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Ground Rules

Saturdays 7.30am | TV ONE

About The Show

Saturdays at 7.30am

Lynda Hallinan knows the basics of keeping weeds at bay; Ruud Kleinpaste retreats to a garden oasis in an inner-city Auckland suburb; and get tips on enhancing a property using trees.

About the show

Ground Rules is your complete hands on guide to gardening presented by Landscape Architect Richard Greenwood and Gardening Journalist & Plant Guru Lynda Hallinan.  For this second series they are joined by New Zealand's popular "bugman", Ruud Kleinpaste,  who will not only share his vast knowledge of bugs but will also take a look around some of New Zealand's most gorgeous gardens.

Series one of Ground Rules was very much a palatable guide to gardening for both the inexperienced and the experienced gardener, and the new series carries on in the same vein.   Each episode is relevant to the time it screens - in this case Summer/early Autumn.   As well as great gardening tips and advice, each programme will feature a mini makeover/landscape design idea created and presented by Richard.   These designs are sure to inspire viewers to get out into their own gardens and do likewise!!   "They are the sort of thing you could do over a weekend" says producer Terri Cavanagh.  "Either on your own or with a bit of help from a neighbour or mate - nothing too major!  We've gone for things that involve a bit of painting, some planting and a little bit of construction but really do make an impact".   Also included as part of the weekly makeover project is a "Ground Rules Top Five" segment, which offers even more great ideas and suggestions viewers could utilise in their own gardens.   "It just gives people a bit of scope to add some of their own flair into the project", says Terri.

As well, Lynda carries on her weekly "Basics" segments which are a step by step guide on how to achieve a particular gardening task, and she also introduces a new segment called "Plant Right" which, as the name suggests, looks at how to utilise a particularly difficult area in your garden by using the right sort of planting theme.   These cover areas as diverse as boggy, to coastal to full shade to hot sun and involve Lynda giving two or three different looks to the same area.

The "Beautiful Backyard" segment is a visual delight - a chance to sit back and watch the result of someone else's hard work in the garden!  This is the part of the programme where we get have a good nosey around and find out how the homeowners did it - their successes and failures - and hopefully become inspired to get into our own gardens to do the same!   Ruud will also be on hand each week as the resident "Plant Doctor", providing first aid for the garden and giving viewers tried and true methods of eradication or cure for all those pesky bugs out there. (And they are many and varied!).