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Guess With Jess

Guess With Jess

Guess with Jess is an all-new preschool series that empowers children to find the answers to their questions.

Follow along with Jess, the curious black and white cat, and his farmyard friends, as they explore the everyday world around them and learn that finding the answers to their questions can be fun!

Jess the Cat is already famous all over the world for starring in the series Postman Pat. Now this much loved character has his own show - Guess With Jess - where he speaks for the first time!

The show follows the adventures of Jess and his gang of animal friends as they play and explore in the idyllic surroundings of their home, Greendale Farm.

Guess with Jess is an enquiry-based learning show aimed at pre-schoolers. Jess and his friends search for the answers to science and nature-led questions, allowing children to learn about the world around them.

Each episode is based upon a 'Big Question', which is answered by asking, testing and finding a way! Jess and his friends are typical youngsters, curious about the world and eager to learn about its many wonders.

Jess likes to invite his friends along to join in his adventures as he searches for the answer to the Big Question. His friends: Mimi the rabbit, Horace the frog, Baa the lamb, Billie the field mouse, Joey and Jinx the twin puppies and Willow the pony, are all characters that viewers can easily identify and relate to.

With these varied personalities and skills, help is always at hand for Jess - no matter what the challenge!

Meet the characters!

A curious, cute and fluffy cat, Jess is constantly asking questions about what is happening in the world around him.  Jess represents all pre-school children who love to ask questions.

The oldest of the characters and wise for her years.  Willow will often point the friends in the right direction, without giving away the answer entirely.

Horace is a laid-back, cool dude. He brings a different pace and perspective to our group and gives us time for reflection.

Mimi is an adorable pink rabbit, with artistic tendencies. She is four years old, creative and full of ideas!

Billie and Baa are inseparable friends. Baa is shy and helps to highlight the concerns we might have about new things.

Billie lives in Baa's hat. She may be a mouse and small, but she is very loud!

Joey and Jinx
Jess' two mischievous puppy friends are a playful double act and represent the youngest child in the family. Always together, they giggle and talk over each other in their own playful way.