"I wanted to do the show because I actually thought Gordon Ramsay was going to be doing it!" Lee admits. "I've met him a few times and I think he's a really lovely guy and I think he's got a lot of respect."

Needless to say, Lee had never met Marco before his stint on the show,  and was already on his guard before he'd stepped foot in the kitchen.

"I can take anything he says about my cooking but if he says anything personal that upsets me then I will just walk off," he declared.


Adele Silva
Age : 26
Food Heaven: Beef Wellington with vegetables, fruit salad and a frozen Pina Colada
Food Hell: Anything spicy

Best known for playing superbitch Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale, actress Adele Silva admited before going on the show that she wasn't the greatest cook in the world. 

The sexy singleton and former soap star confessed that whilst she only had her first curry a year ago, and recently discovered that she couldn't even boil an egg, her time in Hell's Kitchen was the perfect preparation to woo the man of her dreams.

"This is why I'm learning to cook - to be a perfect wife in years to come," she said before the show. "I'm already a really good cleaner!"

During her break from Emmerdale Adele also plans to travel the world, and while she intends to return to her beloved role as hard-nosed gold-digger Kelly Windsor, she shares nothing more with her character than a place on our screens.

"I am the complete opposite," Adele insists. "I'm very girly, very bubbly, very giggly and have always got a smile on my face."


Paul Young
Age: 51
Food Heaven: Authentic Mexican food
Food Hell: Losing a finger to a sharp knife

Eighties pop icon Paul Young won fans around the world with his soulful pop music and is most famous for his number one singles Every Time You Go Away and Wherever I Lay My Hat.

In his heyday, heartthrob Paul met Marco a few times on the social circuit in London, and couldn't wait to be alongside him in the kitchen, learning from the master.

"I'm looking forward to working with Marco because I came up musically at the time when food took a leap in the UK," he said before embarking on Hell's Kitchen. "People started getting interested and excited about food, and Marco was one of the top guys."

Self-confessed foodie Paul dreams of opening his own restaurant one day, and thinks he has what it takes to win the show.

"I love cooking and I think I stand a pretty good chance of winning," he said before the show.