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Sex survey shows changing times

Published: 1:22PM Sunday March 27, 2011 Source: ONE News

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Nearly one in every 14 New Zealanders in a steady relationship is also having sex with someone else on the side, a survey shows.

And the research for Metro magazine also reveals that more than 25% of New Zealanders have had sex at their place of work.

The survey was carried out by Nielsen Company and the findings will be published in Metro's April issue.

"We discovered with the survey that people really do want to talk about sex," editor Simon Wilson said.

He said respondents were happy to answer the questions, even though they were asked about "some pretty explicit stuff".

Other findings revealed that around 30% of both men and women occasionally or regularly use handcuffs or other restraints when they have sex and people in their 30s were generally having the most, and the best, sex.

- 25% have sex at least a few times a week.
- 15% said they were not completely straight.
- 45% said they don't know if they would end the relationship if they discovered their partner was seeing someone else. Young people were very likely to call it off. The older people were, the less likely they were to say that's the end.
- 19% of men have paid for sex.
- 26% of men watch porn several times a week.

"The porn findings reflect very clear changing social attitudes," Wilson said.

"Younger people watch more porn, and men watch much more porn. But there's an interesting group in the middle. Between the younger people, almost all men, who watch it a lot, and the older people, tending to be women, who never watch it, there was a group who watch porn sometimes - maybe once a month or a few times a year, and they were equally men and women."

Wilson said people were given a choice of what they would most like.

"The results were very clear: 44% of both men and women would rather be rich than anything else. But 52% of men and 44% of women would like their partner to be a good lover rather than rich."

The survey polled 1000 New Zealanders throughout the country online in the week of February 15-21. The margin or error was 3.1%.